ETSG 2013 Birmingham

Fifteenth Annual Conference

12-14 September 2013
University of Birmingham


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Thursday, 12 September 2013


REGISTRATION, Concourse of University House, Birmingham Business School


Conference opening, Vaughn Jefferies Lecture Theatre

Opening remarks by Rob Elliott

Welcome by Cillian Ryan


PLENARY SESSION 1, Vaughn Jefferies Lecture Theatre                                                                                          Chair: Ian Wooton

Winner of the WTO Prize for Best Paper


Conference briefing, Vaughn Jefferies Lecture Theatre

Ian Wooton












Laura Marquez-Ramos, Luis Marcelo Florensa, María Luisa Recalde

Is the effect of economic integration on trade margins time sensitive? Sectoral evidence from Latin America

Giuseppe De Feo, Oscar Amerighi

Competition for FDI and benefits from tax discrimination

Nikolaos Vlassis

Tariff reforms in the presence of pollution

Per Botolf Maurseth

Regional convergence and divergence in Europe: patterns and regularities

Lars Nilsson

Global value chains at tariff line level

Francisco Requena, Asier Minondo-Uribe, Juan De Lucio, Raúl Minguez

The dynamics of Mexican firms’ export portfolio: a network analysis

Benedikt Heid

Trade liberalization, unemployment, and the informal sector


Karin Olofsdotter, Joakim Gullstrand

The EMU effect on bystanders

Ben Ferrett, Ian Wooton

Fiscal competition for FDI when bidding is costly

Panos Hatzipanayotou, Michael S. Michael

Optimum consumption taxes in countries with cross-border pollution

Ioannis Bournakis, Marina Papanastasiou, Chris Pitelis

Regional convergence in the UK: the role of MNCs versus domestic firms

Jan Hagemejer, Katarzyna Śledziewska

The potential effects of the EU-Japan FTA: the Polish perspective

Yasin Uzun, Selman Tokpunar

Disaggregated import demand function for Turkey: sectoral analysis

Fredrik Heyman, Carl Davidson, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm, Susan Chun Zhu

Globalization and organization of the firm


Chris Jones, Yama Temouri

FDI in tax havens: do corporate tax rates matter

Dermot Leahy, Gerda Dewit, Kate Hynes

Strategic government behaviour and FDI with international spillovers from public infrastructure

Kozo Kiyota, Makoto Hasegawa

The effect of moving to a territorial tax system on profit repatriations: evidence from Japan

Fan Yang, Eddy Bekkers, Martina Brockmeier, Joseph Francois

Food and agricultural price volatility on the world market and its transmission to domestic markets

Aneta Mach, Mahdi Ghodsi, Jan Hagemejer

Services trade liberalization in the transport sector

Liyun Zhang, Robert Elliott, Liza Jabbour

Firm productivity and importing: evidence from Chinese manufacturing

Sotiris Blanas, Ilke Van Beveren, Hylke Vandenbussche

Offshoring and the age-skill composition of labour demand


Luca Marcolin, Ilke Van Beveren, Jozef Konings

International rent sharing and takeovers

Liliana Foletti, Anirudh Shingal

The trade effects of MRL harmonization in the EU

Anna Andersson

Private standards and imports: firm-level evidence from Sweden

Rahel Aichele, Gabriel Felbermayr, Inga Heiland

Trade and free trade agreement formation revisited: a trade in value added perspective

Feride Gonel, Nihal Tuncer Terregrossa, Tuna Dinc

The effect of international standards on Turkish export flows to the EU countries

Andreas Lendle

An anatomy of online trade: evidence from eBay exporters


Nazire Nergiz Dinçer, Ayça Tekin-Koru

Services trade in Turkey: a firm-level analysis

Saara Tamminen, Marcel Van Den Berg

Does exporting affect profitability? Evidence from firms of different size categories

Pierpaolo Parrotta, Dario Pozzoli, Mariola Pytlikova, Davide Sala

Ethnic diversity and firm’s export behavior

Ilaria Espa

The “rhetoric” of proliferation of mineral export restraints and WTO under-regulation: testing the adequacy of WTO disciplines

Stanislaw Uminski, Tomasz Brodzicki

International trade relations of enterprises established in Poland's regions: gravity panel model estimation

