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Madrid, 11-13 September 2003


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Thursday, 11 September 2003





An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence from French Firms

Jonathan Eaton, Samuel Kortum, and Francis Kramarz




A1 Competition and Market Structure

A2 Regionalism

A3 FDI and Multinationals

A4 Empirics of Trade

A5 Trade Policy


Should Risk Averse Countries be Trade Averse?

Michel Blanchard and Frédéric Peltrault

A Gravity Study of the Sectoral Trade Impact of Labour Migration in an Enlarged EU

Helena Marques and Hugh Metcalf

Domestic Labour Markets and Foreign Direct Investment

Jan I Haaland and Ian Wooton

A Panel Data Analysis of Bangladesh’s Trade: The Gravity Model Approach

Mohammad Rahman

The Effects of Quota on Intra-Industry Trade

Stefan Lutz


Cartel Stability and Economic Integration

Philipp J. H. Schröder

Policy When Firm Location Matters: A Macroeconomic Model with Imperfect Competition and International Outsourcing

Hartmut Egger and Josef Falkinger

The Intangible Globalisation: Explaining the Patterns of International Trade and FDI in Services

Leo A. Grunfeld and Andreas Moxnes

FPE in Finland

Kangasharju Aki, Leena Kerkelä, and Pekkala Sari

Strategic Trade Policy on Oligopolistic Markets

Eliza Chilimoniuk


Cross-border Mergers as Instruments of Comparative Advantage

Peter Neary

Economic Integration, Similarity and Convergence in the EU and CEECS Trade Structures

Luca De Benedictis and Lucia Tajoli

FDI, Exports and GDP Growth of Turkey: Causality Analysis

Asli Alici and Meltem Ucal

Trade Intermediation in International Trade

Harald Trabold

Pareto Optimal Delegation in Customs Unions

Mark Melatos and Alan Woodland


Economic Reforms and Productivity of Domestic Firms and Industries

Franziska Ohnosrge and Nadia Soboleva

Multilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: An Analysis for Bangladesh under Economies of Scale

Markus Lips, Andrzej Tabeau, and Frank van Tongere


Fragmentation Of Production And Trade Patterns: An Empirical Assessment

Gianfranco De Simone






Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? In Search of Spillovers Through Backward Linkages

Beata Smarzynska


Friday, 12 September 2003


B1 Competition and Market Structure

B2 Regionalism

B3 FDI and Multinationals

B4 Empirics of Trade

B5 Trade Policy


Economic Integration and Rules of Origin under International Oligopoly

Jota Ishikawa, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi, and Hiroshi Mukunoki

Trade Potential in the Enlarged European Union: A Gravity Model Approach

Bogdan Gorokhovskij

Competing to Invest in the Foreign Market

Makoto Okamura and Laixun Zhao

Trade Liberalization Strategies: What Could South Eastern Europe Learn from CEFTA and BFTA?

Antonis Adam, Dora Kosma, and Jimmy McHugh

On the Welfare Effects of Trade and Investment

Peter Egger, Mario Larch, and Michael Pfaffermayr


Testing Market Power of “Made in Italy” Exporters in Transition Economies

Marco Cucculelli

The Possible Trade Effects of The Third Enlargement: The Case of Turkish Exports to EU

Cagacan Deger

Market Access and the Location of German FDI

Farid Toubal

Exports as a Promoter or an Indicator on Successful Swedish Manufacturing Firms in the 1990s

Pär Hansson and Nan Nan Lundin

Trade Agreements versus Currency Unions: What Causes What to Economies?

José Lopes and José Tavares


Why (No) Global Competition Policy is a Tough Choice

Abigail Tay and Gerald Willmann

The Rise and Fall of Regional Inequalities with Technological Differences and Knowledge Spillovers

Antonella Nocco

Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Development in Host Countries: Theory and Evidence

S. Barrios, Luisito Bertinelli, Holger Görg, and Eric Strobl

Foreign Outsourcing, Labour Demand and the Choice of Functional Form

Michel Dumont

‘Mix-and-Match’ and International Standardization Policy

Juan Ruiz



Feasible Multilateralism and the Effects of Regionalism

Emanuel Ornelas

Technology, MNEs Activity and Italian Skill-Upgrading

Mara Grasseni

Impact of Trade Reforms on the Trade Balance, Balance of Payments and Economic Growth: The Case of Mexico

