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ETSG 2014 Munich

Sixteenth Annual Conference

11-13 September 2014
LMU Munich and
Ifo Institute


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Thursday, 11 September 2014


REGISTRATION, Speerträger in the Main University Building


Welcome, Große Aula

Carsten Eckel, Department of Economics, LMU

Manuel Pretzl, City Councilor, City of Munich

Gabriel Felbermayr, Ifo Institute and LMU


PLENARY SESSION 1 generously sponsored by Bertelsmann Foundation, Große Aula                                                  Chair: Gabriel Felbermayr

Wolfgang Keller
Supplier responses to Wal-Mart’s invasion of Mexico


Conference briefing, Große Aula

Ian Wooton












Dalia Marin
The theory of the firm goes global

Sybille Lehwald, Daniel Baumgarten, Gabriel Felbermayr
The role of trade for German wage inequality

Philipp Meinen, Parrotta Pierpaolo, Sala Davide, Yalcin Erdal
In search of the casual effect of workers’ mobility: the case of the international experience of managers

Tristan Kohl, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen
Do trade agreements stimulate international trade differently? Evidence from 296 trade agreements

Jan Van Hove
Trade effects of bilateral and regional trade agreements: reconsidering the evidence

Ronald W Jones
Remarks on static and dynamic features of “comparative advantage”

Holger Görg, Adnan Seric
With a little help from my friends: supplying to multinationals, buying from multinationals, and domestic firm performance


Bohdan Kukharskyy, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gerard Roland
Culture and global sourcing

Davide Suverato, Kerem Coĺ˙ar, Davide Suverato
The Stolper-Samuelson theorem when the labor market structure matters

Asier Minondo, Keith Head, Yao Amber Li
Networks, geography, and knowledge flows: evidence from citation patterns in mathematics

Takumi Naito
An Eaton-Kortum model of trade and growth

Benjamin Gampfer, Ingo Geishecker
International product market competition and intra-firm reallocations

Ian Wooton, Julia Darby, Ben Ferrett
Regional centrality and tax competition for FDI

Pascalis Raimondos-Mřller, Jie Ma
Market size, transfer price and tax competition


Anders Laugesen, Peter Arendorf Bache
Trade liberalisation and vertical integration

Andreas Hauptmann, Stella Capuano, Hans-Jörg Schmerer
Trade and unions: can exporters benefit from collective bargaining?

Nitya Pandalai Nayar, Christoph Emanuel Böhm, Aaron Flaaen
Input linkages and the transmission of shocks: firm-level evidence from the 2011 Tokyo earthquake

Simon Neumueller, Cosimo Beverelli, Robert Teh
Trade facilitation and the extensive margins of trade: a country-level analysis

Allan Sřrensen, Sanne Hiller, Philipp J H  Schröder
Exporting and the transmission of risk

Tobias Seidel, Maximilian Von Ehrlich
The persistent effect of regional policy: evidence from the West-German Zonenrandgebiet

Erasmus Kersting, Holger Görg

Vertical integration and supplier finance


Giuseppe Berlingieri
Exporting, coordination complexity, and service outsourcing

Julian Emami Namini, Richard Chisik
A general equilibrium model of international trade with labor market discrimination

Sergey Nigai, Peter Egger
Costs of isolation: trade costs and growth of world trade

Sabrina Eisenbarth
Is Chinese trade policy motivated by environmental concerns?

Jan Jakub Michalek, Andrzej Cieslik, Anna Michalek
Firm level determinants of export performance: evidence from post transition countries

Katarzyna Śledziewska, Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska
Anatomy of investment agreements of the European union and its member states

Gábor Békés, Balazs Murakozy
The ladder of internationalization: evidence from European firms


Andrea Éltető, María Teresa Alguacil Marí, Valeriano Martínez San Román
Productivity growth in Central and Eastern Europe: the role of capital imports and local conditions

Lindsay Oldenski, Brian Kovak, Nicholas Sly
Incomplete contracts and the labor market effects of offshoring

Kenji Kondoh
Multilateral economic integration and international migration: The economy of a midstream country

Christian Sue Ellison Soegaard
An oligopolistic theory of regional trade agreements

