ETSG 2009 Rome

Eleventh Annual Conference

10-12 September 2009

Faculty of Economics, University of Rome “Tor Vergata


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Thursday, 10 September 2009


REGISTRATION, Foyer on ground floor


Welcome, Aula Magna

Prof. Michele Bagella, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Prof. Beniamino Quintieri, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Chairman Fondazione Masi


PLENARY SESSION 1, Aula Magna                                                                                                                         Chair: Lucia Tajoli

Marius Brülhart and Kurt Schmidheiny

On the equivalence of location choice models: Conditional logit, nested logit and Poisson


Conference briefing, Aula Magna

Ian Wooton












Loriane Py and Fabrice Hatem

Where do multinationals locate service and manufacturing activities in Europe and why?

Catia Montagna and Dermot Leahy

Strategic investment and international outsourcing in unionised oligopoly

Jean Mercenier and Jaewon Jung

Routinization-biased technological progress, offshore outsourcing and rising job polarization: A simple model with heterogeneous agents

Chahir Zaki

Towards an explicit modeling of trade facilitation in CGE models: Evidence from Egypt

Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall, Ari Kokko and Simon Taavo

Country preferences and exports: Can ESC votes explain international trade patterns?

Gianluca Cafiso

Industry border effects in the European single market: An explanation through industrial concentration

Grotkowska Gabriela

Does international trade cause growing flows on the Polish labour market?


Stefan Rouenhoff and Carsten Eckel

Preferential trade agreements and multi-product firms

Henning Mühlen, Holger Görg and Peter Nunnenkamp

Firm heterogeneity, industry characteristics and types of FDI: The case of German FDI in the Czech Republic

Erdal Yalcin and Davide Sala

The role of management and the internationalization process of firms

Jennifer Abel-Koch

Endogenous trade policy with heterogeneous firms

Ana-Maria Vasilache and Joseph Francois

Gravity and the price of distance

Toshihiro Atsumi

Spatial organization of firms: local vs. national firms and the impact of trade liberalization

Fabrizio Onida

Labour standards and trade: Scope for raising the joint ILO-WTO actions


Francesca Sanna-Randaccio and Roberta Sestini

Foreign direct investment and environmental policy: Have location factors be neglected?

Smaranda Pantea, Richard Kneller and Richard Upward

Which international technology transfer channels are effective in raising firm productivity and what role for policy?

Kenneth Baltzer

Product standards and international trade

Claudio Vicarelli and Luca De Benedictis

Dummies, policies and heterogeneity in gravity models

Astrid Krenz and Gerhard Ruebel

Industrial localization and countries’ specialization in the European Union

Elisa Riihimäki and   Petri Böckerman

International outsourcing and labour demand: Evidence from Finnish firm-level data


Ian Wooton and Ben Ferrett

Fiscal competition for FDI when governments must choose which firms to target

Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, Delia Baghdasaryan and David Dreyer Lassen

Transfer pricing: Activity-based evidence

Pär Hansson, Kent Eliasson and Markus Lindvert

Do firms learn by exporting or learn to export? Evidence from SMEs in Swedish manufacturing

Alessia Campolmi, Harald Fadinger and Chiara Forlati

Optimal trade policy: Home market effect vs terms of trade externality

Emili Tortosa-Ausina, Iván Arribas and Francisco Pérez

The distance puzzle revisited: A new interpretation based on geographic neutrality

Theresa Grafeneder-Weissteiner and Klaus Prettner

Agglomeration and population aging

Artur Klimek

The determinants of outward foreign direct investment: The case of Poland


Doug Nelson, Carl Davidson and Steven J. Matusz

A behavioral model of unemployment, fairness and the political economy of trade policy

Roger Bandick

Foreign acquisition, wages and productivity

Ilke Van Beveren and Hylke Vandenbussche

Exports, innovation and productivity: Firm-level evidence for Belgium

Matthew Cole

Optimal tariffs, tariff jumping, and heterogeneous firms

Stephan Rudolph

The gravity equation with micro-founded trade costs

Péter Harasztosi and Gábor Békés

Agglomeration patterns and trading activity of firms

Hans-Jörg Schmerer and Gabriel Felbermayr

The effects of trade liberalization on skill specific unemployment: An empirical analysis




PLENARY SESSION 2, Aula Magna                                                                                                                         Chair: Luca De Benedictis

Maggie Chen and Laura Alfaro

The global agglomeration of heterogeneous multinational firms


Friday, 11 September 2009










Yu-Ri Chung and Carsten Eckel

Wage bargaining, outsourcing and vertical FDI

Donal Smith, Iulia Siedschlag, Camelia Turcu and Kevin Zhang

What determines the attractiveness of EU regions to the location of R&D multinationals?

