ETSG 2012 Leuven

Fourteenth Annual Conference

13-15 September 2012

KU Leuven


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Thursday, 13 September 2012




Welcome, Room 00.10 MTC2

FIlip Abraham, KUL


PLENARY SESSION 1, Room 00.10 MTC2                                                                                                                Chair: Ian Wooton

Marion Jansen, Christian Häberli, José-Antonio Monteiro

Regional trade agreements and domestic labour market regulation


Conference briefing, Room 00.10 MTC2

Ian Wooton












Tao Zhang, Churen Sun, Guoqiang Tian

Export, productivity pattern, and firm size distribution

Felix Tintelnot

Global production with export platforms

Maria Cipollina, Luca De Benedictis, Luca Salvatici, Claudio Vicarelli

Dummies for policies or policies for dummies? A MonteCarlo-gravity experiment

Gilbert Spiegel, Gabriel Felbermayr

A simple theory of trade, finance, and firm dynamics

Robert F. Owen, Bernard Franck

Human capital formation, international labor mobility and the optimal design of educational grants

Terence Huw Edwards, Carlo Perroni

Capital-skill complementarity, trade liberalization, and the flattening of labour taxes

Carmen Diaz-Mora, Rosario Gandoy, David Corcoles

Export survival in global value chains


Isao Kamata, Steven Husted, Shuichiro Nishioka

Revealed comparative advantage and extensive margin of heterogeneous firms

Sotirios Blanas

Intra-firm trade and employment in US manufacturing

Pierre Picard

Trade, Geography and the choice of product quality

Hélène Ehrhart, Maëlan Le Goff, Emmanuel Rocher, Raju Jan Singh

Does migration foster exports? An African perspective

Emily Jean Blanchard, Gerald Willmann

Global shocks, costly adjustment, and political overshooting

Nicholas Joseph Lazarou

Endogenous hub formations in international trade


Xiaoyu Tian, Xiaoyu Tian

The dynamics of importing exporters

Larry D. Qiu

Labor training and foreign direct investment

Jasmin Gröschl, Pramila Crivelli

The impact of sanitary and phytosanitary measures on market entry and trade flows

Armando José Garcia Pires

Home market effects with endogenous costs of production

Michal Szwabe

Interconnections between the business cycle, migration flows and trade volumes: the case of Polish migration to the UK after 2004

Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Arevik Mkrtchyan

Mutual protectionism

Pao-Li Chang, Tomoki Fujii

Country image and international trade


Florian Mayneris, Julien Martin

Reaping the gains from globalization with high-end products: evidence from French luxury exporters

Ian Wooton, Julia Darby, Ben Ferrett

Intra-regional competition for FDI amongst heterogeneous nations

Sinead Kelleher

Playing by the rules? The development of an amended index to measure the impact of rules of origin on intra-PTA trade flows

Allan Sørensen

Additive versus multiplicative trade costs and the gains from trade

Onur Koska, Selim Cagatay, Murat Genc, Perihan Saygin

Immigration, enterprises, and employment in the European Union

Marcin Jerzy Menkes

International trade, sovereign default and jurisdictional immunities

Luca De Benedictis, Angela Abbate, Giorgio Fagiolo, Lucia Tajoli

International trade networks in space and time




Frédèric Warzynski, Catherine Fuss

The determinants of markups on export market: firm-product-market analysis

Filippo Vergara Caffarelli, Ines Buono

Trade elasticity and production fragmentation

Caroline Dotter

Compliance costs and trade preferences: the case of EU imports from African LDCs

Andrea Ciani

Income inequality and imports’ quality

Mauro Caselli

Trade, skill-biased technical change and wages in Mexican manufacturing

Gonzague Vannoorenberghe, Eckhard Janeba

Trade and the Pol Econ of redistributive policies

Ali Haluk Erlat, Güzin Erlat

Does the smooth adjustment hypothesis hold in the Turkish case?