Penelope Pacheco-Lopez

Strategic Tariff Protection, Market Conduct, and Government Commitment Levels in Developing Economies. A Symmetric versus Asymmetric Information Analysis

Delia Ionascu and Kresimir Zigic




C1 Competition and Market Structure

C2 Regionalism

C3 FDI and Multinationals

C4 Empirics of Trade

C5 Trade Policy


A Differential Game with Investment in Transport and Communication R&D

Luca Colombo, Luca Lambertini, and Andrea Mantovani

EU Enlargement: Implications of the Single Market Access for Current and New Member States

Maryla Maliszewska

Democracy and FDI

Matthias Busse

Spanish-UK Relative Exports to OECD Countries: Prices, Taste Bias and Quality

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso

Threats and Concessions in Tariff Settings

Taiji Furusawa


Trade in the Triad: How Easy is the Access to Large Markets

Lionel Fontagné, Thierry Mayer, and Soledad Zignago

Sectoral Border Effects: Analysing Implicit EU Trade Integration

Andrea Molinari

FDI and Wage Spillovers in Irish Manufacturing Industry

Ali Ugur and Frances Ruane

Trade Reforms and the Survival of the Passenger
Motor Vehicle (PMV) Industry in Australia

Kankesu Jayanthakumaran and Elias Sanidas

Comparative Advantage and the Pursuit of Strategic Trade Policy

David Collie and David de Meza


Oligopolistic Competition, Redistributive Preferences and Gains from Trade

Hervé Boulhol

Turkish Delight: Assessing the Economic Benefits of Turkeys Accession to the EU

Arjan Lejour and Ruud de Mooij

The Role of FDI in EU Accession Process in Western Balkan

Sinisa Kusic and Vladimir Zakharov

Exaggerated Reports of the Death of Distance: Lessons from a Meta-Analysis

Anne-Célia Disdier and Keith Head

A Prisoner's Dilemma Tariff Setting Game with an Escape Clause

Mathias Herzing


Intra-industry Trade: What Do We Really Know About It?

Elzbieta Czarny

Cooperative and Uncooperative R&D Policy in an Economic Union

Jan Haaland and Hans Jarle Kind

The Veblen-Gerschenkron Effect of FDI in Mezzogiorno and East Germany

Giovanni Peri and Dieter Urban

Border Effects and Effective Transport Cost

Luís Lopes

Minimum Quality Standards on Exports

José María López and Praveen Kujal



Exports versus FDI: An Empirical Test

Sourafel Girma, Richard Kneller, and Mauro Pisu

Bottled Water: A Case of Pointless Trade?

Mattias Ganslandt and Richard Friberg

Trade Liberalisation versus Institutional Change

Angela Cheptea




D1 Competition and Market Structure

D2 Regionalism

D3 FDI and Multinationals

D4 Empirics of Trade

D5 Trade Policy


Electrified Trade

Pertti Haaparanta


Evaluating the Success of a CGE Model of the U.S.-Canada and North American Free Trade Agreements

Alan Fox

Does Ownership Matter?

Patrik Karpaty and Lars Lundberg

Catching Up: The Role of Demand, Supply and Regulated Price Effects on the Real Exchange Rates of Four Accession Countries

Ronald MacDonald and Cezary Wójcik

The Political Economy of Restructuring and Subsidisation: An International Perspective

Greetje Everaert


Vertical Integration and Trade with R&D and Differentiation

Gianpaolo Rossini

Inter-industry Trade between Central-East European Countries and the EU. Do Changes in the Trade Pattern Reflect H-O Approach?

Jan Jakub Michalek and Katarzyna Sledziewska

Reconciling the Evidence on the Knowledge Capital Model

Henrik Braconier, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, and Dieter Urban

The Mexican Peso and the Korean Won Real Exchange Rates: Evidence from Productivity Models

André Mollick and Margot Quijano

Is Agricultural Liberalization Beneficial to Developing Countries?

Antoine Bouët, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Yvan Decreux, and Sébastien Jean


Short-run Policy Commitment and International Rivalry under Uncertainty: More Harm Than Good?