Armando Mendes Jorge Nogueira da Silva, Óscar João Atanázio Afonso and Ana Paula Africano de Sousa e Silva

Which Portuguese firms are more innovative? The importance of multinationals and exporters

Andrea Mantovani and Alireza Naghavi

South-South parallel import and cost reducing innovation in the pharmaceutical industry

Nicholas Sheard

Multimarket entry in exporting

Maarten Bosker and Harry Garretsen

The important role of trade costs in empirical economic geography

Luca David Opromolla and Pedro Martins

Exports, imports and wages: evidence from firm-worker-product panel data


David R Collie

Tacit collusion over foreign direct investment under oligopoly

Michaela Trax and Joel Stiebale

The effects of cross-border M&As on the acquirers’ domestic performance: Firm-level evidence

Nicolas Berman, Antoine Berthou and Jérôme Héricourt

Liquidity shocks and firms’ export dynamics

Kozo Kiyota

Trade liberalization, economic growth, and income distribution in a multiple-cone neoclassical growth model

Andrés Artal-Tur, Juana Castillo-Giménez and Carlos Llano-Verduras

Extending the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek model in a regional setting: The role of intermediates, technological differences and space

Sandrine Noblet

Coordination cost and redispersion of industrial activities

Fredrik Sjoholm, Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz and Susan Chun Zhu

Effects of trade openness on assortative matching of workers


Stefania Garetto and Jose Luis Fillat

Risk, returns, and multinational production

Yi Zhang and Hein Roelfsema

Dual and common agency problems in foreign investment contracts

Matteo Bugamelli and Fabiano Schivardi

Financial development and export

Anne-Celia Disdier and Stephan Marette

The combination of gravity and welfare approaches for evaluating non-tariff measures

Florian W. Bartholomae

Inter-industry, vertical and horizontal intra-industry trade with non-homothetic preferences and heterogeneous firms

Nelson Benjamin Villoria

China’s growth, world food prices, and developing countries’ exports

Rosario Crinò

The effects of offshoring on postdisplacement wages: Evidence from the United States


Henrike Lindemann and Carsten Eckel

Retail multinationals: Buyer power versus trade costs

Liza Jabbour, Xufei Zhang and Xiaoxuan Liu

The linkage potential of international activities and the scope of productivity spillovers: Evidence from China

Ines Buono, Romain Aeberhardt and Harald Fadinger

Learning and the dynamics of exporting: Theory and evidence from French firms

Elena Gonta

Trade and ethnic diversity in Southeastern Europe: A gravity approach

Ioannis Bournakis

The pattern of specialisation in Europe: The role of factor accumulation and institutional rigidities

Eric Toulemonde

The principle of mutual recognition: A source of divergence?

Orietta Dessy and Giovanni S.F. Bruno, Anna M. Falzoni, Rodolfo Helg

Estimating skills in the Italian manufacturing sector using the INPS archives: An application to the Italian pattern of trade


Karin Olofsdotter and Åsa Hansson

Taxes and agglomeration: Determinants of FDI in an enlarged European Union

Taiji Furusawa, Kazumi Hori and Ian Wooton

A race beyond the bottom: The nature of bidding for a firm

Kenan Bagci

Economic crises, trade and recovery

Dilek Seymen and Özgül Bilici

Has customs union changed the country concentration of trade between Turkey and the European Union?

Tomasz Brodzicki

Product variety and the export pattern of Poland 1999-2006

Salvador Antonio Gil-Pareja, Rafael Llorca-Vivero and José Antonio Martínez Serrano

Continental bias in trade

Bernhard Michel and François Rycx

Does offshoring of materials and business services affect employment? Evidence from a small open economy












Onur Koska and Frank Stähler

Optimal acquisition strategies in unknown territories

Aidan Islyami

FDI in distribution services and trade versus investment tradeoff

Fergal McCann

Exporting, importing and productivity in Irish manufacturing

Aurélie Cassette and Etienne Farvaque

Australian and American tariffs policies: Do they rock or tango?

