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ETSG 2011 Copenhagen

Thirteenth Annual Conference

8-10 September 2011

Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen


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Thursday, 8 September 2011


REGISTRATION, Centertorvet


Welcome, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium

Pascalis Raimondos-Mřller


PLENARY SESSION 1, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                                                   Chair: Ian Wooton

Laura Hering, Tomohiko Inui, Loriane Py

Overseas R&D and performance abroad: evidence from Japanese multinationals


Conference briefing, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium

Ian Wooton












Jřrgen Ulff-Mřller Nielsen, Jřrgen Drud Hansen

The puzzle of simultaneous anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures

Ian Wooton, Julia Darby, Rodolphe Desbordes

Institutional quality and FDI to the South: an analytical approach

Teresa Fort

Breaking up is hard to do: how firms fragment production across locations

Dennis Novy, Cletus C. Coughlin

Domestic and international border effects: state size matters

Mohammad Mafizur Rahman

Trade liberalization and gender gap: Bangladesh experience

Francesco Aiello

Exports from EAC countries to EU in the 2000s: what do data highlight?

Andreas Lendle, Theresa Carpenter

How preferential is world trade?


Cheng-Hau Peng, Hong Hwang

Antidumping, price undertaking and technology transfer

Joăo Amador

Energy content in manufacturing exports: a cross-country analysis

Shigemi Yabuuchi

Outsourcing, income distribution, and unemployment

Daniel A. Dias

The border effect through the rearview mirror: would the puzzle have existed if today’s tools had been used?

Barbara Dluhosch, Daniel Horgos

(When) does tit-for-tat diplomacy in trade policy pay off?

Wilhelm Kaspar Kohler, Marcel Smolka

Testing the model of global sourcing under holdup-problems

Chrysostomos Tabakis, Iacovos Avraamides, Costas Hadjiyiannis

Conflict, trade and regionalism


Laura Rovegno

The impact of export restrictions on targeted firms: evidence from antidumping against South Korea

Beata Udvari

The role of the Aid for Trade in the European Union’s development policy

Jie Ma, Yang Yue

Market size, cannibalization and policy competition for a multiproduct multinational firm

Cosmina Liana Dorobantu, Bo Cowgill

Putting trade online: do our theories apply to internet transactions?

Benjamin Jung, Gabriel Felbermayr, Mario Larch

Optimal tariffs, retaliation and the welfare loss from tariff wars in the Melitz model

Raymond Riezman, Spiros Bougheas

Market entry costs, underemployment and international trade

Taiji Furusawa, Hiroshi Daisaka

Dynamic free trade networks: some numerical results


Maurizio Zanardi, Chrysostomos Tabakis

Antidumping echoing

Elenor Lissel

Safeguard measures and developing countries

Peter H. Egger, Georg Wamser

The impact of CFC legislation on multinational firms: a two-dimensional regression discontinuity approach

Holger Breinlich, Alejandro Cuńat

A many-country model of industrialization

Mario Larch, Wolfgang Lechthaler

Whom to send to Doha? The shortsighted ones!

Davide Castellani, David Aristei, Chiara Franco

Firms’ exporting and importing activities: is there a two-way relationship?

Tomasz Brodzicki

Structural adjustments in trade relations of the Visegrad group countries


Banu Demir

Trading tasks and quality

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Claire Lacan, Anne-Celia Disdier, Jérémie Gignoux, Marta Menendez

Food dependence to imports in time of crisis: Indonesia in the 2000s

Natasha Agarwal, Chris Milner

FDI spillovers in China

Antonella Nocco, Christian Ghiglino

When Veblen meets Krugman

John Philipp Weche Gelübcke

Foreign ownership and firm performance in the German services sector: first evidence based on official statistics

Florian W. Bartholomae

Trade and consumer heterogeneity

Rod Falvey, Neil Foster

On the trade effects of preferential trading arrangements




PLENARY SESSION 2, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                                                   Chair: Pascalis Raimondos-Mřller

Nuno Limăo, Kyle Handley

Trade and investment under policy uncertainty: theory and firm evidence

Friday, 9 September 2011










Ilke Van Beveren, Andrew B. Bernard, Emily J. Blanchard, Hylke Vandenbussche

Carry-along trade

Christoph Vietze, Andreas Freytag

Can nature sustainable tourism promote development?

