March 2000 (Volume 2 Number 1)

Sumitting news items: To make submissions, please send them to

ETSG web page: We have completed migration to our own virtual location on the internet. The ETSG was sharing "borrowed space" from the director's web site (, and we appreciate the support. However, it has become clear that we really needed our own space. As such, ETSG now has its own virtual space with VERIO, the world's largest (and we hope hence a relatively fast) internet space provider. This new site should give us more space for carrying papers for the ETSG conferences, and possibly for future web-based network initiatives. The web address remains the same:

First ETSG conference: As noted in our first newsletter, the first ETSG conference (held in Rotterdam) went extremely well (excepting the usual last minute changes and glitches). The virtual proceedings can be viewed at
This includes links to almost all of the papers, and the powerpint slides from Victor Norman's memorable presentation. Special thanks are due to Anna Kok for organizational work.

Second ETSG conference: The second ETSG conference is to be held in Glasgow on 15-17 September 2000. Details are now available on the ETSG web page: The registration deadline is in April 2000. Funding will be limited, and will be based on need and on the timing of the registration/application. Register now!!!

Third ETSG conference: The board is starting to focus on the next ETSG conference, to be held Fall 2001. No decision has been made yet on location. We have received some interest expressed by some network members, and at this stage invite any expressions of interest. We will start serious discussions in May with regard to the next location, and will then post it in a future newsletter.

Working papers: The ETSG list of working papers will continue in the same form as noted in the last newsletter. Since its start several papers have already been submitted. We encourage you also to register any papers you want listed, using the submission form that is linked from the main ETSG web page. At the moment, papers are simply organized in chronological order, but this will be changed to a searchable database once the size justifies the effort. We do not carry responsibility for changed links. If you submit a paper and later drop or move it, please let us know. At the momenr we are not hosting papers, but can provide a URL link to your paper. The first posting of working papers will be at the end of this month. This may change in the future, but no plans have been made in this regard yet.