James H Cassing and Shuichiro Nishioka

Nonhomothetic tastes and missing trade of factor services

Davide Castellani, Roberto Basile and Luigi Benfratello

Location of greenfield foreign investments in the enlarged Europe: Evidence from negative binomial additive models

Philipp J.H. Schröder, Davide Sala and Erdal Yalcin

Market access through bound tariffs


Sandra P. Lancheros and Sourafel Girma

Rate of technology adoption and international production organisation: Firm level evidence from India

Eleni Kaditi

Foreign investments and institutional convergence in Southeastern Europe

Carlos Noton

Structural estimation of price adjustment costs in the European car market

Luca Salvatici, Maria Cipollina and David Laborde

Trade preference index

Peter Egger and Christian Keuschnigg

Corporate finance and comparative advantage

Stefano Elia, Lucia Piscitello and Sergio Mariotti

Do knowledge spillovers promote the co-agglomeration between national and multinational firms?

Carmen Fillat and María Luz Garcia de la Vega

R&D offshoring: What determines the choice between FDI and international outsourcing?



Michela Limardi, Gani Aldashev and Thierry Verdier

Monitoring international labour standards: NGO activity and firms’ organizational strategies

Toby Kendall and Ying Zhou

Corruption and FDI under uncertainty

Frederic Peltrault, Alexandre Gazaniol and Jean-Marc Siroën

Exports, foreign direct investment and firm performance: Evidence from French firm level

Paola Conconi, Laura Alfaro, Harald Fadinger and Andrew Newman

Trade policy and firm boundaries

Estrella Gómez and Juliette Milgram Baleix

Are estimation techniques neutral to estimate gravity equations? An application to the impact of EMU on third countries exports

Fabio Pieri and Davide Castellani

Foreign investments and technical efficiency: Evidence from stochastic frontiers in European regions

Euan MacMillan

GATT-think with asymmetric countries and unequal growth rates



Ron Davies and Johannes Voget

Tax competition in an expanding European Union

Svetlana Ledyaeva and Päivi Karhunen

Institutional distance and entry mode strategies: The case of foreign firms/multinationals in Russia

Christian Volpe Martincus and Jerónimo Carballo

Trade policy and the 'missing' extensive margin

Barbara Dluhosch

The distributional impact of trade: Curse or blessing for the process of trade liberalization?

Christian Hepenstrick

Per-capita incomes and the bilateral extensive margin of trade: A quantitative Ricardian model

José Pedro Pontes

Location of upstream and downstream industries

Henrik Fosse and Pascalis Raimondos-Møller

Trade liberalisation with state-owned enterprises: The case of Vietnam



Anze Burger

International fragmentation of production and firm productivity: Evidence from Slovenian manufacturing firms

Valeria Merlo and Peter Egger

BITs bite: An anatomy of the impact of bilateral investment treaties on multinational firms

Yoto V. Yotov and Pinar Uysal

Trade liberalization, firm heterogeneity, and unemployment: An empirical investigation

Feride Gonel, Zeynep Kaplan and Fikret Ozer

Trade liberalization, trade performance and competitiveness: Turkey is at a crossroad in its trade pattern

Mario Larch, Gabriel Felbermayr and Wolfgang Lechthaler

Unemployment in an interdependent world

Harry Garretsen, Maarten Bosker, Steven Brakman and Marc Schramm

The equilibrium allocation of economic activity for Chinese cities

Ceyhun Elci

Economic welfare and quality standards: An empirical assessment



Lunch, Foyer on ground floor



CHAIR JACQUEMIN PRIZE 2009, Aula Magna                                                                                                          Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Hylke Vandenbussche

Presentation of prize for best paper on “Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy”












Ben Ferrett and Huw Edwards

The search for trading partners and the cross-border merger decision

Robert Elliott, Facundo Albornoz, Matthew A. Cole and Marco G. Ercolani

Foreign ownership, trade and the environmental actions of firms

Cristiana Benedetti-Fasil and Teodora Borota

World Trade Patterns and Prices: The Role of Productivity and Quality Heterogeneity

Amelie Guillin, Lionel Fontagne and Cristina Mitaritonna

Estimations of tariff equivalents for the services sectors

Wolfgang Lechthaler and Mario Larch

Comparative advantage and skill-specific unemployment

Laura Hering and Rodrigo Paillacar

International market access and internal migration

Francisco Requena and Giovanni Peri

The trade creation effect of new immigrants: Evidence from the remarkable



Richard Kneller and Liza Jabbour

Multiple offshoring: Evidence for French firms

Paweł Folfas

Intra-firm trade and non-trade intercompany transactions: Changes in volume and structure during 1990-2007

Antoine Berthou and Lionel Fontagné

How do multi-product exporters react to a change in trade costs?

