January 2005 (Volume 5 Number 1)

It has been a long time since a new Newsletter has been posted. As we launch the newly redesigned webpages, it seemed appropriate to bring the news up to date as well.

ETSG is now stronger than ever. With the Sixth Conference at Nottingham in September 2004, we have firmly established ourselves as the largest annual trade conference in the world. A call for papers for the Seventh Conference has been posted and we hope that you are making plans to participate in Dublin in September 2005.

ETSG 2004, Nottingham: Over 200 researchers participated in the most recent conference and more than 180 papers were presented.
Most of the papers were presented in themed parallel sessions covering the entire breadth of international trade research. These were augmented by 4 plenary sessions that brought the entire conference group together. Papers in these sessions were given by Paola Conconi, Anne Kreuger, Ray Riezman, and Maurizio Zanardi. Anne Kreuger’s presentation was the World Economy Annual Lecture and Blackwell Publishers sponsored a buffet reception following the session. This joint session was a new departure for ETSG and provided a great opportunity for a European audience to hear one of the world’s most influential trade theorists and practitioners speak about economic reform. The entire programme for the conference and virtually all of the papers presented can be accessed here.
The Board of ETSG would like to thank everyone involved in the organisation of the 2004 conference: local organisers Sue Berry, Rod Falvey, and Udo Kreickemeier; the team of “green shirts” who kept everything running; as well as ETSG webmaster, Maurizio Zanardi. ETSG is extremely grateful to GEP for its financial support of the local operations for this year’s event.

Future Meetings of ETSG: This year’s conference will be held in Dublin, hosted by University College Dublin and the Geary Institute. Full details can be found here. Please note that we are implementing a small change in the procedures for submitting papers and registering for the conference. Participants who wish to present a paper should submit their abstract using the online form before the deadline of 01 May 2005. Everyone, regardless of whether or not they wish to present their research, will be asked to register for the conference at a later date. This is an attempt to reduce the number of accepted papers where the presenter does not turn up for the conference.

The Scientific Committee has agreed on venues for meetings beyond 2005. The Eighth Conference will be held in Vienna in 07 to 09 September 2006, with local organisation from Michael Landesmann and Julia Wörz. It is also anticipated that the Ninth Conference will be in Athens in 2007. If you are interested in hosting future meetings of ETSG, please get in touch with the Directors.

Working Papers: We would like to remind everyone of the possibility to submit your works to the ETSG working papers list. Simply click here. The list is regularly updated and its success depends on each of us.

Researchers Database: The new website also hosts a section where researchers in international trade can list their information. We envisage that this tool will allow making researchers known and further the already existing synergies. Registration is easy and free: register here!

Subscribe to the ETSG: It is now possible to subscribe to the ETSG in order to receive announcements of the forthcoming conference and the ETSG virtual newsletter. You can subscribe here.

Midwest International Economics Group Meetings: ETSG enjoys close relations with the Midwest group. Indeed, the Midwest meetings were an inspiration in the founding of ETSG in the first place. Many European scholars participate in the Midwests and an increasing number of Americans are coming to ETSG (including Ray Riezman at Nottingham). The next Midwest meeting is at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN on 22 to 24 April. Details are available at Midwest International Economics Group.

The Asia Pacific Trade Seminars (APTS): Following the example of the Midwest International Economics Group and of the European Trade Study Group, the Asia Pacific Trade Seminars aim to provide the forum for exchanging research ideas in the field of international trade and investment. The APTS will hold annual conferences at universities in the Asia Pacific region. The first annual APTS conference will be held on July 30-31, 2005 at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan, jointly with the Asia Pacific Economic Association. Details are available at the Asia Pacific Trade Seminars.