Artur Klimek

Emerging multinational corporations: theoretical approach

Arne Melchior

Globalisation, domestic market integration, and the regional disparities of India

Stefanie Krause, Barbara Dluhosch

Diversity and the disinterest in trade liberalization: on the prospects of self-enforcing cooperation

Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois, Miriam Manchin

Import prices, income, and inequality

Eric Strobl, Andreas Heinen, Preeya Mohan

Using portfolio theory to study export diversification and price uncertainty: a case study of colonies in the West Indies


Achim Schmillen

The exporter wage premium reconsidered: destinations, distances and linked employer-employee data

Fabrizio Onida

Why aid is not dead: how to improve its effectiveness

Alexandre Gazaniol

Do exports lead to relocations?

Robert Elliott, Ying Zhou

Globalisation and wages in China: a spatial econometric approach

David R. Collie, Helmuts Azacis

Maximum-revenue versus optimum-welfare tariffs: a delegation game with many countries

Martin Davies

Offshoring and North-South trade with non-homothetic preferences

Andrea M. Leiter, Stefan Borsky, Michael Pfaffermayr

Does going green pay off? Analyzing the effect of environmental agreements on tropical timber trade


Armando Nogueira Silva

Financial constraints and exports: evidence from Portuguese manufacturing firms

Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Sebastian Vollmer

Bilateral trade flows, inequality and income-distribution similarity

Ari Van Assche, Alyson C. Ma

The role of trade costs in global production networks: evidence from China’s processing trade regime

Sajal Lahiri, Malokele Nanivazo

Encouraging trade liberalization: theoretical and empirical analysis of foreign aid as prize

Ronald W. Jones

General equilibrium theory and competitive trade theory

Sohaib Shahid

Does depth of regional trade agreements matter in promoting trade?


Susanna Thede, Joakim Gullstrand, Karin Olofsdotter

Offshoring, exporting and FDI: explaining the firm choice of international linkages

Torfinn Harding, Radoslaw Stefanski

Resources and relative prices: a new puzzle?

Jota Ishikawa, Arghya Ghosh

IPR protection and absorptive capacity in North-South trade

Florian Johannsen, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

Exchange rate volatility and trade: evidence for monthly trade data

Martine Rutten, Lindsay Chant, Gerdien Meijerink

Sit down at the ball game: how trade barriers make the world less food secure

Horst Raff, Nicolas Schmitt

Manufacturers and retailers in the global economy

Emili Tortosa-Ausina, Iván Arribas, Francisco Pérez

Trade integration in the European Union: relative contributions of openness and interconnectedness


Italo Colantone, Rosario Crino'

New imported inputs, new domestic products

Mariana Vijil

Developing countries integration in international trade: measurements and determinants

Paola Conconi, André Sapir, Maurizio Zanardi

The internationalization process of firms: from exports to FDI

Patricia Hofmann, María García-Vega, Richard Kneller

Two-way international technology transfer: within MNE evidence

Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr

Towards a theory of trade finance

Angela Cheptea

Who gains and who loses from China’s growing exports?












Keiko Ito

Sources of learning-by-exporting effects: does exporting promote innovation?

Christoph Skupnik, Jan König

Labor market effects of low-skilled migration into two-tier welfare systems

Lucia Tajoli, Anna Maria Falzoni

International fragmentation of production and trade volatility: an analysis for the European countries

Ana Margarida Fernandes, Gunjan Sharma

Together we stand? Agglomeration in Indian manufacturing

Anirudh Shingal

Foreign market access in government procurement

Aranzazu Crespo Rodriguez

Within-firm productivity gains from trade? Not always

Stanisław Umiński, Piotr Ciżkowicz, Andrzej Rzońca

The determinants of regional exports in Poland: panel data analysis


Julia Wörz, Martin Feldkircher, Reiner Martin

Competition and inflation in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: a sectoral analysis