Eddy Bekkers

Decomposing welfare into the intensive and extensive margin under heterogeneity

Antoine Vatan

Endogenous innovation and spillovers: a new proximity-concentration trade-off

Christian Volpe Martincus, Jerónimo Carballo, Ana Cusolito

Routes, exports, and employment in developing countries

Peter Arendorf Bache

Dynamic inter- and intra-industry adjustments to trade liberalization

Ron Davies, Rodolphe Desbordes

Greenfield FDI and skill upgrading

Els Vanonckelen, Gerald Willmann

Influence of lobbying on merger approval in a Cournot competition setting

Anne-Célia Disdier, John Beghin, Stephan Marette

Trade restrictiveness index and domestic regulation: circumventing market failure


Ayse Ozgur Pehlivan, Quang H. Vuong

Nonparametric identification and estimation of productivity distributions and trade costs

Filomena Pietrovito, Alberto Franco Pozzolo, Luca Salvatici

Internationalization choices: a multinomial probit analysis

Bertin Martens, Geomina Turlea

The drivers and impediments for online cross-border trade in goods in the EU

Sebastian Benz

Who gains from offshoring in a dynamic product cycle model?

Benjamin Protte, Eckhard Janeba

Economic integration in a risky environment: labor market participation and education decisions

Arslan Tariq Rana

The Pol Econ of FDI flows into developing countries: does depth of international trade agreements matter?

Friday, 14 September 2012










Karin Olofsdotter, Joakim Gullstrand

Exporting markups

Paola Cardamone, Margherita Scoppola

The industrial pattern of EU foreign direct investment, trade policies and third country effects

Martijn Adriaan Boermans, Hein Roelfsema

Does venturing abroad drive the performance of microenterprises?

Pavel Chakraborty

The Great Trade Collapse and Indian firms

Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Paula Veiga Benesch

Trade diversification and sophistication and improvent in health outcomes

Gunes Gokmen

Economic clash? The role of cultural cleavages in bilateral trade relations

Steven Bond-Smith

Trade, integration and knowledge spillovers in a multi-industry growth model with innovation


Christian Lorenczik

Intellectual property rights as determinants of FDI, technology spillovers and R&D in developing economies

Cristina Jude

Horizontal and vertical technology spillovers from FDI in Eastern Europe

James H. Cassing

Random SPS, TBT, and other standards: short-run factor specificity and the economics of encouraging uncertainty

Gerda Dewit, Dermot Leahy

Strategic investment and the gains from trade

Roberto Bonfatti, Steven Poelhekke

Transport costs and the trade diversion effect of natural resource discoveries

Ben Zissimos

Revolution and the Stolper-Samuelson theorem

Alen Mulabdic

Heterogeneous preferential trade agreements


Andrea Lamorgese, Antonio Accetturo, Matteo Bugamelli, Andrea Linarello

Innovation and trade: evidence from Italian manufacturing firms

Anders Laugesen, Peter Arendorf Bache

Complementary activities, heterogeneous firms, and industry structure

Armando Nogueira Silva, Óscar Afonso

Non-scale endogenous growth effects of subsidies for exporters

David R Collie, Vo Phuong, Mai Le

Product differentiation, the volume of trade and profits under Cournot and Bertrand duopoly

Dario Fauceglia

Credit market institutions and firm imports of capital and intermediate goods: evidence from developing countries

Konstantins Benkovskis, Julia Wörz

Non-price competitiveness of exports from emerging countries

Lisandra Flach, Vinh Cao

The effect of GATT/WTO on export and import price volatility


Silja Baller

Does product quality matter for gains from trade?

Toshihiro Okubo, Richard E. Baldwin

Networked FDI: sales and sourcing patterns of Japanese foreign affiliates

Daniel Horgos, Barbara Dluhosch

Trading up the happiness ladder

Malik Curuk

Trade, technology diffusion and misallocation: trade partner matters

Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska, Paweł Folfas

Export from developing countries to the EU Member States under GSP+ scheme

Young-Han Kim

When does coordination for free trade regimes fail?

Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch

Gravity and unemployment


Cristian Ugarte, Maurizio Bussolo, Leonardo Iacovone

Market access through the DR-CAFTA: new opportunities for Central American exporters?

Roger Bandick

Offshoring and labor market outcomes

David Cheong, Xiaohong Sonnenschein

Trade liberalization and employment in Indonesia: a CGE analysis

Monika Mrazova, J. Peter Neary

Not so demanding: preference structure, firm behavior and welfare

Preeya S Mohan, Eric A. Strobl

Natural disasters and agricultural exports: the case of hurricane strikes in the Caribbean

Camilo Umana Dajud

Political proximity and international trade

Honorata Nyga Lukaszewska

Love it or hate it – Is it possible to find equilibrium in natural gas trade? Study on the Polish-Russian natural gas trade












Ingo Geishecker, Philipp J.H. Schroeder, Allan Sørensen

Unsolicited exports: some theory and stylized facts

Henning Mühlen

Spillovers from FDI: what are the transmission channels?