Joschka Wanner, Mario Larch

An investigation of the effects of carbon tariffs in a two-sector gravity model












Ian Wooton, Julia Darby, Ben Ferrett

FDI, trade costs and regional asymmetries

Enrico Marvasi, Giorgia Giovannetti, Marco Sanfilippo

From local to global: the role of supply chains in firms’ productivity

Erkan Gören

Economic effects of domestic and neighbouring countries’ cultural diversity

Güzin Bayar, Metehan Ünal, Selman Tokpunar

Determinants of Turkish exports to European Union countries: a sectoral panel data analysis

Pamela Bombarda, Elisa Gamberoni

Occupational choice, gender discrimination, and trade liberalization

Xiaoyu Tian, Robert Elliott

The Argentinean connection: sequential exporting in the EU

Inma Martinez-Zarzoso, Sami Bensassi

Northern sea-route: what effects on trade?


Kyoko Hirose, Kazuhiro Yamamoto

Asymmetric international transport costs and tax competition: the influence of a third country

David Córcoles, Maria C. Cuerva, Angela Triguero

Product innovation versus process innovation: the role of learning by exporting in the persistence of innovation

Ying Zhou, Jun Du

Best of both worlds: an aggregate productivity growth decomposition of Chinese firms in 1998-2007

Ferda Karagöz Özenç, Yasin Barış Altaylıgil

Determinants of international fragmentation of production in Turkey

Shiwei Hu, Charles Van Marrewijk

An empirical analysis of the Africa-China trade puzzle: the role of China's trade policies

Veronika Movchan, Volodymyr Shportyuk

Distributional effects of the EU-Ukraine DCFTA: a CGE household micro-simulation model

Simon Neumüller

Intermediaries, quality screening and export channel switching


Florian Johannsen, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

Exchange rate policy and trade: firms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Rodolphe Desbordes, Shang-Jin Wei

Foreign direct investment, financial development and the 2007-2010 global financial crisis

Gaaitzen De Vries, Marcel Timmer

Productivity and convergence in developing countries: the role of imported inputs

Omer Gokcekus, Yui Suzuki

Mixing Washington Consensus with Beijing Consensus and corruption in Africa

Robert Grundke, Christoph Moser

Developing countries and the costs of regulation in international trade: the role of product standards

Andrea Lassmann, Peter H. Egger, Katharina Erhardt

On the role of productivity and R&R for exporting: semiparametric evidence from French firm-level data

Stefano Antonio Bolatto

Trade across sectors and countries in a Ricardian world


T. Huw Edwards, Arman Mazhikeyev

Post-Soviet trade flows and costs: Central Asia

Alejandro Riańo, Sourafel Girma, Sandra Lancheros

Global engagement and returns volatility

Toshihiro Ichida

Imitation versus innovation costs: patent policies under common patent length

Maria Persson, Karin Olofsdotter

Trade facilitation and foreign direct investment

Tommaso Aquilante, Carlo Altomonte, Gábor Békés,Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano

Internationalization and innovation of firms: evidence and policy

Claudia Steinwender

Information frictions and the law of one price: when the States and the Kingdom became United

Thomas Allen

Analysing the role of interactions in the market for policy: with an application to trade


Jianan Li, Daniel M. Bernhofen, Markus Eberhardt, Stephen Morgan

Market integration and disintegration in Qing Dynasty China: evidence from time-series and panel time-series methods

Tadashi Ito

Did the LDC countries benefit from duty-free quota-free access to the Japanese market?

Federica Demaria, Maria Cipollina, Filomena Pietrovito

Trade policies: a booster dose for innovation!

Cagatay Bircan

Foreign direct investment and wages: does the level of ownership matter?

Anne-Celia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger, Lionel Fontagné

Does tariff liberalization enhance trade? Evidence from agriculture in developing countries

Elzbieta Czarny

Impact of membership in regional trade agreements on international trade

Michele Bernini, Sarah Guillou, Flora Bellone

Firms’ leverage and export quality: evidence from France


Birmingham Business School traditional British barbeque (come rain or shine).

Location: Marquee University House.


Friday, 13 September 2013










Maite Alguacil, Josep Martí, Vicente Orts

Where do foreign affiliates of Spanish MNFs locate in developing and transition economies?

Harald Fadinger, Alejandro Cunat

Reallocation effects of undervaluation

Kiyoshi Matsubara

Trading company and indirect exports

Toni Glaser, Gerald Willmann, Peter Debaere

Protection as insurance: risk aversion, terms of trade uncertainty and optimal trade policy

Pierluigi Montalbano, Emiliano Magrini, Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci, Luca Salvatici

Agricultural trade distortions during recent international price spikes: what implications for food security?