Costas Hadjiyiannis, Chrysostomos Tabakis and Doruk Iris

Reciprocity and trade agreements

Meng Lu, Chris Milner and Zhihong Yu

Testing the H-O-V model in bilateral trade with allowance for technology differences

Karolien De Bruyne and Karen Crabbé

Taxes and location decisions of firms

Chisato Yoshida and Alan D. Woodland

Illegal immigration with tariff distortions



Danny McGowan, Richard Kneller and David Greenaway

Globalisation, plant death and productivity performance

Valeria Gattai and Lorenzo Casaburi

Why FDI? An empirical assessment based on contractual incompleteness and dissipation of intangible assets

Holger Breinlich and Alejandro Cuñat

Trade liberalization and heterogeneous firm models: An evaluation using the Canada - US Free Trade Agreement

Elena Besedina

Political economy of Ukraine’s accession to the WTO

Elisabeth T. Pereira, António Jorge Fernandes and Henrique M.M. Diz

Internationalization as competitiveness factor: The case of the Portuguese ceramic firms

Eric Strobl

Trading energy in Africa: The role of climate change

Monika Mrazova    

Kemp-Wan customs union formation under imperfect competition: Revising the WTO Article XXIV



Bruno Merlevede and Koen Schoors

Openness, competition, technology and FDI spillovers: Evidence from Romania

Holger Görg, Salvador Barrios and Eric Strobl

Spillovers through backward linkages from multinationals: Measurement matters!

Italo Colantone, Kristien Coucke and Leo Sleuwaegen

Globalization and firm exit: Differences between small and large firms

Rodney Ludema and Anna Maria Mayda

Do terms-of-trade effects matter for trade agreements? Evidence from WTO countries

Lucio Biggiero and Mario Basevi

Testing the gravity model through network analysis

Stefan Vannoni

Environment, trade and transportation: Empirical evidence for Switzerlands

Laura Casi

Enhancing trade through migration. A gravity model of the “network effect”



Yama Temouri, Nigel L. Driffield, Sarmistha Pal and Tomasz Mickiewicz

Institutions and ownership structure of foreign firms: Evidence from Central East European countries

Toshihiro Ichida

Cross-border mergers and branding strategies of the multinational firms

Massimo Del Gatto, Gregory Corcos, Giordano Mion and Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano

Productivity and firm selection: Quantifying the “new” gains from trade

Lars Nilsson

Small trade flows and preference utilisation

Lucia Tajoli and Luca De Benedictis

Comparing international trade networks

Jota Ishikawa and Toshihiro Okubo

Environmental standards under international oligopoly

Giuseppe De Arcangelis, Nicola Coniglio and Laura Serlenga

Clandestine migrants: Do the high-skilled return home first?















Zhihong Yu

Openness, managerial incentives and heterogeneous firms

Andreas Hoefele

Growth in an offshoring economy

Shon Ferguson

Exporting and quality complementarity with heterogeneous firms

Kabeer Muhammad and Aycil Yucer

Impact of regional trade agreements: Trade creation and trade diversion in western hemisphere

Anu Kovarikova Arro

Standardization versus specialization in outsourcing

Rahel Aichele and Gabriel Felbermayr

Kyoto and the carbon content of trade

Albert de Vaal and    Tom Gosens

Social ties, knowledge spillovers and regional convergence



Harald Badinger and Peter Egger

Spacey parents vs. spacey hosts of foreign direct investment

Sabina Noormamode

Does trade with China has a positive impact on African countries growth?