Laura Rovegno, Andre Sapir, Hylke Vandenbussche

Unveiling petitioners in antidumping cases

Justyna Supińska

Impact of trade agreements on international trade. An example of East African community

Liesbeth Colen, Andrea Guariso

What type of FDI is attracted by bilateral investment treaties?

Alireza Naghavi, Matteo Cervellati, Farid Toubal

Liberalization, democratization and technology adoption

Jens Königer, Matthias Busse

Trade and economic growth: a re-examination of the empirical evidence


Esther Ann Bøler, Andreas Moxnes, Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

Technological change, trade in intermediates and the joint impact on productivity

Artur Klimek

Results of cross-border mergers and acquisitions by multinational enterprises from emerging countries

Lars Nilsson, Elwyn Davies

Paper preferences? Get real! A comparative analysis of EU and US trade preferences for developing countries

Agelos Delis

Technology, factor supplies and the demand side: testing a Heckscher–Ohlin model for the US

Vanessa Strauss-Kahn, Maria Bas

Trade liberalization and export prices: the case of China

Julia Püschel

Task dependence of US service offshoring patterns

Katharina Steiner, Christian Schitter, Maria Silgoner, Julia Wörz

Fishing in the same pool: China’s and CESEE’s competitiveness at the EU-15 market


Julien Gourdon, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Olivier Cadot, Aaditya Mattoo

Are export support programs effective? Evidence from Tunisia

Steve McCorriston, Nils Herger

Disentangling horizontal and vertical FDI from cross-border acquisitions

Charlotte Emlinger, Houssein Guimbard

Specific duties: friends or foes for developing exporters?

Banu Demir

The globalisation and wages debate revisited: a new explanation for an old mystery

Torfinn Harding, Anthony J. Venables

Natural resource exports and non-resource trade performance

Olga Pindyuk, Joseph Francois

Recent EU enlargement: the evolution of services trade costs between EU Members

Aleksandra Parteka, Massimo Tamberi

Imports diversification in the course of economic development: comparative study versus export diversification patterns


Claudio Vicarelli, Carmine Pappalardo

Euro introduction and export behaviour of Italian firms

Anne Boring

Offshore production and intra-industry trade of US pharmaceuticals

Olga Solleder

Trade effects of export taxes

Danielken Molina

Competition in air cargo

Pertti Haaparanta, Niina Niemi, Joni Valkila

Fair trade and the world market for coffee

Jan Rose Skaksen, Jakob Roland Munch, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller

International trade in services - an unexploited possibility for higher productivitiy?

Denise Penello Rial

Study of average effects of NTM on trade imports


Ina Charlotte Jäkel

Product quality and firm export status

Richard Kneller

The internationalisation of R&D and the knowledge production function

Marco De Pinto

An optimal redistribution scheme for trade gains

Maria Domenica Tito

Welfare evaluation in an heterogenous agents model: how representative is the CES representative consumer?

Paillacar Rodrigo, Emmanuelle Auriol, Sara Biancini

Intellectual property rights protection in developing countries

Mario Larch, Peter Egger Kevin Staub

Trade preferences and bilateral trade in goods and services: a structural approach

Helen Simpson, Marius Brülhart

Do governments tax agglomeration rents? Indirect evidence from regional grants in Great Britain




CHAIR JACQUEMIN PRIZE 2012, Room 00.14 MTC1                                                                                                 Chair: Joseph Francois

Hylke Vandenbussche

Presentation of prize for best paper on “Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy”










Philip Sauré, Andreas Kropf

Fixed costs per shipment

Martin Falk

The locational attractiveness of the EU as a base for greenfield FDI into producer services

Alessandro Saia

Estimating the Euro’s trade effects: a synthetic control approach

Marco Sanfilippo, Giorgia Giovannetti

China’s competition and the export price strategies of developed countries – the case of Italy

Beáta Udvari

The effects of the Aid for Trade on the trade between the recipient countries and the old and new EU Member States

Andrea Ariu

Crisis-proof services: why trade in services did not suffer from the economic downturn

Peter Neary, Robert C. Feenstra, Hong Ma, D.S. Prasada Rao

Who shrunk China? Puzzles in the measurement of real GDP


Tobias Seidel, Peter Egger

The competitive effects of credit constraints in the global economy

Laura Casi, Laura Resmini

Foreign direct investment and growth: the role of regional territorial capital

Daniel Santabárbara, Gabor Pula

Is China climbing up the quality ladder?