Volker Nitsch

Internal conflict and external trade: evidence from Kenya

Christian Volpe Martincus, Jerónimo Carballo, Alejandro Graziano

Customs as doorkeepers: what are their effects on international trade?


Paweł Folfas

Bivariate causality analysis between FDI inflows and real GDP growth in developed economies

Yuchen Shao, Keith Maskus

Quality ladders and endogenous growth with multiple inputs

Hiroshi Mukunoki

Market access and technology adoption in the presence of FDI

Richard Kneller, Daniel Bernhofen, Zouheir El-Sahli

Containerization and the extensive margin of trade

Pramila Crivelli

Regionalism and external protection: preferences received matter

Arevik Mkrtchyan, Hinnerk Gnutzmann

Mutual protectionism: evidence from Eurasian Customs Union

Zhihong Yu, Kalina Manova

Firms and credit constraints along the global value chain: processing trade in China


Torfinn Harding, James Cust

Institutions and the distribution of oil

Bo Gao

Multi-product firms, export-only products and extensive margin of export

Andreas Hoefele, Ben Ferrett, Ian Wooton

Dynamic tax competition

Dennis Pohl, Isadora Kirchmaier, Andreas Lindenblatt

The political economy of anti-dumping

Magdalena Slok-Wodkowska, Elzbieta Czarny

How national treatment in the EU Economic Agreements influences international trade

Lucia Tajoli, Giulia Felice

External imbalances in the Euro area and International fragmentation of production: is there a link?

Andrea Ariu, Holger Breinlich, Giordano Mion

Trade liberalization and the interconnections between services and goods trade at firm-level


Fabrice Defever, Alejandro Riano

China's pure exporter subsidies

Jeronimo Carballo

Global sourcing under uncertainty

Emanuel Ornelas, Fabrice Defever

Trade liberalization and third-market effects

Marion Dovis, Patricia Augier, Olivier Cadot

NTM harmonization, productivity and profits in Morocco

Güzin Emel Akkuş

The effects of trade and productivity on employment in the manufacturing industry of Turkey

Anirudh Shingal, Peter Egger

Determinants of services trade agreements












Cristina Jude, Gregory Levieuge

Growth effect of FDI in developing economies: the role of institutional quality

Meredith Allison Crowley, Miaojie Yu

Market-specific cost shocks and firm export behavior

Mariya Mihaylova Mileva, Wolfgang Lechthaler

Two-country dynamic model of trade with heterogeneous firms and comparative advantage

Patrick Tomberger, Octavio Frenandez-Amador, Joseph Francois

Trade, carbon flows, and the evolution of carbon intensity

David R. DeRemer

Agreements and disputes over non-tariff measures

Marina Murat

Education ties and investments abroad: empirical evidence from the US and UK

Yingting Yi

The WTO trade effect and political uncertainty: evidence from Chinese exports


Octavio Escobar, Rafael Cezar

FDI and institutional distance

Mark Melatos, Elie Appelbaum

Camouflaged trade agreements

Davide Suverato

Export and the labor market: a dynamic model with on-the-job search

Tobias Brändle

What drives offshoring potential in Germany? Evidence from linked-employer-employee data

Suparna Karmakar

Political economy of Indian trade negotiations: economic significance of FTAs

Olga Pindyuk, Neil Foster-McGregor

Do migrants foster services trade?

Carmen Diaz-Mora, David Corcoles, Rosario Gandoy

Product sophistication: a tie that binds partners in international production sharing


Artur Klimek

Institutions and outward foreign direct investment

Tibor Besedes, Voker Nitsch

Trade integration and the fragility of trade relationships

Bruno Merlevede, Bernhard Michel

Offshoring and firm-level employment: evidence for Belgian manufacturing firms

Joseph F. Francois, Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, Ana-Maria Vasilache-Freudenthaler

Melting ice caps and the economic impact of the Northern Sea shipping lanes

Marie-Agnčs Jouanjean

Is fresh fruits and vegetables market access for sale in the US? The ins and outs of US FF&V market access regulation

Steffen Sirries, Mario Larch

International trade and migration: a quantitative framework

Esther Ann Břler, Beata Javorcik, Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

