June 2002 (Volume 4 Number 1)

Submitting news items: To make submissions, please send them to news@intereconomics.com.

Fourth annual ETSG conference: Registration for the fourth ETSG conference, to be held in Kiel on 13-15 September 2002, is close. The call for papers has been very successful and we received many submissions. Emails regarding papers will be sent out at the end of June. REMEMBER to book your lodgings. You will not be allowed to sleep in the meeting rooms (except during sessions). Further details will be soon available on the ETSG web page: www.etsg.org.

Funding: Please remember that we are running ETSG on a financial shoestring. Funding provided by the European Science Foundation has now ended. While we are looking for other possible sources of funding, our budget is now very limited. Therefore, we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate those speakers needing funds.

Fifth ETSG conference: The ETSG 2003 will be held at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid on 12-14 September 2003. The local organizers are Klaus Desmet, Juan Ruiz, and Praveen Kujal. 

WebBoard: ETSG has a web board on its web site. You are invited to post trade related announcements (workshops, conferences, etc) to the web board.