Markus Eberhardt, Rodolphe Desbordes

Simona Gamba, Armando Rungi
Next-shoring of multinational enterprises: R&D sourcing and demand proximity versus labor cost advantages, an empirical analysis

Matthijs De Zwaan, Bruno Merlevede
FDI and domestic entry


Group photo



PLENARY SESSION 2, Große Aula                                                                                                                         Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Winner of the WTO Prize for Best Paper


Friday, 12 September 2014










Victoria Purice, Bruno Merlevede
Do parent-affiliate characteristics affect firm performance? A view through the cycle

Michiel Gerritse
Does trade cause institutional development? Theory and evidence from countries behind the Suez channel

Ernest Dautovic, Lucia Orszaghova, Willem Schudel
Intra industry trade between CESEE countries and the EU

Eyal Ronen
Tariffs and non-tariff barriers: substitutes or complements

Ines Buono, Sara Formai
Bank credit and firm export: is there really a link?

Katsuzo Yamamoto
FTA negotiations with side payments: asymmetric countries and asymmetric information

Anna Gumpert
The organization of knowledge in multinational firms


Sooyoung Lee
Asymmetric effect of demand uncertainty on intrafirm trade in the durable and nondurable industries

Cristina Jude
Does FDI crowd out domestic investment in transition countries?

Erik Figueiredo, Luiz Renato Lima, Georg Schaur
Robust estimation of gravity equations and the WTO impact on trade inequality

Meredith A Crowley, Huasheng Song
Trade policy uncertainty and stock market returns: evidence from Chinese solar panels

Peter Egger, Kevin Staub
GLM estimation of trade gravity models with fixed effects

Paweł Folfas
Co-movements of NAFTA trade, FDI and stocks markets

Syeda Tamkeen Fatima
Foreign direct investment and its impact on total factor productivity: evidence from Turkish micro level data


Erkan Gören, Jügen Bitzer, Sanne Hiller
International knowledge spillovers: the benefits from employing immigrants

Benedikt Rydzek, Peter H Egger, Simon Boesenberg
Capital taxation, investment, growth, and welfare

Pedro Esteban Moncarz, German Calfat, Sergio Barone, Ricardo Descalzi
Poverty impacts of changes in the price of agricultural commodities: recent evidence for Argentina

Tommaso Aquilante
Bureaucrats or politicians: evidence from US antidumping policy

Yushi Yoshida, Yuri Sasaki
Automobile EPRT: export price and retail price

Robert Frank Owen, Bernard Franck
International migration of brains, educational competition and national interests: a game-theoretic approach

Armando Rungi, Carlo Altomonte
Multinational conglomerates and the financing choices of US firms


Jose De Sousa, Anne-Célia Disdier, Carl Gaigné
Export decision under risk

Mariya Mileva, Wolfgang Lechthaler
Smoothing the adjustment to trade liberalization

Camilo Umana Dajud
Do visas hinder international trade in goods?

Tobias Ketterer
EU antidumping and tariff cuts: trade policy substitution?

Elzbieta Czarny, Paweł Folfas
Changes in world trade after conclusion of transatlantic trade and investment partnership between EU and US

Nelnan Koumtingué
An empirical analysis of the proliferation of regional trade agreements

Ben Ferrett, Andreas Hoefele, Ian Wooton
Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose?


Enrico Vanino, Robert Elliott, Liza Jabbour
R&D outsourcing and exporting

Julia Wörz, Konstantīns Beņkovskis, Jūlija Pastušenko
Assessing the full extent of EU–Russian trade integration: a global value chain perspective

Mauro Lanati, Giorgia Giovannetti
The impact of product quality on the pro-trade elasticity of immigrants

Aslı Özgür Aktay
The effects of antidumping use on Turkey’s foreign trade

Márkus Ádám
Disappearing borders in Central and Eastern Europe: evolution of the border effect in the Visegrad countries

J Peter Neary,  Monika Mrázová, Mathieu Parenti
Technology, demand, and the size distribution of firms

Stefano Federico
Ownership matters: multinational production and value added flows












Mathieu Parenti, Philip Ushchev, Jacques-François Thisse
Toward a theory of monopolistic competition