Globalization and gender wage gap


John P. Weche Gelübcke

Foreign and domestic takeovers in Germany: comparative evidence on post-acquisition target performance

Frank Stähler, Martin Richardson

International trade in the presence of green consumers

Roger Bandick

Offshoring, productivity and export performance

Honorata Nyga Lukaszewska

“Don't put all eggs into one basket” strategy in international trade in energy: security of energy supply in international trade

Christian Soegaard

An oligopolistic theory of regional trade agreements

Loriane Py, Lionel Fontagné

The determinants of foreign direct investment by Chinese enterprises in the European Union

Kiyoyasu Tanaka

Firm heterogeneity and FDI in distribution services


Na Yang

Reverse technology spillover effect and investment strategies of Chinese OFDI: the role of ownership structure

Evmorfia Makantasi, Konstantine Gatsios

Harmony and disagreement in customs unions: the role of demand

Pär Hansson, Kent Eliasson

Are workers more vulnerable in tradable industries?

Nikos Tsakiris, Panos Hatzipanayotou, Michael S. Michael.

Which emissions control policies under regional capital mobility and public abatement?

Alberto Osnago, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta

Deep agreements and the internationalization of production

Peter Eppinger, Marcel Smolka

Global sourcing under credit constraints

Ayça Tekin-Koru, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Andreas Waldkirch

Multinational Firms and Plant Divestiture












Anna Maria Falzoni, Kinzica Laura Soldano

Migration and inequality: evidence from Eastern European countries

Olga Timoshenko

Product switching in a model of learning

Tanja Engelbert, Martina Brockmeier, Joseph Francois

The role of agriculture in the EU-US Free Trade Agreement: empirical evidence based on a joint econometric-CGE modeling approach

Shon Ferguson, Rikard Forslid

Do embassies promote exports?

Giovanni Anania

Agricultural export restrictions and the WTO: what are the options?

Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall, Fredrik Heyman

The dynamics of offshoring and institutions

Jan Hogrefe, Jens Wrona

Trade, tasks, and training: the effect of offshoring on individual skill upgrading


Benjamin Elsner, Costanza Biavaschi

Is migrant self-selection really important?

Antonio Navas, Francesco Serti, Chiara Tomasi

Intermediate inputs and the export gravity equation

Matthijs De Zwaan, Bruno Merlevede

Regional policy and firm productivity

Mark Sanctuary, Shon Ferguson

How does the price of electricity affect imports? A study of Swedish manufacturing firms

Ron Davies, Matthew T. Cole

Foreign bidders going once, going twice…: government procurement auctions with tariffs

Natalie Chen, Luciana Juvenal

Quality and exchange rate pass-through: firm-level evidence for Argentinean wine

Laura Hering, Sandra Poncet

Environmental policy and exports: evidence from Chinese cities


Michal Andrzej Szwabe, Bozena Leven

Reasons for Polish migration to the United States and the United Kingdom after 1990: implications for the immigration policy

Silja Baller

Product quality and market size

Ferda Halicioglu, Kasim Eren

Testing twin deficits and saving-investment nexus in Turkey

Anders Laugesen, Peter A. Bache

Monotone comparative statics under monopolistic competition

Christian Viegelahn, Hylke Vandenbussche

Trade protection and input switching: firm-level evidence from Indian importers

Jerome Hericourt, Clément Nedoncelle

Macroeconomic volatility and trade: empirical evidence from French firm-level data

Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann, Inma Martínez-Zarzoso, Stephan Klasen, Florian Johannsen

Does German development aid promote German exports and German employment?


Sergey Kichko, Evgeny Zhelobodko

Core-periphery model: does perfect competition matter?

Jonathan Timmis

Internet adoption and the use of intermediaries in international trade

Qi Zhang

The Balassa-Samuelson relationship: a micro-analysis

Fabienne Rasel

Offshoring and ICT: evidence for German manufacturing and service firms

Roman Stöllinger, Roman Stöllinger, Mario Holzner

State aid and export competitiveness in the European Union

Banu Demir, Tomasz Kamil Michalski, Evren Ors

Changes in capital requirements for commercial letters of credit and international trade: evidence from Basel II implementation

Margherita Scoppola, Valentina Raimondi, Alessandro Olper

Margins of trade and preferences: the impact of EU trade preferences on intensive and extensive product margins 