Gerda Dewit and Dermot Leahy

Do Preferential Trade Agreements Matter for Trade? The FTAA and the Pattern of Trade

Antoni Estevadeordal and Raymond Robertson

The Role of Information Asymmetry on Demand for the Multinational Enterprise

Rafael Moner-Colonques, Vicente Orts, and José J. Sempere-Monerris

Different Approaches of Modelling Reaction Lags: How Do Chilean Manufacturing Exports React to Movements of the real exchange rate?

Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D.

Modeling of Duty Drawbackby Means of a Domestic Consumer Subsidy

Markus Lips, Andrzej Tabeau, and Frank van Tongeren


Competition Policy and Foreign Direct Investment

Julian Clarke


Asymmetric FDI and Tax-Treaty Bargaining: Theory and Evidence

Richard Chisik and Ron Davies

Incomplete Pass Through in Import Markets and Permanent versus Transitory Exchange-Rate Shocks

Martin Meurers

Technical barriers, Licenses and Tariffs as Means of Limiting Market Access

Jan Guldager Jřrgensen and Philipp J. H. Schröder


Successive Oligopoly, Market Access and Tariff Escalation

Steve McCorriston and Ian Sheldon


Location choices of multinational firms in Europe: the role of national boundaries and EU policy

Roberto Basile, Davide Castellani, and Antonello Zanfei

Workers and Trade Liberalization: Simulating the Potential Impact of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas on Venezuela's Output and Wages

Hugo Toledo




E1 Competition and Market Structure

E2 Development, Growth and Trade

E3 FDI and Multinationals

E4 Empirics of Trade

E5 Trade Policy


A Multilateral Framework for Investment?

Benno Ferrarini

Openness, Growth and Convergence Clubs : a Threshold Regression Approach

Francisco Serranito

Picking Winners or Creating Them? Revising the Benefits of FDI in the Czech Republic

Simon Evenett and Alex Voicu

Changing Specialization Patterns in Mercosur

Christian Volpe Martincus

Lobbying for Duties

Estela Montado


Welfare State, Market Imperfections, and International Trade

Hassan Molana and Catia Montagna

Corruption and Trade

Fuat Sekmen

On The Determinants of Euro Area FDI to the United States: The OLI-Tobin's Q Framework

Robert Anderton, Roberto De Santis, and Alexander Hijzen

Do Currency Unions Solve the Border Effect Puzzle? Evidence from the CFA Franc Zone

Julie Lochard and José de Sousa

The Optimal Trade Bargaining Strategies in the Negotiation of DDA

Young-Han Kim


Trade Costs in a Model of Pricing to Market

Dennis Novy

On Export Composition and Economic Growth

Jesus Crespo Cuaresma and Julia Wörz

The Impact of Foreign Investment on Relative Wages and Employment in EU Accession Countries

Giovanni S.F. Bruno, Rosario Crino', and Anna M. Falzoni

Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange Rate Pass-through: Export Pricing Behavior of Japanese Multinational Corporations

Yushi Yoshida

Non-linearities in the Openness and Growth Link: Insights from a North-South Model

Andrea Marino


Transaction Costs and the Pattern of International Trade

Dirk Holzhey

Product Variety, International Trademarks, and Economic Growth

Davide di Laurea and Andrea Mangŕni

The Counterfactual to Investing Abroad: An Endogenous Treatment Approach of Foreign Affiliate Activity

Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr

Searching for a Compromise: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the WTO Negotiations on Agriculture

Ralf Peters and David Vanzetti

What is So Special About Trade in Services?

Daniel Mirza and Giuseppe Nicoletti





Globalization and the Empowerment of Human Capital

Therry Verdier and Dalia Marin


Saturday, 13 September 2003


F1 Competition and Market Structure

F2 Development, Growth and Trade

F3 FDI and Multinationals

F4 Empirics of Trade

F5 Intellectual Property Rights


Sunk Costs in the Exporting Activity: Implications for International Trade and Specialisation

Arne Melchior

Import-Tariff Evasion and Customs Corruption and Fraud: Does PSI Help?