Elzbieta Czarny, Pawel Folfas, Katarzyna Sledziewska

International trade in intermediate and final goods during the crisis

Monica Schuster, Miet Maertens

Private food standards and firm-level trade effects: a dynamic analysis of the Peruvian asparagus export sector

Erik Van Der Marel, Sebastien Miroudot

The economics and Pol Econ of going beyond the GATS

Giammario Impullitti, Ufuk Akcigit, Sina Ates

International technology competition: the comeback of the United States during 1980s


Banri Ito, Ayumu Tanaka

Open innovations, productivity and export: evidence from Japanese firms

Anna Maria Ferragina, Fernanda Mazzotta

The impact of FDI on firms’ survival in Italy: evidence on horizontal and vertical spillovers

Federica Demaria, Sophie Drogue

Protecting health or trade a dilemma for baby food

Sergey Kichko, Sergey Kokovin, Evgeny Zhelobodko

Two-factor trade model with monopolistic competition

Tomasz Swiecki

Trade, intersectoral distortions and structural change

Daniel Mirza, Francesco Magris, Guillaume Gaulier

How business services produce their own barrier to trade: theory and firm level evidence

Amandine Dominique Aubry

The effect of product diversity on the pattern of consumption


Oleksandr Shepotylo, Volodymyr Vakhitov

Productivity and wages: the effect of services liberalization

Morten Sæthre, Ragnhild Balsvik

The bargaining effect of FDI on wages

Erdal Yalcin, Marcel Henkel

Incomplete contingent claims markets, industrial vulnerability and their implication for trade policy

Massimo Sbracia, Virginia Di Nino, Barry J. Eichengreen

Real effects of exchange rates: a view from trade theory

Axel Mangelsdorf, Knut Blind

The trade impact of ISO 9000 certifications and international cooperation in accreditation

Alessandro Barattieri, Ingo Borchert, Aadydia Mattoo

The determinants of cross-border M&As in services: geography, policy, and inter-sectoral linkages

Eleanor Doyle, Gerard Brady, Lisa Noonan

Trade sophistication indicators of development paths


Jürgen Kähler, Claudia Stirböck

Trading structure and diversity of German firms in the light of EU enlargement: how do importers differ from exporters?

Churen Sun, Guoqiang Tian

Firms’ organizational modes with productivity heterogeneity, demand uncertainty and production capacity

Benjamin Jung, Gabriel Felbermayr, Mario Larch

Revisiting the gains from trade in new trade theory models

Arevik Mkrtchyan

Tariff setting and international bargaining

Emmanuelle Lavallée, Julie Lochard

Independence and trade: new evidence from French colonial data

Amelie Guillin, Matthew T. Cole

The determinants of free trade agreements coverage: do you want services or not?

Philipp J.H. Schröder, Ingo Geishecker, Allan Sørensen

Explaining the size differences of exporter productivity premia: theory and evidence





E2 - MTCA 00.56







Hannes Kammerer

(Export) subsidies for heterogeneous firms: endogenizing eligibility and lobbying

Pawel Folfas

Does monetary integration affect FDI between EU member states?

Christophe Charlier, Sarah Guillou

Export restrictions as a pro-environmental trade policy? An analysis of China–raw materials dispute

Laura Birg

Parallel trade and launch delay

Caroline Paunov

Imports, innovation and employment after crisis: evidence from a developing country

Hartmut Egger, Michael Koch

The impact of trade on the organization of labor within firms

Swati Dhingra, John Morrow

The impact of integration on productivity and welfare distortions under monopolistic competition


Marcella Nicolini, Carlo Altomonte, Dario Pellegrino

The impact of Chinese imports on Italian firms’ price-cost margins: An empirical assessment

Armando Rungi, Carlo Altomonte

Business groups as hierarchies of firms: institutional determinants and performance