Stefan Legge, Reto Foellmi, Alexa Tiemann
Trade liberalization and credit constraints: reallocations at the firm level

Sajal Lahiri, Peri Silva
Potential Pareto-improving move towards most favored nation tariffs

Nicholas Perdikis, Sangeeta Khorana, Steven McGuire
Multilateral agreements and global governance of international trade regimes

Thi Thanh Xuan Tran, Isabelle Cadoret, Fabien Rondeau
Trade and income correlation revisited: continent matters

Daria Shirokova
Preferential trade agreements (PTAs) covering trade in services: what is the driving force behind recent rise?

Andrea Ciani
Export dynamics and firm level unit values


Glenn Magerman
Technology, networks and trade

Gaaitzen De Vries, Marcel P Timmer, Robert Stehrer
Functional specialization in international trade

Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch
The potential for trade sanctions: a structural gravity approach

Arslan Tariq Rana
Do preferential trade agreements contribute to the goal of WTO? Accounting for institutional heterogeneity

Pierre-Louis Vézina, Chris Parsons
Migrant networks and trade: the Vietnamese boat people as a natural experiment

Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor, Kaleb Girma Abreha
Preferential trade agreements, market access and economic development

Ron Davies, Julien Martin, Mathieu Parenti, Farid Toubal
Knocking on tax heaven’s door


Ole Boysen, Hans Grinsted Jensen, Alan Matthews
Impact of EU agricultural policy on developing countries: a Uganda case study

Marco Giansoldati
Trade credit and exports: evidence from Chinese firms

Christian Volpe Martincus, Jerónimo Carballo, Alejandro Graziano, Georg Schaur
Transit trade

Matteo Fiorini, Mathilde Lebrand
The political economy of services trade agreements

Matthias Beestermöller, Ferdinand Rauch
A dissection of trading capital: cultural persistence of trade in the aftermath of the fall of the Iron Curtain

Magdalena Slok-Wodkowska
Architecture of the EU regional trade agreements: are they still about trade?


Indre Girgzdyte
Determinants of foreign affiliate sales: role of complex information


Darya Gerasimenko
Does “Protection for Sale” differ in crisis vs. economic stability times? (Evidence from Putin's Russia)

Shon Ferguson, Johan Gars
Productivity shocks, international trade and pass-through: evidence from agriculture

Anirudh Shingal, Scott Baier
Exploring complementarities between goods and services trade in trade agreements

Maurizio Zanardi, Paola Conconi, David R DeRemer, Georg Kirchsteiger, Lorenzo Trimarchi
The political economy of trade disputes

Alessia Lo Turco, Mauro Gallegati, Daniela Maggioni
Does export complexity matter for firms’ output volatility?

Daniel Horgos, Barbara Dluhosch
International competition intensified - job satisfaction sacrificed?

Giorgio Ricchiuti, Giorgia Giovannetti, Enrico Marvasi
The heterogeneity of foreign direct investors


Magnus Lodefalk, Anna Graneli
Temporary expats and exports: firm-level evidence

Daniel Goya
The multiple impacts of the exchange rate on export diversification

Agelos Delis, Grigoris Zarotiadis
Internal devaluation and export-led growth: firm level evidence for Greek manufacturing

Kristy Buzard
Endogenous politics and the design of trade agreements

Peter Eppinger, Marcel Smolka
Firm exports, foreign ownership, and the global financial crisis

Hayato Kato
Lobbying and tax competition in an agglomeration economy

Maria Garcia-Vega, Patricia Hofmann, Richard Kneller
The Internationalisation of R&D and the Knowledge Production Function












José L Groizard, Pau Gayŕ
Dissecting the exporter wage gap in Spain

Tomasz Michalski, Banu Demir, Evren Ors, Selin Sayek
Payment patterns in international trade: evidence from Turkey

Yaqiong Cui
Trade duration, banking crisis and financial development, survival and recovery: empirical evidence from Europe

Ferda Karagöz Özenç, Tuna Dinç
Does aid for trade benefit recipient? An empirical comparison of old and emerging donors

Isabella Cingolani, Lucia Tajoli, Carlo Piccardi
Discovering preferential patterns of sectoral trade networks