Tim Worrall, Pierre M. Picard

Sustainable migration policies

Liza Jabbour, Holger Görg

The availability of business services and foreign direct investment by French firms

Marius Brülhart, Céline Carrčre, Frédéric Robert-Nicoud

Heterogeneous regional effects of trade liberalisation

Aycil Yucer, Jean-Marc Siroën

The impact of MERCOSUR on Brazilian states’ trade

Kwok Tong Soo

The gains from specialisation and comparative advantage

Veronika Movchan, Volodymyr Shportyuk

Between two unions: optimal regional integration strategy for Ukraine


Pierre M. Picard, Okubo Toshi

Firms location under demand heterogeneity

Keith Head, John Ries, Ran Jing

Import sourcing of Chinese cities: order versus randomness

Sergey Nigai, Peter Egger

Energy demand and trade in general equilibrium

Karolien De Bruyne, Karen Crabbé, Bruno Merlevede

Location determinants for different entry modes in Europe

Armando Rungi, Carlo Altomonte, Filippo Di Mauro, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Vincent Vicard

Global value chains during the Great Trade Collapse

Dimitra Petropoulou, Kwok Tong Soo

Product durability and trade volatility

Fabien Rondeau, Jean-Christophe Poutineau, Jean-Sébastien Pentecote

Trade, extensive margin of trade and business cycle synchronization in the case of EMU


Han-Hsin Chang, Charles Van Marrewijk

Firm heterogeneity and development: evidence from Latin American countries

Anthony Edo

Labor market imperfections and immigration: empirical evidence from French census data

Eugene Bempong Nyantakyi, Shuichiro Nishioka

Product-level investigation in south countries’ access to north countries’ markets

Astrid Krenz

A panel cointegration analysis of industrial agglomeration in the European Union

Pamela Bombarda, Maria Bas

Unilateral trade reform, market access and foreign competition: the patterns of multi-product exporters

Akihiko Yanase, Makoto Tawada

Public input, accumulation, and two-country trade

Laura Marquez-Ramos, Luis Marcelo, Florensa Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, María Luisa Recalde

Trade in intermediate goods and regional production networks: an application for Latin America


Christian Volpe Martincus

Domestic transport costs and exports: firm-level evidence from a developing country

Marcel Smolka, Nina Heuer

Network effects in the Spanish immigration boom

Michela Limardi, Gani Aldashev, Thierry Verdier

Global watchdogs: NGO monitoring in an industry equilibrium

Hélčne Latzer, Florian Mayneris

Trade in quality an income distribution: an analysis of the EU enlarged market

Simon Evenett, Johannes Fritz, Darya Gerasmineko, Malwina Nowakowska, Martin Wermelinger

The resort to protectionism during the Great Recession: what factors mattered?

Eike Berner, Laura Birg

When income matters: asymmetric impacts of the ATC phase-out on consumer prices

Jasmin K. Gröschl, Gabriel Felbermayr

Is there a Confederation effect? The long-term repercussion of history on trade between the Union and the Confederacy




CHAIR JACQUEMIN AND LICOS PRIZE 2011, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                     Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

Hylke Vandenbussche

Presentation of prize for best paper on “Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Policy”










Martina Lawless

Marginal distance: does export experience reduce firm trade costs?

Laura Casi

Exposure to foreign cultural goods and people’s attitudes towards migration

Angels Pelegrín, Catalina Bolance

Offshoring and company characteristics: ‘the best’ firms decide to move offshore

Jan Schmitz, Johannes Schwarze

Does reputation affect the election of non-permanent members to the United Nations Security Council? An empirical analysis

Wolfgang Lechthaler, Mario Larch

Is there a short-run case for protectionism? Trade policy and the business cycle

James Cassing, Shuichiro Nishioka

More on missing trade

Gianluca Orefice, Cosimo Beverelli, Nadia Rocha

Offshoring and Migration in a Word with policy Spillovers


Philipp J. H. Schröder, Allan Sřrensen

A welfare ranking of multilateral reductions in real and tariff trade barriers when firms are heterogeneous

Jens Wrona, Udo Kreickemeier

Two-way migration between similar countries

Robert Owen, Eric Girardin

Global trade imbalances, structural change and China: what scope for fundamental adjustment?

Christophe Charlier

Distrust and barriers to international trade of food products: an analysis of the United States

Selwyn Jurre Vincent Moons, Peter A. G. Van Bergeijk

Economic diplomacy works: a meta analysis

Armando Jose Garcia Pires

Home market effects with endogenous costs of production

Xiaoyu Tián, Robert J. R. Elliott

“Trade and time”: quantifying the bias in firm level export growth


Kozo Kiyota, Flora Bellone, Toshiyuki Matsuura, Patrick Musso, Lionel Nesta

Firm export heterogeneity and international productivity gap: evidence from France and Japan

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Magnus Lodefalk

Does migration increase foreign trade? Firm-level evidence

Sigurd Birkeland, Ragnhild Balsvik

Offshoring and wages: evidence from Norway

Jerzy Michalek, Alison Burrell, Emanuele Ferrari, Aida Gonzalez Mellado

Doha Development Agenda in the European Union: impacts on the agricultural sector

Tadashi Ito, Toshihiro Okubo

New aspects of intra-industry trade: evidence from EU-15 countries

Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo, Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

International trade, CO2 emissions and heterogeneous firms


Frederic Warzynski, Valerie Smeets

Estimating productivity with multi-product firms, pricing heterogeneity and the role of international trade

Michael S. Michael, Slobodan Djajic

Migration of skilled workers: policy interaction between source and host countries

Sebastian Krautheim, Thierry Verdier

Towards a model of international NGO activity

Honorata Nyga- Łukaszewska, Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska, Paweł Folfas

International trade in steel and cement industry: gravity model, carbon leakage and border tax adjustments

Sabrina Dorn, Peter H. Egger

Estimating the distribution of exchange rate regime treatment effects on international trade

Konstantins Benkovskis, Julia Wörz

Exact import price indices: quality does matter

Per Botolf Maurseth, Roger Svensson

International patenting


Jan Van Hove, Filip Abraham

The export performance of multi-product firms facing Asian competition in foreign markets

Sanne Hiller

Immigration and the product margins of international trade

Joel Stiebale

Cross-border M&As and innovative assets

Csilla Lakatos, Terrie Walmsley

Dispute settlement at the WTO: impacts of a no deal in the US-Brazil cotton dispute

Stefanie Haller, Doireann Fitzgerald

Exporters and exchange rates

Estrella Gómez

The best method to estimate a standard gravity

Zhihao Yu, Huanlang He

Multi-product firms and the Patterns of global production












Iulia Siedschlag, Donal Smith, Neill Killeen

The effects of the internationalisation of services on Innovation

Maria Domenica Tito

Skill intensity, exports and technical change: evidence from firm-level shocks to expectations

Ignat Stepanok

Cross-border mergers and greenfield foreign direct investment

Timothée Picarello, Derk Bienen, Dan Ciuriak

Motives for using trade defence instruments in the European Union

Lars Nilsson

The European Commission’s proposal for the next EU Generalised System of Preferences

Onur A. Koska, Frank Stähler

Trade and imperfect competition in general equilibrium

Sébastien Pommier, Fabien Rondeau

TFP interdependencies and European integration


Harold Creusen, Arjan Lejour

Uncertainty and the export behaviour of Dutch firms

Andreas Hauptmann, Danny McGowan, Hans-Jörg Schmerer

Globalization and mismatch: does trade affect the sorting between firms and workers?

Matthias Fahn, Peter Egger, Valeria Merlo, Georg Wamser

Learning and the genesis of multinational networks

Andrea Ariu, Giordano Mion

The margins of trade: services versus goods

Maria Cipollina, Luca Salvatici, David Laborde

Using tariff indices to evaluate preferential trading arrangements: an application to EU and US

Albert De Vaal, Maarten Breimer

The effects of Fair Trade when productivity differences matter

Aleksandra Parteka

The role of trade in intra-industry productivity growth: the case of old and new European union countries (1995-2007)


Glenn Rayp, Michel Dumont, Bruno Merlevede, Christophe Piette

The productivity and export spillovers of the internationalisation behaviour of Belgian firms

Anna Maria Falzoni, Mara Grasseni

The recent dynamics of exports: Italy versus Germany

Cem Tintin

Do institutions matter for FDI? Evidence from Central Eastern European countries

Bianka Dettmer

International service transactions: Is time a trade barrier in a connected world?

Matthew T. Cole, Bruce Blonigen

Optimal tariffs with FDI: the evidence

Mathieu Parenti, Evgeny Zhelobodko, Sergey Kokovin, Jacques Thisse

Beyond the CES: monopolistic competition in general equilibrium


Michele Imbruno

Trade liberalization, intermediate inputs and firm competitiveness: direct versus indirect modes of import

Daniel Etzel, Hartmut Egger

Wage bargaining systems and international trade

Nathapornpan Piyaareekul Uttama

The welfare effects of foreign direct investment liberalisation in heterogeneous firms: evidence from ASEAN countries

Elisabeth Christen, Joseph Francois

Time zones matter: the impact of distance and timezones on services trade

Jan Michałek, Andrzej Cieślik, Anna Michałek

Export activity of Central European firms

Laura Birg

Pharmaceutical manufacturers’ responses to parallel trade in prescription drugs

Tero Kuusi

Growth and the composition of technological change in an open information economy


Eugenia Shevtsova

International trade and productivity: firm-level evidence from Ukraine

Luca De Benedictis, Massimiliano Bratti, Gianluca Santoni

On the pro-trade effects of immigrants

Tine Jeppesen

Export spillovers in Central and Eastern Europe

Daniel Mirza, Matthieu Crozet, Emmanuel Milet

The discriminatory effect of domestic regulations on international services trade: evidence from firm-level data

Giovanni Anania, Margherita Scoppola

Modeling trade policies under alternative market structures: assessing recent changes in the EU import regime for bananas

Linke Zhu, Huasheng Song

Comparative advantage and multi-product firms

Johannes Pöschl, Neil Foster, Robert Stehrer

The influence of institutional quality on the size of spillover effects between countries and industries




PLENARY SESSION 3, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                                                   Chair: Jakob R. Munch

David Hummels

Estimating the gains from liberalizing services trade: the case of passenger aviation


Reception: Tivoli Park


Saturday, 10 September 2011










Catia Montagna, Antonella Nocco

Trade costs, international competition, and competitive selection: the role of unionisation and inter-country asymmetries

Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, Semih Akcomak, Suzanne Kok

Offshoring tasks or jobs: evidence from the UK and the Netherlands

Götz Zeddies

Factor Content of intra-European trade flows

Paolo Giordani, Michele Ruta, Nadia Rocha

Food prices and the multiplier effect of export policy

Yuliya Shakurova, Irina Velea

An analysis of the container security initiative effect on the US trade

Christos Kotsogiannis, Michael Keen

Coordinating climate and trade policies: Pareto efficiency and the role of border tax adjustments

Bernhard Michel, François Rycx

Productivity gains and spillovers from offshoring


Fergal McCann, Farid Toubal

Multiple margins: goods trade, services trade and firm productivity

Carsten Eckel, Hartmut Egger

The dilemma of labor unions: local objectives versus global bargaining

Will Martin, Maros Ivanic, Aaditya Mattoo

Implications of the existing price-insulating policies on the volatility of global food prices, welfare and poverty

Gulcin Elif Yucel, Serkan Degirmenci

Does integration with EU customs union matter for intra-industry trade of Turkey?

Julie Regolo

Export diversification: how much the choice of the trading partner matter?

Thibault Fally

The fragmentation of production in the US


Xufei Zhang, Zhihong Yu

The impact of export entry on firm finance: evidence from Chinese firms under exchange rate shocks

Dennis Görlich

Complementary tasks and the limits to the division of labour

Paul Deng

How FDI induced domestic competition in China

David Laborde

A global assessment of the economic effects of export taxes

Florian Mölders

Trade persistence and the limits of trade agreements

Sabine Stephan, Till Van Treeck

Recent changes in the export pricing behaviour of the German manufacturing sector

Mauro Caselli

Credit constraints, inequality and the growth gains from trade


Peter Arendorf Bache

A dynamic model of trade with heterogeneous firms

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz

Mind the gender wage gap: the impact of trade and competition on sectoral wage differences in Europe

Jose Pedro Pontes, Armando J. Garcia Pires

The choice of transport technology in the presence of exports and FDI

Joseph Francois

Quantifying NTMs: the gravity of surveys

Zheng Wang, Daniel Bernhofen, Richard Upward

Exploring the effects of the end of the Multifibre Arrangement on the behaviour of Chinese textile firms in the US

Robert Stehrer, Neil Foster, Gaaitzen J. De Vries

Trade in value added: a comprehensive approach

Tibor Besedes, Byung-Cheol Kim, Volodymyr Lugovskyy

Export growth and credit constraint


Natalia Trofimenko, Gabriela Schmidt

Linkages between technology choice and exporting: evidence from Argentina

Hans-Jörg Schmerer, Gabriel Felbermayr, Andreas Hauptman

International trade and wage inequality: evidence from German employer-employee data

Amelie Guillin, Ronald B. Davies

How far away is an intangible? services FDI and distance

Christian Soegaard

The self-enforceability of free trade agreements in the presence of trade costs

Joakim Gullstrand, Maria Persson

The survival of Swedish food exports

Antonio Navas

Asymmetric trade liberalization, heterogeneous sectors and industry productivity growth












Carlo Altomonte, Marcella Nicolini, Laura Ogliari

International trade and the competitive behavior of heterogeneous firms

Michael Koch, Hartmut Egger

Labor unions and the scale and scope of multi-product firms

Estefania Santacreu Vasut, Kensuke Teshima

Expatriates as leaders of technology transfer and FDI: theory and evidence from Mexico

Volker Nitsch

Grounded! The impact of disrupted transport networks on international trade

Brad McDonald, Christian Henn

Protectionist responses to the crisis: damage observed in product-level trade

Alessia Via

Estimating price elasticities in international trade: is the empirical evidence beyond proof?

Emily Jean Blanchard, Xenia Matschke

US multinationals and preferential market access


Maria Bas, Antoine Berthou

Trade liberalization, financial reform and foreign technology upgrading: firm level evidence from India

Christian Holzner, Mario Larch

Capacity constraining labor market frictions in a global economy

Rosa Forte, Susana Assunçăo, Aurora A. C. Teixeira

Do countries’ endowments of non-renewable energy resources matter for FDI attraction? A cross country econometric analysis

Hylke Vandenbussche, Francesco di Comite, Jacques Thisse

Verti-zontal differentiation in monopolistic competition

Dan Ciuriak, Beverly Lapham, Robert Wolfe, Terry Collins-Williams, John M. Curtis

New new trade policy

Zuzanna Studnicka

The role of geography in explaining the intensive and extensive margin of trade

Benjamin C. Zissimos, Caleb Stroup

Pampered bureaucracy, political stability, and trade integration


Katja Zajc Kejžar, Nina Ponikvar

Foreign competition, firm heterogeneity, and the distinction between TFP and employment firm growth

Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati, Ronald B. Davies

A race to the bottom in labour standards? An empirical investigation

Katariina Nilsson Hakkala, Alessandro Sembenelli

Multinationals, competition and productivity spillovers through labor mobility

Maggie Chen

Trading networks and productivity growth: micro-level evidence from China

Alan Woodland, Kamal Saggi, Halis Murat Yildiz

On the relationship between preferential and multilateral trade liberalization: the case of customs unions

Maria Persson, Wolfgang Hess, Stephanie Rubenbauer

The varying effects of trade costs on the survival of trade flows

Tatyana Chesnokova

Lobby interaction and trade policy


Allan Sřrensen, Philipp J. H. Schröder

Are iceberg trade costs appropriate when firms are heterogeneous?