Gianluca Orefice, Lionel Fontagné, Nadia Rocha, Roberta Pirmartini

Product standards and margins of trade: firm level evidence

Ronald Jones

On blending competitive trade models

Cem Tintin

Does foreign direct investment spur economic growth and development? A comparative study

Angels Pelegrin, J. Garcia-Quevedo

Foreign sourcing: vertical integration and Heterogeneity

Dany Jaimovich, Dick Kamuganga

Trade at the extensive margin and civil wars in Africa


Andrea Pellandra, Dayna Zaclicever

Imported inputs, technological spillovers and productivity: is there learning-by-importing? Firm-level evidence from Uruguay

Alexander Tarasov, Dalia Marin, Henrike Michaelis

Trade in tasks and the organization of the firm

Martin Wermelinger, Dario Fauceglia,  Anirudh Shingal

Natural hedging of exchange rate risk: the role of imported input prices

Panos Hatzipanayotou, Michael S. Michael

Pollution and reforms of domestic and trade taxes towards uniformity

Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D., Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Adriana Cardozo, Dierk Herzer, Stephan Klasen

Does foreign aid promote recipient’s exports?

Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, Arjan Lejour, Paul Veenendaal

Identifying hubs and spokes in global supply chains with redirected trade in value added

Daniela Strube

A model of technology transfer and convergence with endogenous firm location


Liyun Zhang, Robert J Elliott, Nick Horsewood

Heterogeneity and exporting: an empirical analysis for China

Stéphane Turolla, Karine Latouche, Carl Gaigné

Vertical ownership and trade: firm-level evidence from France

Toni Glaser, Gerald Willmann

Protecion as insurance: risk aversion, embargos and optimal trade policy

Tomasz Michalski, Brian Hill

Ambiguity versus risk in international capital flows and international transactions

Noelia Camara, Dolores Gadea, Marcela Sabate

The impact of vertical specialization on openness ratios: a barrier for empirical tasks

Carmen Fillat Castejón, Joseph F. Francois

Hosts and guests: multinational activity in services

Matthew T. Cole, Carsten Eckel

Tariffs passing through retailers


Steffen Sirries, Mario Larch, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Dieter Urban

Heterogeneous firms, globalization and the distance puzzle

Chiara Amini

Property rights and FDI in resource rich countries

Liliana Foletti

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures: health protection or protectionism?

Debasmita Basak, Arijit Mukherjee

The effects of labour union on export market penetration

Anirudh Shingal

Estimating market access in non-GPA countries: a suggested methodology

Verena Nowak, Christian Schwarz, Jens Suedekum

On the organizational structure of multinational firms – which sourcing mode for which input?

Anna Maria  Mayda, Rodney D. Ludema, Prachi Mishra

Protection for free? The Political economy of U.S. tariff suspensions




PLENARY SESSION 2, Room 00.10 MTC2                                                                                                                Chair: Joseph Francois

Martin Richardson, Simon Wilkie

Faddists, enthusiasts and Canadian divas: the supply response to local content requirements in broadcasting


Reception: de Universiteitshallen (Naamsestraat 22)


Saturday, 15 September 2012



F2 - MTC3 00.15







Aranzazu Crespo

Trade, innovation and productivity

Kate Hynes

Investing in public infrastructure and FDI

Pamela Bombarda, Elisa Gamberoni

Trade and gender discrimination in entrepreneurship

Tobias Brändle, Andreas Koch

Outsourcing potential, constraints to international trade, and wages

Philipp Moritz Richter, Udo Kreickemeier

Trade and the environment: the role of Heterogeneity

Salvador Gil-Pareja, Rafael Llorca-Vivero, José A. Martínez-Serrano, Francisco Requena-Silvente

Regional export promotion offices and trade margins


Lu Zhang, Jaap W. B. Bos

Reallocation as a driver of the trade-specialization nexus: evidence from the EU

Jan Hogrefe, Irene Bertschek, Fabienne Rasel

Internationalization and the ICT revolution: a firm-level perspective

Florian Johannsen

The CFA Franc and the EMU: evidence on exogenous trade effects from a natural experiment

Roman Stöllinger, Robert Stehrer

Trade in jobs: a counterfactual exercise

David R. DeRemer

Fundamental trade agreement problems under monopolistic competition

Feride Doğaner Gonel, Nihal Tuncer Terragrossa, Oguzhan Akgun

Environmental goods and trade performances (empirical analysis for OECD countries)