Lars Nilsson, Csilla Lakatos
Anticipatory effects of trade agreements: the case of the EU-Korea FTA

Paola Conconi, Manuel Garcia-Santana, Laura Puccio, Roberto Venturini
From final goods to inputs: the cascade effect of preferential rules of origin


Yanping Liu
Capital adjustment costs: implications for domestic and export sales dynamics

Kerem Cosar, Paul Grieco, Felix Tintelnot
Trade costs or taste differences? evidence from the global car industry

Christian Hattendorff
Natural resources, export concentration and financial development

Young-Han Kim, Eui-Hyun Ha
Optimal strategies for preferential trade agreement considering rules of origin against global outsourcing

Maria Luisa Recalde, Luis Marcelo Florensa, Laura Marquez-Ramos
Revisiting the role of institutional and political factors on economic integration: the case of Latin America

Luca De Benedictis, Silvia Nenci
The Cobden-Chevalier effect: evaluating the causal effect of the MFN clause in presence of network interdependence

Banu Demir, Kerem Cosar
What drives containerization in international trade? Evidence from micro data


Philipp J H Schröder, Eliane Choquette, Davide Sala, Morten Rask
Born globals: is there fire behind the smoke?

Sotiris Blanas, Adnan Seric
Characteristics and activities of foreign affiliates with and without intra-firm trade in sub-Saharan Africa

Andżelika Kuźnar, Paweł Folfas
How does protection of intellectual property rights affect hi-tech exports from the most advanced economies?

Federica Demaria, Maria Cipollina
Trade effects of preferential trade policies: a hierarchical regression approach

Lucia Tajoli, Luca De Benedictis
Comparative advantage, export performance and centrality in the world market: a comparative analysis of the Italian position

Jonas Juul Henriksen
Active labour market policies and international trade

Jesús Á Muńoz-Sepulveda
Residual exports and domestic demand: an empirical analysis


Akihiko Yanase, Hiroshi Kurata
Domestic product standards and free trade areas

Tibor Besedes, Antu Panini Murshid
The effects of airspace closures on trade in the aftermath of Eyjafjallajökull

Marina Bellani
Judicial efficiency and foreign direct investments: evidence from OECD countries

Anna Andersson
Export performance and access to intermediate inputs: the case of rules of origin liberalisation

Guzin Emel Akkus
The effects of import competition on employment and wages in the manufacturing industry of Turkey

Esther Ann Boler
Knowledge complementarities in a globalized world

Zuzanna Studnicka, Filip Abraham, Jan Van Hove
Evidence and determinants of the duration of Belgian chocolate exporters


Yoshimasa Komoriya
How the movement of natural persons agreement could fuel FTAs

Esteban Ferro, Ana Fernandes, John S Wilson
Product standards: do they affect firms’ export decisions?

Axel Mangelsdorf, Esteban Ferro, John S Wilson
The trade impact of European regulatory standards for developing countries: what are the effects of the TTIP agreement?

Carmen Fillat
Tariff reforms and trade restrictiveness

Salvador Gil-Pareja, Rafael Llorca Vivero, José Antonio Martínez Serrano
A re-examination of the effect of GATT/WTO on trade

James J Fetzer, Claire Willits, Marinos Tsigas
Estimating employment adjustment costs of trade liberalization

Inma Martinez-Zarzoso, Florian Johannsen
Direct versus indirect export channels in Eastern Europe and Central Asia












Zoryana Olekseyuk, Edward J Balistreri
Trade liberalization gains under different trade theories: A case study for Ukraine

Christina Ortseifer, Jakob Schwab
Reaping the gains: specialization and capital flows

Federico Trionfetti
Comparative skill premia

Reka Juhasz
Trade and development: evidence from the Napoleonic blockade

Xufei Zhang, Marian Rizov
Productivity and product quality of Chinese exporters

Eric Strobl, Jeetendra Khadan, Ranita Seecharan
Extreme weather events and the trade in rice

Katharina Erhardt, Peter H Egger
Determinants of firm-level investment and export intensity


David R DeRemer
Domestic policy coordination in imperfectly competitive markets

Elizaveta Archanskaia
The (changing) magnitude of the gains from trade

Mario Larch, James E Anderson, Yoto V Yotov
Growth and trade: a structural approach

Rahel Aichele, Gabriel Felbermayr, Peter Egger
The economics of the New World Trade Order

Carmen Diaz-Mora, David Corcoles, Rosario Gandoy
Exit from exporting: does engagement in global networks matter?