José Anson, Olivier Cadot, and Marcelo Olarreaga

Regional Economic Integration and the Location of Multinational Enterprises

Carlo Altomonte

Does the Fixed Exchange Rate Regime Increase Trade? Evidence from the Caribbean and Central American economies

Emilia Magdalena Jurzyk

Intellectual Property Rights protection, Technology & Disembodied Knowledge Trade

Elif Bascavusoglu and M. P. Zuniga


Horizontal Differentiation and Price Competition with Sequential Entry

Pierre Fleckinger and Thierry Lafay

Global Growth Processes: Technology Diffusion, Catching-up and Effective Demand

Michael Landesmann and  Robert Stehrer

Benefits of FDI in Times of Crisis

Mary Amiti and Shang-Jin Wei

Foreign Exchange Rate Sensitivity and Stock Price: Estimating Economic Exposure of Turkish Companies

Guluzar Kurt and Ayse Tulay Yucel

Imitation, Patent Protection and Entry Mode

Elif Bascavusouglou, Emmanuel Combe, and Maria Pluvia Zuniga


Economic Aspects of the Consistency Requirement in the WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Natalie Pienaar

Net Foreign Resource Inflows, Saving and Growth: Spain (1970-1999)

Maria Teresa Alguacil, A. Cuadros, and V. Orts

FDI, Trade Intensity and Regional Disparities: The Case of the Urban Metropolis in the United States

Mustapha Sadni-Jallab and Estelle Sommeiller

Extra-Euro Area Manufacturing Import Prices and Exchange Rate Pass-Through

Robert Anderton



Endogenous Trade Costs and International Competitiveness

Daniel Traca

Trade Policy and the Household Distribution of Income

Joseph Francois and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa


Effects of the Exchange-Rate Regime on Trade: The Role of Transport Costs and Import Demand Elasticity

Alexander Mihailov





G1 Antidumping

G2 Technology Transfer

G3 Trade, Labour and Migration

G4 Empirics of Trade

G5 Economic Geography


Antidumping and Firms’ Productivity

Jozef Konings and Hylke Vandenbussche

Technology Trade, Productivity and Growth

Jose Luis Groizard

Within- and Between Industry Changes of Skill Intensity in the U.S. Manufacturing: Illustrating the Adjustments of Relative Labor Demand

Grigoris Zarotiadis

Oligopolistic Reaction to Foreign Investment in a Dynamic Panel Data Model

Carlo Altomonte and Enrico Pennings

The Location of Economic Activity in Imperfect Labour Markets

Karolien De Bruyne


Antidumping Protection and R&D Investment

Xiwang Gao and Kaz Miyagiwa

Determinants of Royalty Rates in Technology Licensing: Evidence from Technology Import Contracts of Japan

Sadao Nagaoka

Trade and Labor Mobility in a Dynamic Specific Factors Model:  Theory and Empirical Evidence

Harry Bowen and Jennifer Wu

Factor Content of Polish Trade with the European Union

Agnieszka Pugacewicz

The Role of Human Capital Investments in the Location Decision of Firms

Niko Matouschek and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud


The Impact of US Special Import Restraints on World Trade Flows

Chad P. Bown and Meredith Crowley

Technology Transfer Through Backward Linkages: The Case of Spanish Industry

Liza Jabbour and Jean-Louis Mucchielli

Does Internationalisation Affects Union Bargaining Power? An Empirical Study for Five EU-Countries

Michel Dumont, Glenn Rayp, and Peter Willemé

Border Effects in the Enlarged EU Area. Evidence from Imports to Applicant Countries

Miriam Manchin and Anna Maria Pinna

Agglomeration and Specialization in a Geography Model with Mobile Factors and Firms

Marius Brülhart and Souleymane Coulibaly


Trade Diversion and Destruction Effects of Antidumping Policy:  Evidence from Mexico

Gunnar Niels

FDI and Mode of Entry with Vertical Spillovers through Backward Linkages

Ragnhild Balsvik

Trade in Intermediates and Relative Wages in General Equilibrium: A GDP Function Approach

Alexander Hijzen

Information Spillovers and  the Choice of Export Destination: the Case of Spain

Francisco Requena and Juana Castillo Jimenez 

Acquisition of Skills, Education Subsidies, and Agglomeration of Firms

Eric Toulemonde


Aggregate Effects of Antidumping

Maurizio Zanardi

Intra- and Inter-Firm Technology Transfer in an International Oligopoly

Ben Ferrett

Efficiency Wages in a Global Economy

Udo Kreickemeier

Measurement of Non-Tariff Barriers: The Case of Ukraine

Igor Eremenko and Veronika Movchan

The Importance of Geography for Firm Level Export

Pamina Koenig-Soubeyran




H1 Antidumping

H2 Environment and Trade

H3 Trade, Labour and Migration

H4 Empirics of Trade

H5 Economic Geography


The Effects of Anti-dumping Investigation Initiations and Outcomes: Evidence from Five EC and Indian Cases

Krista Lucenti

Pollution and Capital Tax Competition within a Regional Block

Costas Hadjiyiannis, Panos Hatzipanayotou, and Michael S. Michael

Has International Trade Eroded Affected Workers’ Bargaining Power?