Holger Görg, Sourafel Girma, Yundan Gong, Sandra Lancheros

Treatment effects evaluation with externalities: estimating the direct and indirect causal effects of FDI

Marius Brülhart, Arnaud Joye

Intra-industry trade expansion and worker flows

Julia Wörz, Konstantins Benkovskis

What drives the market share changes? Price versus non-price factors

Tomohiro Ara

Institutions as a source of comparative advantage

Pierre-Louis Vézina, Lorenzo Rotunno

Inbond diversion

Natalya Volchkova, Natalia Kapelko

Export costs of visa restrictions: evidence from Russia

Johannes Boehm

Contract enforcement costs, productivity, and industry structure across countries












Karolien Lenaerts, Bruno Merlevede

Firm heterogeneity and spillovers from FDI

Michele Imbruno

Firm efficiency and input market integration: trade versus FDI

Verena Nowak

Organizational decisions in multi-stage production processes

Loe Franssen

The effect of offshoring on inequality in developing countries

Roberto Bonfatti, Kevin O'Rourke

Import dependence and war

Letizia Montinari, Stefano Schiavo, Massimo Riccaboni

Innovation and the size of exporting firms

Kwok Tong Soo

Intra-industry trade: a Krugman-Ricardo model and data


Wenjie Chen, Dazhong Cheng

State ownership and outward foreign direct investment: the case of Chinese SOEs' overseas expansion

Lisandra Flach, Eckhard Janeba

Income inequality and export prices across countries

Cecília Hornok, László Halpern, Miklós Koren, Adam Szeidl

Technology transfer through capital imports: firm-level evidence

Sanjay Jain, Sumon Majumdar, Sharun Mukand

Workers without borders? Culture and the political economy of temporary versus permanent immigration

Yan Ma, Eric W. Bond

Learning by doing and fragmentation

Merima Balavac

Output volatility and trade openness revisited: the role of export diversification and institutions

Jean-Marc Siroen

Core labour standards, bilateral relations and international trade


Peter Neary, Monika Mrázová

Demand curvature, comparative statics, and welfare

Tamara De La Mata

Does trade creation by social and business networks hold in services?

Eugenia Shevtsova

International trade and productivity: does destination matter?

Martin Gassebner, Peter Egger

International terrorism as a trade impediment?

Robert Frank Owen, Partha Gangopadhyay

Irreversibility, news and the dynamics of international technological competition

Sinead Kelleher, Kate Hynes

An investigation into the impact of public infrastructure on export decisions: a firm level analysis

Marcel Smolka

Does immigration attract foreign capital? Evidence from Spain


Kate Hynes

Competing for foreign direct investment: taxes and investments in public infrastructure

Allan Sřrensen, Ingo Geishecker, Philipp J. H. Schröder

Unsolicited exports: some theory and stylized facts

Toshiyuki Matsuura, Kazunobu Hayakawa

Heterogeneous impact of trade liberalization on vertical FDI: evidence from Japanese firm-level data

Glenn Magerman, Karolien De Bruyne, Jan Van Hove

Multilateral gravity: a network approach

Marina-Eliza Spaliara, Holger Görg

Financial pressure and exit from the export market

Gabriel Smagghue, Paul Piveteau

Competition on export markets and quality upgrading: evidence from French firms

Kazutaka Takechi, Kazuko Kano, Takechi Kano

The price of distance: producer heterogeneity, pricing to market, and geographic barriers


Céline Azemar, Rodolphe Desbordes, Ian Wooton

Testing tax competition

Yushi Yoshida, Kyoko Hirose

Intra-national regional heterogeneity in international trade: simultaneous estimation of exports and production of home regions

Victoria Purice, Bruno Merlevede

Does it take time to travel distance? Geography, entry timing and knowledge spillovers

Patryk Emanuel Toporowski

The steps of Visegrad countries towards better integration within the EU: a case of intra-industry trade

Fariha Kamal, Asha Sundaram

Buyer-seller relationships in international trade: do your neighbors matter?