Tobias Erhardt, Rashid Sumaila, Dirk Zeller
Does trade openness cause overfishing?

Michael Koch, Hartmut Egger, Hans-Jörg Schmerer, Stella Capuano
Offshoring and the task-composition in production


Jamal Ibrahim Haidar
Sanctions and trade deflection: exporter-level evidence from Iran

Léa Marchal, Hubert Jayet
Complementarity and substitution between factor flows in a North-South framework

Björn Thor Arnarson
How to bridge sunk costs of exporting: the Řresund bridge and firms’ export decision

Michael Henry
Trade liberalization and wage share differentials in Indian manufacturing firms

Laura Marquez-Ramos
Regionalising to analyse the role of regionalism: a solution to the endogeneity problem of RHS variables at country level

Christophe Charlier, Patrice Bougette
Renewable energy, subsidies, and the WTO: where has the ‘green’ gone?

Gerald Willmann, Pao-Li Chang
Protection for sale with heterogeneous interests within industries


Seda Koymen
Wage inequality, skill-specific unemployment and trade liberalization

Alexander Tarasov, Gabriel Felbermayr
Trade and the spatial distribution of transport infrastructure

Magdalene Silberberger, Jens Königer
Trade, regulation and economic growth

Roger Bandick
Does export alter the survival probability of the products?

Rita Cappariello, Alberto Felettigh
How does foreign demand activate domestic value added? A comparison among the major euro-area economies

Bernhard Michel
Is offshoring driven by air emissions? Testing the pollution haven effect for imports of intermediates

Andrzej Cieslik
Firm heterogeneity, exports and strategic FDI


Matthew T Cole, Tibor Besedes
Distorted trade barriers: a dissection of trade costs in a “distorted gravity” model

Ana Cuadros, Joan Martin-Montaner, Jordi Paniagua
Homeward-bound FDI: are migrants a bridge over troubled finance?

Marianne Matthee, Neil Rankin, Thomas Farole
Extensive and intensive margins of South African exports

Julian Hinz
The ties that bind: geopolitical motivations for economic integration agreements

Richard Kneller
The effects of ICT on the productivity of multinational firms: evidence from the UK

Yasuhiro Takarada, Takeshi Ogawa, Weijia Dong
Trade, transportation, and the environment: welfare effects of emission reductions and international emissions trading

Stefano Schiavo, Marco Bee
Powerless: gains from trade when firm productivity is not Pareto distributed


Reception, BMW World


Saturday, 13 September 2014










Philipp Moritz Richter
Strategic environmental policy in general equilibrium

Selwyn Moons, Remco De Boer
Economic diplomacy, product characteristics and the level of development

Francisco Requena-Silvente, Guadalupe Serrrano, Joan Martin-Montaner
Industry employment and import competition: a generalised propensity score approach

Maria Cipollina, David Laborde, Luca Salvatici
The effects of US and EU preferences on African exports

Sanne Hiller
Ethnic versus business networks in international trade

Matej Bajgar
International trade and aggregate productivity in a distorted economy

Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo, Mark Sanctuary
Trade, transboundary pollution and market size


Sebastian Benz
The shape of the offshoring cost function

Anja Tuschke, Exequiel Hernandez
Follow the leader? How organizational learning changes the reaction to rivals’ entries into foreign markets

Michele Bernini, Tania Treibich
Killing a second bird with one stone? Promoting firm growth and export through tax policy

Bing Liu, Robert J R Elliott, Liza Jabbour
The impact of diplomatic visits on China's trade

Shiwei Hu, Charles Van Marrewijk
Absence of structural changes in African trade flows

Meng Tong, Robert J Elliott, Nicholas J Horsewood
The location and the agglomeration of firms in China: does exporting matter?

Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois
Representative firm exposition of the firm heterogeneity model


Taiji Furusawa, Tomohiro Ara
Relationship specificity, market thickness, and international trade

James Cassing, Steven Husted
Lobbying as a transport industry

Keiko Ito
The impact of multinationals' overseas expansion on employment at suppliers at home: New evidence from firm-level transaction relationship data for Japan

Christoph Moser, Andy Rose
Who benefits from regional trade agreements? The view from the stock market

Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten
The decision to export and firm growth among Swedish SMEs in software and business services

Ioannis Bournakis, Dimitris Christopoulos, Sushanta Mallick
Identifying and measuring the growth effect of knowledge spillovers at the industry-level: evidence from OECD countries

Holger Breinlich, Patrick Nolen, Greg Wright
Exporting and information: evidence from a randomized controlled trial


Charlotte Emlinger, Angela Cheptea, Karine Latouche
Do exporting firms benefit from multinational retail networks? Evidence from France

Robert Basedow
Does business lobby for international investment agreements? The bureaucratic politics behind the international investment regime

Raphaël Chiappini
Institutional determinants of Japanese outward FDI in the manufacturing industry

Valentina Amuso, Federica De Maria
Euro-Mediterranean FTA: An evaluation of the EU’s strategy. A game theoretic approach

Josep Martí, Maite Alguacil, Vicente Orts
Firm heterogeneity and location choice of the European multinationals

Lucia Perez-Villar, Adnan Seric
Vertical knowledge transfer from MNEs: evidence from Sub-Africa

David Collie, Helmuts Azacis
Tariffs and the sustainability of collusion


Erdal Yalcin
Offshoring under uncertainty

Charlie Joyez
In search of international self-reliance: how MNEs progressively opt for wholly owned subsidiaries

Anna Maria Ferragina, Fernanda Mazzotta
Firm persistence and growth: local and global drivers in survival and multilevel models

Arevik Mkrtchyan, Christian Henn
The layers of the Information Technology Agreement impact

Doug Nelson, Peter Egger, Joseph Francois, Patrick Tomberger
The spatial structure of production and the depth of trade agreements

Eva Hagsten
Distributed access to linked microdata: the example of ICT and exports

Colin Davis, Ken-ichi Hashimoto
Economic integration, monopoly power and productivity growth without scale effects












Angela Cheptea
Do multinational retailers affect the export competitiveness of their host countries?

Henning Mühlen
Firm-level productivity spillovers from FDI in Latin American countries

Eefje De Gelder, Albert De Vaal, Paul Driessen
The effects of mainstreaming fairtrade on product fairness

Lavinia Rotili
Euro effects on final and intermediate exports

Rodolfo Metulini, Stefano Schiavo, Paolo Sgrignoli, Massimo Riccaboni
The migration network effect on international trade

Birgit Meyer, Julian Donaubauer, Peter Nunnenkamp
Aid, infrastructure, and FDI: an empirical assessment of transmission channels based on a new index of infrastructure

Lisandra Flach
Financial frictions, institutional barriers and firm performance


Ignat Stepanok
A note on north-south growth models of international trade and intellectual property rights protection

Roman Stöllinger
Agglomeration and international linkages in the location choices of European foreign direct investors

Umut Kilinc
Productivity, markups and international trade: the case of small open economy

Alessandro Antimiani, Luca Salvatici
Regionalism versus multilateralism: the case of the European Union trade policy

Iulia Siedschlag, Gavin Murphy
Determinants of R&D offshoring

Beata Udvari
Aid for trade: does it enhance the intra-trade of Sub-Saharan African integrations? Case of the ECOWAS

Emmanuel Milet
Linguistic proximity and export dynamics


Kwok Tong Soo
International trade and the division of labour

Gianluca Orefice, Giovanni Peri, Cristina Mitaritonna
Immigrants and firms’ productivity: evidence from France

Albert De Vaal, Cornelis W Haasnoot
Heterogeneous firms, R&D spillovers and cluster productivity: a neglected externality

Anne-Celia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré
EU-US trade agreement and agricultural flows

Liyun Zhang, Robert Elliott, Nicholas Horsewood
Decision to export for Chinese manufacturing firms: an examination of unobserved heterogeneity and initial conditions problem