Ellen Brock and Sabien Dobbelaere

The Role of Proximity and Similarity in Trade of Goods

Guillaume Gaulier and Soledad Zignago

Public Debt, Spatial Cycles and Agglomeration

Federico Trionfetti


Market Size and Antidumping in Duopolistic Competition

Rod Falvey and Sarut Wittayarungruangsri

Trans-Boundary Pollution and International Migration

Kenji Kondoh

International Factor Mobility and Indeterminacy: The Role of Labour Market Rigidities

Marta Aloi and Teresa Lloyd-Braga

The Lomé Convention and the Exports of ACP Countries to the European Union

Joăo Dias

Location Choices of Multinational Firms: The Case of Mergers and Acquisitions

Olivier Bertrand, Jean-Louis Mucchielli, and Habib Zitouna



US Specialisation in Pollution Intensive Industries: Factor Intensities verses Environmental Regulations

Matthew Cole and Robert Elliott

Limits to Labor Mobility: Relative Wages and International Specialization

M. Campos, Zenón Jiménez-Ridruejo Ayuso, and J. López

Foreign Direct Investment, Competitive Pressure, and Spillovers. An Empirical Analysis of Spanish Firm Level Data

Allesandro Sembenelli and Georges Siotis

Trade Openness and Urban Concentration: New Evidence

Volker Nitsch



Endogenous International Joint Ventures and the Environment

Kenzo Abe and Laixun Zhao

Trade Exposure, Fragmentation, and Labor Market Flows

Barbara Dluhosch

Has Import Disciplined Swedish Manufacturing Firms in the 1990s?

Nannan Lundin

Step-by-step Integration and Activity Location: The Role of Factor Endowment and Industrial Linkages

Christophe Ribichesi



Kyoto and Monopolistic Competition: A Case for Tighter Coordination

Richard Nahuis and Paul Tang


Linkages Between Agriculture, Trade and Environment in Romania: A Partial Equilibrium Model Analysis

Erik Mathijs and Luiza Toma

The Economic Geograph of EU Accession Countries: Market Access, Wages and Sectoral Employment in Central European Regions

Marius Brülhart and Pamina Koenig-Soubeyran





I2 Environment and Trade

I3 Trade, Labour and Migration

I4 Empirics of Trade




Pollution Effects of Preferential Trading Arrangements: A General Equilibrium Analysis

Pascal Bernard and Nicolas Peridy

Are Your Wages Set in Beijing? The Effect of Dematerialised Goods on Global Wage Inequalities

Don Webber

Globalisation and Swedish Export Diversity

Désirée Nilsson




Global Environmental Management and Bargaining: Strategic Public Abatement Investment Incentives

Kazuharu Kiyono and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara

Exporting, Productivity and Agglomeration: A Difference in Difference Analysis of Matched Firms

David Greenaway and Richard Kneller

Exporting and Economic Performance: Firm-Level Evidence for Spanish Manufacturing

José C. Farinas and Ana Martin-Marcos




A Time-Consistent Agreement In A Interregional Differential Game On Pollution And Trade

F. Cabo, Elena Escudero, and G. Martín-Herrán

Intraindustry Specialization, Productivity, and Relative Wages

Joseph Francois and Douglas Nelson

Non-linearities in Specialization and Growth

Luca De Benedicts, Margo Gallegati, and Massimo Tamberi




Degree of Environmental Stringency and Impact on Trade Patterns

Hakan Mihci and Selim Cagatay

Trade and Labour Demand in Imperfect Competition: Theory and Evidence

Daniel Mirza and Mauro Pisu

Africa Beyond 2005: Understanding the Impact of Eliminating NTBs and Tariffs on Textiles and Clothing

Sandra A. Rivera, Laurie-Ann Agama, and Judith Dean






Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment

Karolina Ekholm, Rikard Forslid, and James R. Markusen


End of Conference


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