Andres Zahler, Leonardo Iacovone, Aaditya Mattoo

Trade and innovation in services:  evidence from a developing economy

Agelos Delis

Factor content of trade and intermediate inputs




Bus leaves University House for ICC, Birmingham city centre


PLENARY SESSION 2, ICC                                                                                                                                     Chair: Robert Elliott

Roundtable on FDI site selection

with Drinks Reception


Saturday, 14 September 2013










Inga Heiland, Erdal Yalcin

Export market risk and the role public credit insurance

Jan Guldager Jorgensen, Philipp J. H. Schröder

Unilateral standards vs mutual recognition: some pitfalls for the harmonization of product standards under imperfect competition

Amélie Guillin

Fragmentation and export performances: the case of French firms

Zuzanna Studnicka, Filip Abraham, Jan Van Hove

The duration of exports: evidence from Belgian firms

Liviu Stirbat, Richard Record, Konesawang Nghardsaysone

The experience of survival: determinants of export survival in Lao PDR

Mélise Jaud, Florian Le Bris, Anne-Célia Disdier

Linking firms’ intermediate input imports and export performances


Clément Nedoncelle

Regional integration, trade costs and current accounts

Helene Ehrhart, Antoine Berthou

Colonial trade spillovers

Lucia Pérez-Villar, A. Seric

Multinationals in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role of institutional distance

Raymond Riezman, Shin-Kun Peng, Ping Wang

Intermediate goods trade, technology choice and productivity

Adina Ardelean, Volodymyr Lugovskyy

Trade liberalization and quality upgrading: evidence from the US consumer expenditure data

Andrea Éltető, Patryk Toporowski

Effects of the international crisis: development of four Central European countries’ trade with Asia


Jan Van Hove, Makram El-Shagi

Capital controls and international trade

Greg Wright, Holger Breinlich, Anson Soderbery

From selling goods to selling expertise: investigating a new channel of firm response to import competition

Stijn Vanormelingen, Carmine Ornaghi, Ilke Van Beveren

Offshoring and labor demand: evidence from Belgian firm level data

Benedikt Rydzek

Trade effects of income inequality within and between countries

Antoine Vatan, Vincent Boitier

Why do homogeneous firms export differently? A density externality approach of trade

Ayumu Tanaka

Geographic concentration of foreign visitors in Japan

Andrea Ciani, Francesca Bartoli

Export, quality and credit constraints: a firm level study


James R. Markusen

Per-capita income as a determinant of international trade and environmental policies

Philipp J. H. Schröder, Sanne Hiller, Allan Sřrensen

Export market exit and firm survival: theory and first evidence

Zouheir El-Sahli, Richard Upward

The long-run labour market effects of technological change: what happened to the labour markets when ports containerised?

Thomas Sampson

Dynamic selection and the new gains from trade with heterogeneous firms

Albert De Vaal, Eefje De Gelder, Paul Driessen

Competition in fairness and the consequences of mainstreaming Fairtrade

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Olivier Cadot, Mélise Jaud, Madina Kukenova

Export pattern in developing countries: hits and diversification

Dario Fauceglia

Financing constraints and foreign technology upgrading: firm-level evidence from low- and middle income countries












Yu Ri Kim

The effect of Aid for Trade on export diversification of the recipient countries

Ourania Karakosta

The effects of tax competition on environmental product quality and welfare in vertically differentiated market

Antonella Nocco, Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Matteo Salto

Monopolistic competition and optimum product selection: why and how heterogeneity matters

Marion Jansen, Matteo Fiorini, Viktor Kummritz, Weisi Xie

Trade and the extent of structural change

Matthew T. Cole, Benjamin Zissimos

Trade agreements with heterogeneous firms

Janez Kren, Jan Van Hove

Dynamics in European trade patterns after the crisis

Başak Dalgıç, Burcu Fazlıoğlu, Michael Gasiorek

Firm heterogeneity and international trade: evidence from Turkey


Laura Birg

Cross-border shopping, and tax competition

Fabio Antoniou, Efthymia Kyriakopoulou

Tradable permits and ecological dumping in the presence of multiple pollutants

Gábor Békés, Balazs Muraközy, Vincent Vicard, Lionel Fontagné

How frequently firms export: the role of uncertainty

Hany Abdel-Latif

Financial shocks transmission to unemployment in developing countries: a GVAR analysis

Carsten Eckel, Raymond Riezman

CATs and DOGs

Péter Harasztosi

Machine import spillovers

Aycil Yucer

Brazilian states’ domestic-foreign export capacities and market orientations in the 1990s


Martin Olivera, Ángela Triguero Cano

The influence of learning by exporting and knowledge accumulation in productivity dynamics: evidence in a panel of Spanish firms

Andres Artal-Tur, Francisco Requena-Silvente, Vicente Pallardo-Lopez

Examining the impact of visa restrictions on international tourist flows using panel data

Igor Bykadorov, Sergey Kokovin, Evgeny Zhelobodko

Investments in R&D under monopolistic competition: large-market advantage in trade

Michael Irlacher, Carsten Eckel

Multi-product firms, endogenous sunk costs and gains from trade through intra-firm adjustments

Banri Ito, Zhaoyuan Xu, Naomitsu Yashiro

Does agglomeration promote the internationalization of Chinese firms?

