January 2001 (Volume 3 Number 1)

Submitting news items: To make submissions, please send them to news@intereconomics.com.

Third annual ETSG conference: Registration for the third ETSG conference, to be held in Brussels on 14-16 September 2001, is now open.  You should register by 30 April 2001. Emails regarding papers will be sent out at the end of June. REMEMBER to book your lodgings. You will not be allowed to sleep in the meeting rooms (except during sessions.) Further details are available on the ETSG web page: www.etsg.org.

Funding: Please remember that we are running ETSG on a financial shoestring. Funding is limited. Within our budget, we do try to accommodate those needing funds, and hence allocate funds based on need. When registering for ETSG conferences, please try to use other sources of funds if they are available.

Fourth ETSG conference: The ETSG board met in Copenhagen last June, and has made preliminary plans to hold the ETSG 2002 at Kiel. We will post further details once we have made a decision on exact dates.

Job Opportunities:
(1)  The Economic Geography of Europe: Measurement, Testing and Policy Simulations, a Research Training Network funded by the European Commission and operated through the Norwegian School of Economics and Business (NHH) and CEPR, has openings for pre- and post-doctoral research positions at member institutions.  Information is available from the RTN network home page:

This page also has information on other RTN networks.

(2) The Tinbergen Institute periodically advertises paid positions for research assistants.  These positions are generally four year appointments, and include both a Ph.D. programme scholarship and a salaried research position.  Information is available from the TI home page:

WebBoard: ETSG has now added a web board to its web site. You are invited to post trade related announcements (workshops, conferences, etc) to the web board.

Bridges Trade News Digest:  You may have noticed a new item on the ETSG web page.  This is the Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest.  This is a great service, providing periodic updates on what is going on in the trade policy community.  Try the link below.

Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest