June 2000 (Volume 2 Number 2)

Sumitting news items: To make submissions, please send them to news@intereconomics.com.

ETSG working papers: Technical details have been worked out, formatting revised, and the working paper list is now up and running. We will try to push use by the trade community at the ETSG 2000 conference. In the meantime, you are encouraged to submit your papers for inclusion. Follow the links from the main ETSG page.

Second ETSG conference: Registration for the second ETSG conference, to be held in Glasgow on 15-17 September 2000, is now closed. Emails regarding papers will be sent out at the end of June. REMEMBER to book your lodgings. You will not be allowed to sleep in the meeting rooms (except during sessions.) Further details are available on the ETSG web page: www.etsg.org.

Funding: Please remember that we are running ETSG on a financial shoestring. Funding is limited. Within our budget, we do try to accomodate those needing funds, and hence allocate funds based on need. When registering for ETSG conferences, please try to use other sources of funds if they are available.

Third ETSG conference: The ETSG board met in Copenhagen in June, and has made proliminary plans to hold the ETSG 2001 at the Free University in Brussels. The local organizer if Ali Bayar. We will post further details once we have made a decision on exact dates.

WebBoard: ETSG has now added a web board to its web site. You are invited to post trade related announcements (workshops, conferences, etc) to the web board.