Emanuele Forlani

Irish firms’ productivity and input’s origin

Nikos Tsakiris and Theodore Palivos

Trade and tax reforms in a cash-in-advance economy

Laura Birg

Endogenous vertical restraints: Product sustainability and parallel trade

José-Antonio Monteiro

Pollution havens: A spatial panel VAR approach

Armando Garcia Pires

Brain drain and brain waste



Tiziano Razzolini, Luigi Benfratello and Alessandro Sembenelli

Does ICT investment spur or hamper offshoring? Empirical evidence from microdata

Sarah Stolting

International trade and growth: The impact of selection and imitation

Hugo Rojas Romagosa and Henk LM Kox

Product homogeneity, firm heterogeneity and choice of internationalisation mode in services

Beat Spirig

Swiss influence in bargaining coalitions like the EU or G10 in the WTO

Carsten Eckel, Leonardo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik and J. Peter Neary

Multi-product firms at home and away

Philippe Bontems and Estelle Gozlan

Trade, redistribution and the environment

Tomas Konecny

Expatriates and trade



Patrik Karpaty, Roger Bandick and Holger Görg

Foreign acquisition and R&D intensity

Per Botolf Maurseth

Trade and growth once more

Antonella Nocco and Catia Montagna

Labour market imperfections, international integration and selection

Jan Van Hove

Trade policy and product-level trade patterns

Christian Gormsen

Intransparent markets: Intra-industry trade under incomplete information

João Amador, Sónia Cabral and José Ramos Maria

What can we learn from the distribution of trade patterns? Evidence for Portugal, Spain, Greece and Ireland

Simone Deborah Wyss

Displaced by globalization: Chance or threat for outsourced labor?



Chiara Del Bo

Foreign direct investment, exchange rate volatility and political risk

Andrea Ugo Marino

Import duties: A good measure of tariff protection in growth empirics?

Daniela Maggioni

Learning by exporting: which channels? An empirical Analysis for Turkey

Jian-Ming Zhou

Solutions to agricultural trade protectionism of the EU for breakthrough in WTO

Peter Neary

Two and a half theories of trade

Aude Sztulman, Marta Castilho and Marta Menéndez

Trade liberalization, inequality and poverty in Brazilian states

Karen Schaefer and Oliver Lorz

Come and go? How temporary visa might work






PLENARY SESSION 3: FAINI LECTURE, Aula Magna                                                                                                  Chair: Beniamino Quintieri

Gianmarco Ottaviano, Thierry Mayer and Marc Melitz

Market size, competition, and the product mix of exporters



Reception at Terrazza Caffarelli, Piazza Caffarelli 4 - Roma.


Saturday, 12 September 2009










Julia Lichtenberg

Profit taxation of heterogeneous firms with provision of public infrastructure for differentiated goods

Rosa Belen Castro Núñez

Does industry-level analysis of trade-related technology spillovers support conclusions obtained at an aggregate level? Evidence for non-G7 countries

Diego Rodriguez and Silvio Esteve-Perez

The dynamics of trade and innovation: A joint approach

Will Martin, David Laborde and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Modeling the impacts of trade liberalization at the tariff line level

Wouter Vergote and Arastou Khatibi

Pricing, advertising and trade policy

Michele Di Maio and Nelson Correa

Informality, tariffs and welfare

Matteo Barigozzi, Giorgio Fagiolo and Diego Garlaschelli

The international trade network: A product-specific analysis


Ana Paula Fernandes and Heiwai Tang

The determinants of intrafirm trade in export processing: Theory and evidence from China

Andrea Gamba

Neighbors matter: evidence on trade, growth and productivity

Gonzague Vannoorenberghe

Firm-level volatility and openness

Davide Sala

On the non-equivalence of tariffs and quotas for the welfare of RTAs

Marcella Mulino, Eleonora Cavallaro, Piero Esposito and Alessia Matano

Economic integration, knowledge spillovers and trade

Inma Martinez-Zarzoso and Sebastian Vollmer

Trade and income distribution

Luca De Benedictis and Lucia Tajoli

Patterns in trade patterns


Chiara Franco

Exports and FDI motivations: Empirical evidence from U.S. foreign subsidiaries

Alan Woodland, Seppo Honkapohja and Arja H. Turunen-Red

Asymmetric trade integration and growth

Emanuel Ornelas, Facundo Albornoz, Héctor F. Calvo Pardo and Gregory Corcos

Sequential exporting

Nadia Rocha and Caroline Freund

What constrains Africa’s exports?