Purna Banerjee, C Veeramani
Trade openness, exchange rates and job dynamics: a study of gender differences in Indian manufacturing

Cecilia Hornok, Balázs Muraközy
Markup and productivity of exporters and importers


Michele Imbruno, Rosanna Pittiglio, Filippo Reganati
FDI, intermediate inputs and firm performance: theory and evidence from Italy

Michael S Michael, Slobodan Djajic
International migration of skilled workers with endogenous policies

Inger Sommerfelt Ervik, Christian Soegaard
Linking micro and macro: welfare effects of trade policy in general oligopolistic equilibrium

Kirsten Urban, Martina Brockmeier, Hans Grinsted Jensen
Reconciling WTO boxes and PSE data in the GTAP framework to calculate indicators for domestic support

Luigi Benfratello, Anna Bottasso, Chiara Piccardo
Innovative capacity and export performance: exploring heterogeneity along the export intensity distribution

Raymond Riezman, Wenbiao Cai, B Ravikumar
The quantitative importance of openness in development

Mihaly Himics, Wolfgang Britz
Welfare consistent tariff aggregators at different geographical resolutions: a bilateral perspective


Antonio Navas
Technology and the law of comparative advantage

Eliane Choquette
Inward-outward linkages in the internationalization of firms: their impact on export survival

Xiaoyu Tian
The importing exporters: dynamics, quality and firm structure

Julia Grübler
European trade preferences facing the new millennium

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Jérémie Gignoux, Marta Menendez
Distributional effects of trade reform in Indonesia

Agnieszka Gehringer
Knowledge externalities and sectoral interdependences: evidence from an open economy perspective

Marius Brülhart, Gian-Paolo Klinke
Global agglomeration trends












Anna Ray
Expanding MNEs - industry relatedness and conglomerate

Yontem Sonmez, Scott Mcdonald
Labour market and trade implications of Turkey’s potential EU membership

Fatima Olanike Kareem
Fitting the gravity model when zero trade flows are frequent: a comparison of estimation techniques

Valdemar Smith, Mogens Dilling Hansen
R&D and export performance

Ana Lucia Abeliansky, Martin Hilbert
Do more ICTs make us trade more? Reassessing the evidence

Daniel Baumgarten, Michael Kvasnicka
Temporary agency work and the economic crisis 2008/09

Jan S Voßwinkel, Laura Birg
Minimum quality standards and exports


Benjamin Jung
Taste for variety, heterogeneous firms and optimal R&D policies

Lorenzo Rotunno, Alen Mulabdic
Home bias in the public sector and the role of institutions

Damir Stijepic
Globalization, worker mobility and wage inequality

Mahdi Ghodsi, Jan Hagemejer
Up or down the value chain? The comparative analysis of the GVC position of the CEECs economies

Steffen Sirries, Mario Larch
Intra-industry trade and north-north migration: how TTIP would change the patterns

Cihan Yalcin, Simona Mateut, Spiros Bougheas, Hosung Limb, Paul Mizen
Exporter and non-exporter exposure to credit shocks in an open economy credit channel model: some evidence from Korea

Janez Kren, Jan Van Hove
Effects of geography and economic similarity on intra-industry trade


Aranzazu Crespo
Trade dynamics under capacity constraints

Saara Tamminen
Varying markups and income inequality in an open economy

Dominik Boddin, Philipp Henze
International trade and the servitization of manufacturing: evidence from German micro data

Ozgul Bilici
How trade in services varies conditional on different determinants: evidence from UK firm-level data using quantile regressions

Anja Slany, Jana Riedel
The trade potential of the COMESA-EAC-SADC tripartite: a comparative analysis

Alexandros Ragoussis
Exports and knowledge-based capital

Malik Curuk, Gonzague Vannoorenberghe
Occupational fragmentation and sectoral employment adjustments


Francesco Di Comite
Measuring quality and non-cost competitiveness at a country-product level

Katerina Gradeva
VAT fraud in intra-EU trade

Hale Utar
Workers beneath the floodgates: the impact of the MFA quota abolishment on Danish workers