Pavel Chakraborty

Judicial quality and regional firm performance: the case of Indian states

Calin-Vlad Demian

Trade, the skill premium and global inequality


Michael Osterwald-Lenum

Transitory profits during offshoring

Abhirup Sarkar, Debasmita Basu

FDI in retail: a theoretical analysis

Cheng-Hau Peng, Hong Hwang, Sugata Marjit

Trade liberalization, technology transfer and endogenous R&D

Pertti Haaparanta

Welfare impacts of bilaterally balanced trade

Ranita Seecharan

An assessment of CARICOM’s extra-regional intra-industry trade (IIT): a panel data approach

Jan Jakub Michalek, Armando Rungi, Jan Hagemejer, Jan J. Michalek

Transportation services in Poland and other EU countries after market liberalization: a firm-level analysis

Paulo Santos Monteiro, Luciana Juvenal

Export market diversification and productivity improvements: theory and evidence from Argentinean firms


Tony Venables, James Markusen

Connecting cities: task specialization, sectoral specialization and the gains from trade

Nune Hovhannisyan

Technology sourcing through international business travel

Roberta Piermartini, Stela Rubínová

International production networks and the geography of knowledge spillovers

Vincent Vicard

Export: risky business

Julie Regolo

Export discoveries and regionalization of trade

Sophie Soete, Jan Van Hove

The trade effects of Europe’s economic integration agreements

David Collie

Gains from variety? Product differentiation and the possibility of losses from trade under oligopoly with free entry




WTO World Trade Report, Room TBC                                                                                                                   Chair: Joseph Francois

Marion Jansen










Michael Koch

Trade and the firm-internal assignment of skills to tasks

Michael S. Michael, Slobodan Djajic

Controlling illegal immigration: on the scope for cooperation with a transit country

Eddy Bekkers

Estimating trade elasticities and asymmetric trade costs under firm heterogeneity

Kristy Buzard

Self-enforcing trade agreements, dispute settlement and separation of powers


Gregor Hesse

The impact of a firm's share of exports on revenue, wages, and measure of workers hired: theory and evidence

 Neil Foster-McGregor

The impact of migration on foreign direct investment inflows and outflows

Ron Jones

On the value of small-scale GE models

Yontem Sonmez, Scott Mcdonald

Economic effects of Croatia’s EU accession

Xufei Zhang, Ben Li, Zhihong Yu

Offshoring prices, relationship specificity, and exchange rate


Alexander Sidorov

Trade and endogenous size limits of polycentric cities

Andżelika Kuźnar, Paweł Folfas

International trade in intellectual property-intensive goods

Zheng Wang, Markus Eberhardt, Zhihong Yu

Intra-national protectionism in China: evidence from the public disclosure of “illegal” drug advertising

Enrico Vanino, Liza Jabbour

The role of innovation on trade margins: evidence from French firms

Shepotylo Oleksandr, Volodymyr Vakhitov

Productivity increase after trade and services liberalization: selection or within firm effect?



Cristina Isabel Ibarra-Armenta

Determinants of private investment and the effect of competition between Mexican cities

John Morrow, Wenya Cheng, Kitjawat Tacharoen

Productivity as if space mattered: an application to factor markets across China

Noelia Camara

Common trends in trade: the impact of vertical specialization

Mathilde Lebrand, Matteo Fiorini, Alberto Osnago

A trade theory with institutions and heterogeneous firms

Samuel Standaert, Glenn Rayp

Measuring actual economic integration





PLENARY SESSION 3, Room G12 University House                                                                                                  Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Catia Montagna

Negative shocks, job creation and selection


Notes:    Name of paper presenter appears first.

             In parallel sessions, the last presenter will take the chair.

             Times of presentations are subject to change up until the conference itself. Check the time of your presentation on arrival at the conference.

This version: 11 September 2013.