Jan Hogrefe, Yao Yao

Offshoring and labor income risk: evidence from German manufacturing

Karolien Lenaerts, Bruno Merlevede

Horizontal or backward? FDI spillovers and industry aggregation

Sebastian Benz, Mario Larch, Markus Zimmer

Outsourcing and knowledge spillovers

Roberto Bonfatti

Trade patterns and the history of Western imperialism and mercantilism, 1600-1970

Giovanni Facchini, Julian Emami Namini, Ricardo A. Lopez

Export growth and factor market competition: theory and evidence

Gerald Willmann, Peri Da Silva

Substitutability and trade protection in the US


Bohdan Kukharskyy

Trade, superstars, and welfare

Joel Hellier

Stages of globalization, inequality and unemployment

Holger Görg, Philipp Labonte

Surviving the crisis: foreign multinationals versus domestic firms

Jaewon Jung

Offshoring, Skill Distribution and Growth

Kenneth Baltzer

Standards versus labels with imperfect competition and asymmetric information

Silja Baller

Does product quality matter for gains from trade?

Pertti Haaparanta

Political accountability and international trade




WTO Presentation, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                                                     Chair: Joseph Francois

Michele Ruta

World Trade Report 2011; Announcement of winner of WTO Essay Award for Young Economists 2011












Peter Neary, Monika Mrázová

Selection effects with heterogeneous firms

Toshihiro Ichida

Individual comparative advantage and human capital investments under uncertainty

Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch, Alejandro Riano

The rise of the maquiladoras: labor market consequences of offshoring in developing countries

Jacques Potin, Nicolas Glady

Bank intermediation and default risk in international trade: theory and evidence

Başak Gümüştekin, Dilek Seymen

R&D-intensive goods trade and competitiveness of Turkey

Łukasz Ambroziak

The intra-industry trade of the Visegrad countries: the case of automotive industry

Daniel Horgos

Global sourcing: a family firm’s perspective


Gábor Békés, László Halpern, Balázs Muraközy, Miklós Koren

European firms and the Great Recession: internationalization, linkages and finance: evidence from seven European Countries

Frank Stähler, Ian P. King

A simple theory of trade and unemployment in general equilibrium

Steven Poelhekke

Home bank intermediation of foreign direct investment

Tomasz Michalski, Evren Ors

US banking integration and state-level exports

Pierre-Louis Vézina, Lorenzo Rotunno, Zheng Wang

Tracing illegal transhipment: evidence from Chinese textiles

Katrin Peters

Make it run: financial constraints and the “missing technology adoption”

Paola Cardamone, Margherita Scoppola

Trade costs and the pattern of foreign direct investment: evidence from five EU countries


Shon Ferguson, Rikard Forslid

The heterogeneous effects of trade facilitation: theory and evidence

Matthias Carl Helble

An imported apple a day: trade opening and the change in fruit and vegetable consumption

Bruno Merlevede

Does it take time to travel distance? Geography, time since foreign entry and FDI spillovers

Andreas Hoefele, Arijit Mukherjee

Trade liberalisation, unions and innovation

Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci

“New” gravity estimates for the “new” EU-MED partnership

Nuria Gómez, Guadalupe Arce, María Ángeles Tobarra, Jorge Zafrilla

China-Spain trade and CO2 emissions: ecological footprint of international global chains

Cecilia Hornok

Gravity or dummies? Identification issues in varying treatment gravity estimations


Giorgio Ricchiuti, Margherita Velucchi, Giorgia Giovannetti

Survive or die? Italian firms and a decade of tougher competition

Giulia Felice, Massimiliano Bratti

Buyer-supplier relationships, exporting and innovation

Claudia Busl

Financial constraints, multinational entrepreneurs and macroeconomic fluctuations

Shadrack Mwilaria

Trade liberalization and labor market rigidities

Anne-Celia Disdier, Lionel Fontagné,
Mondher Mimouni

Tariff liberalization and trade integration of emerging countries

María Ángeles Tobarra, Luis Antonio López Santiago, María Ángeles Cadarso, Nuria Gómez,

Tourism environmental responsibility: the ignored role of investment

Andrea Lassmann, Peter Egger

The causal impact of common language on international trade: evidence from a spatial regression discontinuity design












Magnus Lodefalk

The role of services for firms’ export performance

Svetlana Batrakova

Flip side of the pollution haven: do export destinations matter?