Jota Ishikawa, Toshihiro Okubo

International licensing and rent-shifting


Vincent Vicard, Antoine Berthou, Jean-Charles Bricongne

The growth and volatility of French exporters

Sebastian Krautheim, Thierry Verdier

Globalization, trust goods and international civil society

Estrella Gómez, Cecilio Tamarit, Mariam Camarero

Long-run evidence on EMU trade using gravity equations

Damiaan Persyn, Wouter Torfs

A gravity equation for commuting flows

Inga Heiland, Gabriel Felbermayr, Erdal Yalcin

Mitigating liquidity constraints: public export credit guarantees in Germany

Andrea M Leiter, Elisabeth Christen, Michael Pfaffermayr

Effects of trade barriers on bilateral trade of potable water

Keiko Ito, Tomohiko Inui, Daisuke Miyakawa, Keishi Shoji

Exporter dynamics and information spillovers through the main bank


Ayumu Tanaka

Firm productivity and exporting in the wholesale sector: evidence from Japan

Jaewon Jung, Philipp Harms,  Oliver Lorz

Offshoring and agglomeration in a model with sequential production chains

Valeria Groppo, Roberta Piermartini

Measuring trade policy uncertainty

Ignat Stepanok

Creative destruction and unemployment in an open economy model

Lee Michael Pearson, Emma Aisbett

Environmental and health protections, or new protectionism? determinants of SPS notifications by WTO members

Rahel Aichele

An assessment of trade and leakage effects of climate policy initiatives

Magdalene Silberberger, Matthias Busse

Foreign direct investment, trade openness and governance


Emanuele Forlani

Firms' productivity and imported input

Elena Besedina

Exporters versus domestically operating firms: corporate governance perspective

Katerina Gradeva

Tariff evasion and the entrance into the European Union: evidence from the East European enlargement

Gabriel Felbermayr, Giammario Impulliti, Julien Prat

Heterogeneity, directed search, and wage dispersion in the global economy

Yingting Yi, Johannes Van Biesebroeck

The extensive margin of differentiated goods and trade liberalization: evidence from China

Svetlana Batrakova

Does industry concentration matter for pollution haven effects?

Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, Frank Stähler

Financial frictions and foreign direct investment: the role of bank health and collateral value












Per Botolf Maurseth, Hege Medin

Market specific fixed and sunk export costs - learning and spillovers

Naoto Jinji, Xingyuan Zhang, Shoji Haruna

Does Tobin’s q matter for firm choice of globalization mode?

Merima Balavac

Determinants of export diversification at the export margins: reference to transition economies

Philipp Henze

Structural change and income inequalitiy: evidence from German micro data

Mark Melatos, Elie Appelbaum

How does uncertainty affect the choice of trade agreements?

Paola Conconi, Adeline Mertens, Maurizio Zanardi

The greening effect of elections

Masashige Hamano, Pierre M. Picard

Extensive and intensive margins and the choice of exchange rate regimes


Valentina Rollo

Determinants of Tanzanian export prices

Anna Ray

Manufacturing services and the new losers of globalization

Sergey Nigai,

On measuring the welfare gains from trade under consumer heterogeneity

Ragnhild Balsvik, Stefanie A. Haller

Acquisitions, labour turnover and wages

Jan Jakub Michalek, Andrzej Cieslik, Jerzy Mycielski

Consequences of the euro adoption by Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries for their trade flows

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso, Anca M. Voicu, Martina Vidovic

On the effects of trade liberalization on the environment: are the CEECs pollution havens?

Toshihiro Ichida

Strategic patent and trade secret policy to prevent unintended technological outflow in global economy


Jens Wrona, Hartmut Egger, Udo Kreickemeier

Offshoring domestic jobs

Philipp Harms, Pierre-Guillaume Méon

Good and bad FDI: the growth effects of greenfield investment and mergers and acquisitions in developing countries

Pierluigi Montalbano, Emiliano Magrini, Silvia Nenci

The EU preferential trade policy towards the Southern Mediterranean Countries: an impact evaluation

