November 1999 (Volume 1 Number 1)

Note from the director: This is just a short newsletter. The formal newsletter will be started up soon, thanks to volunteers. The role of this virtual newsletter is to spread information on upcoming conferences and workshops, provide other relevant information (links, organization information etc.) and to generally provide a clearinghouse for news related to trade and research on trade.

Sumitting news items: To make submissions, please send them to

First ETSG conference: The first ETSG conference (held in Rotterdam) went extremely well (excepting the usual last minute changes and glitches). The virtual proceedings can be viewed at This includes links to almost all of the papers, and the powerpint slides from Victor Norman's memorable presentation. Special thanks are due to Anna Kok for organizational work.

Second ETSG conference: The second ETSG conference is to be held in Glasgow on 15-17 September 2000. Details will be posted on the ETSG web page: The registration deadline is 15 April 2000. Funding will be limited, and will be based on need and on the timing of the registration/application.

Working paper list: Machiel Rombout has agreed to manage the ETSG list of working papers. We are going to start from scratch, so you should register any papers you want listed, using the submission form that is linked from the main ETSG web page. We will not be hosting papers, but can provide a URL link to your paper. The first posting of working papers will be at the end of this month (November 1999).