Tingting Hu, David R. Collie

FDI versus exporting under Cournot oligopoly

Florian Mayneris

Heterogeneous credit constraints, investment and performance growth of domestic and exporting firms

Martin Wermelinger

Do “green” subsidies make trade patterns “climate-friendly”?

John Feddersen

Carbon leakage with factor mobility

Alexandros Ragoussis, Sébastien Miroudot

State ownership and export performance


Dario Fauceglia

Credit constraints, firm exports and financial development: evidence from developing countries

Kenmei Tsubota, Satoru Kumagai, Ikumo Isono, Toshitaka Gokan, Kazunobu Hayakawa, Souknilanh Keola

Geographical simulation analysis for logistics enhancement in Asia

Karin Olofsdotter, Ĺsa Hansson

Labor taxes and FDI decisions in the European Union

Vanessa Strauss-Kahn, Céline Carrčre

Exports that last: does experience matter?

Ana P. Fernandes, Heiwai Tang

Learning to export and export processing spillovers

Daniel M. Bernhofen, John C. Brown, Tanimoto Masayuki

A resource augmentation characterization of the gains from trade

Olivier Lamotte

Disentengling the impact of conflicts and sanctions on international trade: evidence from former Yugoslavia


Henrik Barslund Fosse

Short term fluctuations in firm-level exports

Rahel Aichele, Gabriel Felbermayr

Estimating the effect of Kyoto on bilateral trade flows and the carbon content of trade using matching econometrics

Sarah Guillou, Stefano Schiavio

Exchange rate exposure under liquidity constraints

Nicolas Berman, Antoine Berthou, Jérôme Héricourt

Export dynamics and sales at home

Miriam Frey, Zoryana Olekseyuk-Viber

Effects of trade liberalization between the EU and Ukraine in a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model

Marine Dépigny, Daniel Mirza

International terrorism, travels to the US, and changes in the structure of the air transportation network

Zouheir El-Sahli, Daniel M. Bernhofen, Richard Kneller

How much has containerization contributed to the increase in international trade?


Anže Burger, Aljaž Kunčič

Successful new exporters

Laura Puzzello, Anca, D. Cristea, David, L. Hummels, Misak Avetisyan

Trade and the greenhouse gas emissions from international freight transport

Tobias Seidel

Foreign market entry under incomplete contracts

Switgard Feuerstein, Andreas Lindenblatt

Price convergence in Europe? Evidence from European retail food prices

Leticia Blázquez-Gómez, Belén González-Díaz

International automotive production networks: how the spider web is pulled together

Katsuzo Yamamoto

Tariff setting under incomplete information and lobbying as signals

Julia Spies, Jörn Kleinert

Transport costs in international trade


Vincent Rebeyrol, Nicolas Berman

Exporter dynamics and investment under uncertainty

Nikos Tsakiris, Panos Hatzipanayotou, Michael S. Michael

Strategic environmental policy under public good provision

Paweł Folfas

FDI between EU member states: gravity model and corporate taxes

Loriane Py, Thierry Mayer, Florian Mayneris

The impact of urban enterprise zones on firms’ location

Carmen Estrades, Antoine Bouet, David Laborde

Is MERCOSUR’s external agenda pro-poor? an assessment of the EU-MERCOSUR free trade agreement on poverty and income distribution

Patryk Emanuel Toporowski

Marginal intra-industry trade of Visegrad Group countries and the EU-15: does the global economic crisis impact the trade pattern?

Claudio Vicarelli, Piero Esposito

The performance of Italian exports during the crisis: quality matters




PLENARY SESSION 4, SPs01 BG Fond Auditorium                                                                                                   Chair: Ian Wooton

Winners of the WTO Essay Award for Young Economists 2011

Rafael Dix-Carneiro

Trade liberalization and labor market dynamics

Kyle Handley

Exporting under trade policy uncertainty


Notes:    Name of paper presenter appears first.

             In parallel sessions, the last presenter will take the chair.

             All sessions take place in the main building at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Solbjerg Plads, Frederiksberg.


Version: 13 September 2011