Daniel Horgos

International outsourcing and wage rigidity: A formal approach and first empirical evidence

Hildegunn E. Stokke and Jørn Rattsø

Wage inequality, comparative advantage and skill biased technical change in South Africa

Asier Minondo, Carlos Llano and Francisco Requena

Is the border effect an artefact of geographic aggregation?


Mark Knell and Matija Rojec

European offshoring: Where and whence

Damiaan Persyn and Koen Algoed

Interregional redistribution, growth and convergence

Stefanie Alexandra Haller

Exporting, importing, intra-firm trade and firm productivity

Kevin Staub, Peter Egger, Mario Larch and Rainer Winkelmann

The trade effects of endogenous preferential trade agreements

Alessia Lo Turco, Giuliano Conti and Daniela Maggioni

Going international in services. A view on Italian firms’ performance

Andrei A Levchenko and Pravin Krishna

Comparative advantage, complexity, and volatility

Jane Korinek and Patricia Sourdin

Maritime transport costs and their impact on trade


Marcel Smolka

Global sourcing: Evidence from Spanish firm-level data

Serti Francesco and Chiara Tomasi

Firm heterogeneity: Do destinations of exports and origins of imports matter?

Larry D Qiu and Wen Zhou

Globalization, acquisitions and endogenous firm structure

Cecilia Hornok

Trade without borders: Trade effect of EU accession by Central and Eastern European countries

Giovanni Pica and José V. Rodriguez Mora

Who’s afraid of a globalized world? Foreign direct investments, local knowledge and allocation of talents

Pierluigi Montalbano and Alessandro Federici

Assessing vulnerability to trade openness: A cross-country comparison

Dennis Novy, Christopher M. Meissner and David S. Jacks

Trade booms, trade busts, and trade costs












Mihai Mutascu and Anne-Marie Fleischer

A VAR analysis of FDI and wages: The Romanian case

Gerald Willmann, Phillip McCalman and Frank Staehler

A theory of dumping and antidumping


Anna Maria Pinna

Missing trade. Where is it?

Oleksandr Shepotylo

EU integration and trade: a look from the outside of the EU eastern border

Horst Raff, Peter Debaere and Holger Görg

Greasing the wheels of international commerce: Service market thickness and firms’ international sourcing

Steffen Gröning and Matthias Busse

Does trade openness lead to better governance?

Jose de Sousa, Thierry Mayer and Soledad Zignago

Market access in global and regional trade


Giorgio Ricchiuti, Giulia De Masi and Giorgia Giovannetti

Network analysis to detect common strategies in the Italian foreign direct investment

Maurizio Zanardi and Chrysostomos Tabakis

Antidumping echoing

Vincent Rebeyrol and Nicolas Berman

Exporter dynamics and productivity growth

Jan Michalek, Andrzej Cieslik and Jerzy Mycielski

Trade effects of the euro adoption in Central and Eastern Europe

Arjan M. Lejour, Henk Kox and Gerard Verweij

Regulatory barriers in business and transport services trade

Susanna Thede and Nils-Åke Gustafson

International trade and the role of corruption

Benjamin Jung

On the importance of adjustment dynamics for bilateral trade flows


Stefano Federico, Rita Cappariello and Roberta Zizza

The effects of FDI on corporate geography

Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen, Christian Bjørnskov, Philipp Meinen and Philipp J.H. Schröder

Lobbying for anti-dumping measures: Does distance from Brussels matter?

Joel Stiebale

Do financial constraints matter for foreign market entry? A firm-level examination

Pedro Esteban Moncarz, Marcelo Olarrega and Marcel Vaillant

Regionalism as industrial policy in developing countries

Carlo Altomonte, Marcella Nicolini and Armando Rungi

On the pro-competitive effects of trade with heterogeneous firms: A cross-country, cross-sector analysis

Michel Dumont, Nathalie Chusseau, Joel Hellier and Glenn Rayp

Is the trade-off between wage inequality and unemployment country-specific?