Damoun Ashournia, Jakob Roland Munch, Daniel Nguyen

The impact of Chinese import penetration on Danish firms and workers

Jennifer Pédussel Wu

New kid on the block: the China, Japan, and South Korea FTA

Lisa Anouliès

The border tax adjustment: an effective compliance mechanism

Pierre-Louis Vezina, Andreas Lendle, Marcelo Olarreaga, Simon Schropp

There goes gravity: how eBay reduces trade costs


Zuzanna Studnicka, Filip Abraham, Jan Van Hove

Evidence and determinants of the duration of European exports: a comparative study and impact of the crisis

Luca Marcolin

Global firms and wage premia

Christian Gormsen, Mariola Pytlikova

Diasporas and Foreign Direct Investments

Ioannis Bournakis

Exports, technology and endowments: the puzzle of specialisation revisited

Chrysostomos Tabakis, Costas Hadjiyiannis, Maria S. Heracleous

Regionalism and conflict: peace creation and peace diversion

Christian Bogmans

Can globalization outweigh free-riding?

Andreas Hoefele, Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Zhihong Yu

Payment choice and international trade: theory and evidence from cross-country firm level data


Marcel van den Berg

Imports, productivity and Heterogeneity: do origin markets and factor intensity matter?

Yoke Fong Kong, Richard Kneller

Measuring the impact of China's exports growth on its Asian neighbours

Evmorfia Makantasi, Konstantine Gatsios

 Product Differentiation and the MFN clause

Stefano Filomeni, Alessia Lo Turco

European and Latin American emerging markets and Chinese competition: an empirical analysis of the manufacturing labour demand

Juyoung Cheong, Do Won Kwak, Kam Ki Tang

Can preferential trade agreements curtail trade creation and prevent trade diversion?

Kenzo Abe, Keisuke Hattori, Yoshitaka Kawagoshi

Environmental regulations on international transportation

John Feddersen

Pollution havens in space: it’s not easy bein’ green, but it helps if your neighbours are




WTO World Trade Report, Room 00.14 MTC1                                                                                                        Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Michele Ruta










Lukas Mohler, Ulf Lewrick, Rolf Weder

Do firms or industries matter for productivity growth? An analysis of Swiss manufacturing

Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, David Dreyer Lassen, Søren Bo Nielsen

Cross subsidization in MNEs and taxes

Ruth Hoekstra

Trade facilitation and exports: Evidence from African firms

Stijn Vanormelingen, Carmine Ornaghi, Ilke Van Beveren

The impact of service and goods offshoring on employment: firm level evidence

Karen Jackson, Wenyu Zang

Estimating tourism: can the role of regional integration really be ignored?

Catarina Marvão

The anti-dumping instrument: time for reform? Empirical evidence for the EU

Pınar Narin Emirhan,

Is Turkey’s increasing exports overvalued?


Udo Kreickemeier, Hartmut Egger, Peter Egger

Trade, wages, and profits

Mahmut Tekce, Sevil Acar, Bilge Eris

The effect of foreign direct investment on domestic investment: evidence from MENA countries

Maria Persson, Fredrik Wilhelmsson

EU trade preferences and export diversification

Joel Hellier

North-South globalization and inequality

Pramila Crivelli

Regionalism and falling external protection in high and low tariff members

Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen, Jørgen Drud Hansen, Philipp Meinen

Elasticity of substitution and anti-dumping decisions

Miriam Manchin, Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois

Prices of traded intermediates and importer characteristics


Michele Imbruno, Fabrice Defever , Richard Kneller

Trade liberalization, firm productivity and the role of trade intermediaries: evidence from China

Silvia Adriana Peluffo

Foreign direct investment, productivity and wages: an analysis for Uruguay

Annette Dorothee Schminke, Jo Van Biesebroeck

Smoothing out the bumpy road to export success: evaluating export promotion activities

Hans-Jörg Schmerer, Andreas Hauptmann, Daniel Etzel

Wage moderation and the German export miracle: an international comparison

Veronika Movchan, Volodymyr Shportyuk

EU-Ukraine DCFTA: model for EaP regional trade cooperation

Tibor Besedes, Thomas J. Prusa

Antidumping and the death of trade

Patryk Toporowski

Intra-industry trade: does the transport infrastructure matters in the Central Europe?