Marco De Pinto, Jörg Lingens
Unionization, information asymmetry and the delocation of firms

Omer Majeed
Global production sharing: patterns, determinants and macroeconomic implications

Martin Breßlein, Jan Pablo Burgard
Which gravity? A comparison approach using finite mixture modelling

Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci, Carlo Pietrobelli
International linkages, value added trade and LAC firms’ productivity


Florian Unger, Carsten Eckel
Credit constraints, endogenous innovations, and price setting in international trade

Jakob Engel, Marie-Agnes Jouanjean
More than a gesture? Examining the export impact of Chinese and Indian duty-free quota-free trade preferences for LDCs

Joel Hellier, Thomas Beissinger, Nathalie Chusseau
Offshoring, employment, labour market reform and inequality: modelling the German experience

Jan Schymik
Trade, technologies, and the evolution of corporate governance

Jennifer Pédussel Wu, Harry P Bowen
Predicting a free trade agreement: the importance of trade versus investment

Mina Sami Chehata Ayad, Sylvie Montout
Determinants for locating research and development activity in Europe

Taylan Yenilmez
Trade liberalization, industrial productivity and informality












Carsten Eckel, Stephen Yeaple
Trade and the internal labor markets of multiproduct firms

Krisztina Kis-Katos, Robert Sparrow
Poverty, labour markets and trade liberalization in Indonesia

Italo Colantone, Carlo Altomonte, Armando Rungi
Trade in value added and the anatomy of multinational business groups

Pavel Chakraborty
Environmental standards and trade: evidence from a natural experiment

Ceren Erdogan, Matthias Busse, Henning Mühlen
China’s impact on Africa: the role of trade and FDI

Astrid Krenz, Agnieszka Gehringer
The determinants of localization choices of German manufacturing and services firms

Jan Guldager Jřrgensen, Philipp J H Schröder
Global versus local patents: economic integration and strategic interaction of international firms


Laura Birg
The Reinheitsgebot and the EU internal market: national standards, trade, and market structure

Yi Liu, Robert J R Elliott, Michael Henry
Trade liberalization and wage differentials of heterogeneous firms: an empirical study of Chinese firms

Zhen Zhu, Federica Cerina, Alessandro Chessa, Guido Caldarelli, Massimo Riccaboni
The rise of China in the international trade network: a community core detection approach

Hans-Jörg Schmerer, Luhang Wang
Firm performance and trade with low-income countries: evidence from China

Balazs Murakozy
How exporters react to the prices of their competitors?

Bilgehan Karabay, Levent Celik, John Mclaren
When is it optimal to delegate? The theory of fast-track authority

Huw Edwards, Carlo Perroni
Trade, wage concentration, and the cost and volume of traded machines


Zhan Qu, Horst Raff, Nicolas Schmitt
Inventories and international trade volatility: the role of export and import wholesalers

Oleksandr Shepotylo, Volodymyr Vakhitov, Philip Ushchev
Wages, productivity, and market power

Axel Berger, Max Büge
Determinants and effects of Chinese international investment agreements

Alberto Osnago, Roberta Piermartini, Nadia Rocha
Trade policy uncertainty as barrier to trade-binding overhang

Maria Sokolova
Better more than one? Portfolio currency pricing in international trade

Davide Del Prete, Armando Rungi
Organizing the global value chain: a firm level test

Takeshi Ogawa
Consumer heterogeneity and gains from trade In renewable resource trading


Michael Irlacher, Lisandra Flach
Product versus Process: Innovation Strategies of Multi-Product Firms

Elenor Lissel
Safeguard measures in RTAs under Article XXIV and the Enabling Clause

Anna Pinna, Luca De Benedictis
Islands as ‘bad geography’: insularity, connecteddness, trade costs and trade

Nihal Tuncer Terregrossa, Feride Gonel
Revealed comparative advantage of Turkey in the automotive network in EU-15 in the face of competition from China and CEEC






PLENARY SESSION 3, Große Aula                                                                                                                         Chair: Joe Francois

Anne-Gaël Vaubourg, Antoine Bouët
Credit constraints and international trade with endogenous mode of competition


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             In parallel sessions, the last presenter will take the chair.

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