Lukas Mohler and Michael Seitz

An empirical analysis of European trade flows and the effects on traded variety


Martijn Boermans, Yi Zhang and Hein Roelfsema

Regional determinants of FDI in China: A new approach with recent data

Michael Owen Moore

Sanctuary markets and antidumping: An empirical analysis of US exporters


Daniel Etzel and Hartmut Egger

Trade and industrial wage patterns in general oligopolistic equilibrium

Daniel Mirza and Habib Zitouna

Oil prices, geography and endogneous regionalism: Too much ado about (almost) nothing

Alexander Eickelpasch and Alexander Vogel

Determinants of export behaviour of German business services companies

Matthias Bürker, Gaetano Alfredo Minerva and Lorenzo Casaburi

Performance differentials between foreign and domestic firms and contracting institutions’ quality

Sanne Hiller and Erdal Yalcin

The discontinuity of foreign market serving modes


Anna Maria Ferragina, Rosanna Pittiglio and Filippo Reganati

The impact of FDI on firm survival in Italy

Meredith Allison Crowley and Chad P. Bown

Self-enforcing trade agreements: evidence from antidumping policy and WTO dispute settlement


Runjuan Liu and Carlos Rosell

International trade, multi-product firms and basic innovation

Valeria Costantini and Alessandro Antimiani

The impact of the EU enlargement process on the export dynamics of CEECs

Joseph Francois and Eddy Bekkers

Large firms, heterogeneity, and the structure of trade and industry under oligopoly

Serena Fatica

Taxation and the quality of institutions: asymmetric effects on FDI

Ciro Rapacciuolo, Massimo Rodà,  and Manuela Marianera

Export of Italian affordable luxury to Russia and CIS: An empirical investigation


Lunch, Foyer on ground floor


WTO PRESENTATIONS, Aula Magna                                                                                                                       Chair: Joseph Francois

Roberta Piermartini and Patrick Low

World Trade Report 2009

Presentation of the first WTO Essay Award for Young Economists










Rosa Portela Forte and Rui Moura

The effects of foreign direct investment on the host country economic growth: Theory and empirical evidence

Panos Hatzipanayotou and Michael S. Michael

Public infrastructure and optimal tax policies in a polluted small open economy

Karine Latouche, John-Scott Shonkwiller and Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza

History matters for the export decision and the volume exported: firm-level evidence from French agri-food firms

P. Lelio Iapadre and Francesca Luchetti

Trade regionalisation and openness in Africa

Novella Bottini, Mohamed Ali Marouani and Laura Munro

An estimation of service sectors restrictiveness in the MENA region

Alessandro Antimiani, Michele Di Maio and Francesco Rampa

Tariff escalation and African countries: Who are the real friends?

Mariya Stankeva Hake

Firm growth in Eastern Europe


Alessandra Guariglia, David Greenaway and Zhihong Yu

The more the better? Foreign ownership and corporate performance in China

Silviano Esteve-Perez, Salvador Gil-Pareja, Rafael Llorca-Vivero and Jose Antonio Martinez-Serrano

Euro, firm size and export behavior

Frank Stähler and Andreas Haufler

A simple model of tax competition for heterogeneous firms

Guillaume Daudin, Christine Rifflart and Danielle Schweisguth

Who produces for whom in the world economy?

Karel van Hoestenberghe, Martijn A. Boermans and Issa Barro

Mode 4 of the GATS and West Africa

Young-Han Kim and S. Kim

Political economy of international policy coordination for market regulation

Elżbieta Czarny, Jerzy Menkes and Patryk Toporowski

Dominance of a state-own transnational corporation from the failing state on a strategic market (case study of Gazprom)


Friederike Niepmann and Gabriel Felbermayr

Globalization and the spatial concentration of production

Susanne Sieber

Quality competitiveness of Central, Eastern and South Eastern European (CESEE) countries foreign trade

Christian Schwarz

Global sourcing, production technology and multiple intermediate inputs

Jennifer Pedussel Wu

“Successful” regionalism and the role of regional hegemons

Markus Kelle, Jörn Kleinert, Horst Raff and Farid Toubal

Trade in services - choice of mode: Evidence from Germany

Robert Feinberg, Thomas A. Husted and Kara M. Reynolds

Trade policy votes and antitrust: Do consumers matter?