Aminata Sissoko

R&D subsidies and firm-level exports: evidence from France

Michael Johannes Irlacher, Carsten Eckel

Multi-product offshoring

Alejandro Riaño, Fabrice Defever

Pure exporter subsidies: the non-reform of China’s trade policy

Saime S Kayam

Wage-setting in a dual labour market with currency union: the case of Northern Cyprus

Lorenzo Rotunno

Political stability and trade agreements

Maurizio Zanardi, Andreea C. Nita

The first review of EU antidumping reviews

Povilas Lastauskas

Structural dynamic trade gravity in a global VAR


Frank Stähler, Ngo Van Long

International competition with nonlinear pricing

Cagatay Bircan

Optimal degree of foreign ownership under uncertainty

Julie Lochard, Emmanuelle Lavallée

Independence and trade: the specific effects of French colonialism

Nihal Yildirim Mizrak

The challenging path from the 2001-financial crisis to sustainable growth, and its labour market impact in Turkey

Andreas Lendle, Alexander Keck

New evidence on preference utilization

Meredith Crowley, Chad P. Bown

Import protection, business cycles and exchange rates: evidence from the Great Recession

Franziska Biermann

Analysis of bilateral container transport flows













Federico Trionfetti, Matthieu Crozet

Firm-level comparative advantage

Holger Breinlich

Cross-border price effects of mergers and acquisitions: a quantitative framework for competition policy

Fuat Erdal, Oner Guncavdi, Saime Kayam

Is there room for manoeuvre? Impact of exchange rate on Turkish exports

Irene N. Selwaness, Chahir R. Zaki

Assessing the Impact of trade reforms on informality in Egypt

Manuel J Garcia-Santana

Foreign ownership, financial frictions, and the size distribution of plants

Christian Viegelahn

Antidumping policy and importers: evidence from India

Volker Nitsch

Cutting the credit line: evidence from Germany


Angela Cheptea, Charlotte Emlinger, Karine Latouche

The overseas expansion of a country’s retailers and export performance

Dimitra Petropoulou, Xavier Cirera, Dirk Willenbockel

Export processing and international outsourcing: evidence on the determinants of outward processing exports to the EU

Andżelika Kuźnar

Intangibles in economies and international trade

Elizabeth Jane Casabianca

The impact of trade liberalization on the gender wage gap: the case of Peru 2004-2010

Calin Vlad Demian

Welfare gains from EU enlargement: a trade perspective

Timothée John Picarello, Timothée Picarello, Dan Ciuriak, Derk Bienen

Untangling the tangled web: trade remedies, insurance policies and “grey area” measures

Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai

Trends of the trade flows in goods between the EU and the BRIC countries


Arjan Lejour, Roger Smeets

Decomposing firm-product-market relations: an analysis of Dutch exports

Bohdan Kukharskyy, Michael Pflüger

Global sourcing, quality of institutions, and the make-or-buy decision

Amanda Jakobsson, Paul S. Segerstrom

In support of the TRIPs Agreement

Eric Toulemonde, Jacques Thisse

Trade under monopsonistic competition

Anna Maria Pinna, Luca De Benedictis

Measures of physical geography and the gravity equation

Christian Soegaard

An oligopolistic theory of regional trade agreement

Ewa Minska-Struzik, Justyna Majewska

In search of the relationship between international tourism and manufacturing trade: evidence from Poland


Philipp Meinen

Productivity and exporting dynamics in the face of trade liberalization

Julien Martin, Farid Toubal, Joern Kleinert

The few leading the many: foreign affiliates and business cycle co-movement

Michael Henry

Trade liberalisation, infrastructure provision and innovation: firm level evidence from India

Sarra Ben Yahmed

Gender wage gaps across skills and trade openness

Albert De Vaal, Cornelis W. Haasnoot

Heterogeneous firms and cluster productivity: a neglected externality through survival of the weakest

Roberta De Santis

Trade, FDI, growth and biodiversity: an empirical analysis for the main OECD countries

Jonathan Timmis

Internet adoption and international trade




PLENARY SESSION 3, Room 00.10 MTC2                                                                                                                Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Winner of the WTO Prize for Best Paper


Notes:    Name of paper presenter appears first.

             In parallel sessions, the last presenter will take the chair.

             All sessions take place in Maria Theresia College (MTC), Sint-Michielsstraat 6, 3000 Leuven.

             Times of presentations are subject to change up until the conference itself. Check the time of your presentation on arrival at the conference.

THIS VERSION: September 13, 2012.