Michele Ruta and Daniel Brou

A commitment theory of subsidy agreements


Alberto Franco Pozzolo, Maria Cipollina, Giorgia Giovannetti and Filomena Pietrovito

FDI and growth: What cross-country industry data say

Kemal Türkcan and Meric Keskinel

The impact of exchange rate volatility on fragmentation: Evidence from US auto-parts industry

Hannah Chaplin

The internationalisation of young, innovative SMEs

Miriam Manchin, Joseph Francois and Hanna Norberg

Distribution services and differential producer and consumer price impacts of trade

Anders Akerman and Anna Larsson

The global arms trade network

Nicholas Horsewood, Somnath Sen and Anca Voicu

Beggar thy neighbour: British imports during the inter-war years and the effect of the 1932 tariff

Hugo Toledo and Hamid Baghestani

Export-output link in Bolivia during the years of neo-liberalism, 1986-2003












Kangning Xu and Yumei He, Bin Qiu

Spatial determinants of inward FDI in China: Evidence from provinces

Marina-Eliza Spaliara and Holger Görg

Financial health, exports, and firm survival: A comparison of British and French firms

Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr and Sebastian Krautheim

Heterogeneous firms, ‘profit shifting’ FDI and international tax competition

Eddy Bekkers, Joseph F. Francois and Miriam Manchin

Import prices, importer income and importer income inequality: Comparing competing theories

Eliza Przezdziecka

Service offshoring and restructuring in financial service sector over the business cycle: A case for growth of international cooperation

Robert Frank Owen and Bernard Franck

International migration of brains, educational competition and national interests: A two-country, game-theoretic approach

Supreeya Virakul, Matthew Cole and Robert Elliott

In search of export spillovers in a developing country


Ragnhild Balsvik and Stefanie A. Haller

Picking ‘lemons’ or ‘cherries’? Domestic and foreign acquisitions in Norwegian manufacturing

Marcin Jerzy Menkes

Effectiveness as a constraint to international trade sanctions legality

Toshihiro Okubo and Richard E Baldwin

Tax competition with heterogeneous firms

Giuseppe Berlingieri

Variety growth, welfare gains and the fall of the Iron Curtain

Andżelika Kuźnar

Restrictiveness index as a measure of barriers international trade in services

Elizaveta Archanskaia and Guillaume Daudin

Armington elasticities in the distance puzzle

Carolina Lennon, Marion Jansen and Roberta Piermartini

Exposure to external country specific shocks and income volatility


Bénédicte Coestier

Trade policy and tariff-jumping FDI when quality matters

Hassan Molana, Jørgen Drud Hansen, Catia Montagna and Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen

Wage determination, globalisation and the social value of leisure

Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska and Patryk Toporowski

Do the tariff reductions on environmental goods help to protect environment?

Carmen Diaz-Mora, Leticia Blazquez and Rosario Gandoy

Cross-national production networks in Europe: The case of Spain

Elisabeth M. Christen and Joseph F. Francois

Modes of delivery in services

Gabriel Figueiredo

European and Mediterranean liner trade routes: Determinants of freight rates

Balazs Murakozy and Gabor Bekes

Temporary trade


Eike Berner

The effect of trade shocks on import and consumption prices: Measuring the impact of market structure and household income

Ferdinand Rauch, Leonardo Iacovone and Alan L. Winters

The response of Mexican producers to China: A micro-level analysis

Catia Batista and Jacques Potin

International specialization and the return to capital

Julien Martin

Spatial price discrimination in international markets

Oliver Lorz, Philipp Harms and Dieter Urban

Offshoring along the production chain

Kiyoshi Matsubara

FDI spillovers and property rights

Marina Murat and Sara Flisi

Immigrant links, diasporas and FDI. Evidence from five European countries


Sónia Araújo

Imitative behaviour and FDI location choice: An empirical assessment

Jens Olaf Koeniger, Matthias Busse and Georg Koopman

Premises of aid for trade

Laixun Zhao and Jean Marie Viaene

Tainted food, low quality goods and trade

Maria Persson and Wolfgang Hess

Survival and death in international trade: Discrete-time durations of EU imports

Estela Sáenz, Marcela Sabate and Maria Dolores Gadea

Impact of trade openness on public expenditure in the long run, Spain, 1960-2000

Kenzo Abe and Muneyuki Saito

Trade and environmental policies, renewable resources and unemployment

Laura Puzzello

A symmetry hypothesis and measurement biases in the factor content of trade




PLENARY SESSION 4, Aula Magna                                                                                                                         Chair: Ian Wooton

Ralph Ossa

A new trade theory of GATT/WTO negotiations


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