ETSG 2016 Helsinki

Seventeenth Annual Conference

08-10 September

Aalto University ● VATT Institute

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Welcome by Kristiina Mäkelä, Vice Dean of Teaching and Education, Aalto University School of Business



Plenary 1: Main Hall, Main Building

Presentation by winner of WTO Prize



Conference briefing by Ian Wooton



Coffee Break, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



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Maurizio Zanardi; Chrysostomos Tabakis

Preferential trade agreements and contingent protection

Chiara Franco; David Aristei

The impact of credit constraints on foreign direct investment: evidence from firm-level data

Manuel Tong

Sequential exporting across products: evidence from Peru

Filip Tarlea; Peter Egger

Comparing apples to apples: estimating consistent partial effects of preferential economic integration agreements

Jonas Juul Henriksen

Heterogeneous workers, non-employment, and trade

Alexandros Ragoussis

Government agoraphobia: home bias in developing country procurement markets

Malte Ehrich; Axel Mangelsdorf

On the specific role of private standards on processed food for agricultural trade



Alexander-Nikolai Sandkamp

A rule of dump? The heterogeneous effect of anti-dumping duties on Chinese Exporters

Roger Bandick

Offshoring, firm size and export survival

Glenn Magerman; Karolien De Bruyne; Emmanuel Dhyne; Jan Van Hove

Heterogeneous firms and the micro origins of aggregate fluctuations

Laura Lebastard

Currency union, peg one-to-one and simple fixed exchange rate: disentangle the effects on trade

David Kurfess

Employment effects of trade liberalisation and labour market tightness

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso; Hendrik Kruse

Transfers in the gravity equation: the case of foreign aid

Jan Brusselaers; Guido Van Huylenbroeck; Jeroen Buysse

The EU’s timber regulation: non-tariff trade barrier or leverage for sustainable timber production?



Magdalene Silberberger; Anja Slany; Frederik Stender

The aftermath of antidumping: are temporary trade barriers really temporary

Marta Bisztray

The effect of foreign-owned large plant closures on nearby firms

Clémence Lenoir; Isabelle Mejean; Julien Martin

Seller-buyer matching in international good markets

Wisarut Suwanprasert

Optimal trade policy, equilibrium unemployment and labor market inefficiency

Simon Galle; Andres Rodriguez-Clare; Moises Yi

Slicing the pie: quantifying the aggregate and distributional effects of trade

Victor Kummritz

Do global value chains cause industrial development?

Jan-Pieter Laleman; Jan Van Hove

Sanction-busting in international trade: evidence from European Union exports to Russia



Min Zhu

Firm-level response to anti-dumping duties: evidence from China

Ian Wooton; Jie Ma

Subsidy competition for FDI: do old investments help to attract new investments?

Martin Alfaro

New trade models and the abscence of pro-competitive effects from import competition

Hannah Schürenberg-Frosch; Zoryana Olekseyuk

Ukraine’s unconsidered losses from the annexation of Crimea: what should we account for in the DCFTA forecasts?

A. Camila Cisneros-Acevedo

Trade liberalisation effect in two margins of informality: the Peruvian case

Stefan Legge; Irene Fensore; Lukas Schmid

Genetic distance as a barrier to international trade

David Hallinan

Partnership in a competitive order: understanding the EU-Japan FTA



Christophe Charlier; Patrice Bougette

What remedies to antidumping when renewable energy at stake? Modeling the EU-China solar panel dispute

Pär Hansson; Kent Eliasson; Markus Lindvert

Effects of foreign acquisitions on R&D and high-skill activities

Chahir Zaki; Aya Ahmed Elewa

Trade liberalization and export market competition: evidence from Egypt firm-level data

Allan Sřrensen; Philipp J.H. Schröder

Does (strategic) export promotion make sense?

Anna Maria Falzoni; Giulio Bosio; Mara Grasseni

Local labour markets, technology, and Chinese imports’ competition: evidence from Italy during recession

Hendrik Wiard Kruse; Lennart Kaplan; Hendrik Wiard Kruse

Recklessly Ricardian? On how aid works, but not as you might hope

Valentina Rollo; Jasmeer Virdee

Technical regulations affect exporters’ performance: firm level evidence from developing countries



Break (no coffee)



Session B1

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Session B3

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Session B6

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Session B7

Room G111, CHD Building



Chara Vavoura

Liberalising trade in the shadow of superstar firms

Horst Raff; Michael Ryan; Frank Stähler

Financial frictions and foreign direct investment: evidence from Japanese microdata

Sergey Nigai

A tale of two tails: productivity distribution and the gains from trade

Hinnerk Gnutzmann

Dealing with export cartels

Julian Emami Namini; Richard Chisik

Labor market discrimination and international trade

Beata Udvari

Export performance of the Iberian EU-countries: how does Aid for Trade influence export performance of Spain and Portugal?

Julian Hinz; Matthieu Crozet

Collateral damage: the impact of the 2014 Russian diplomatic sanctions on sanctioning countries’ exports



Viola Lamani; Antoine Bouët; Charlotte Emlinger

International trade, quality sorting and trade costs: the case of cognac

Aaron Benjamin Flaaen

Transfer pricing by U.S. multinational firms: evidence from the 2004 Homeland Investment Act

Zhan Qu; Udo Kreickemeier

International trade with sequential production

Christian Volpe Martincus; Jerónimo Carballo; Alejandro Graziano; Georg Schaur

Endogenous border times

Erwin Winkler; Katrin Huber

Trade-adjustment and the labor market: the household matters!

Emmanuelle Lavallée; Lochard Julie

French neo-colonialism? French-African trade after independence

Mario Larch; James E. Anderson; Yoto V. Yotov

Trade liberalization, growth, and FDI: a structural estimation framework



Hartmut Egger; Josef Falkinger

International trade and financial integration under technological specialization and uncertainty

Alessia Lo Turco; Daniela Maggioni

For God's sake: the impact of religious proximity on firms’ exports

Maria Cipollina; Luca Salvatici; David Laborde Debucquet

The effects of US preferences

Elias Einio

The loss of production work: identification of demand shifts based on local soviet trade shocks

Julianna Pontet; Beata Udvari

Effects of trade on democracy in developing countries

Evgenii Monastyrenko; Julian Hinz

Bearing the cost of politics: consumer prices in Russia



Alessandro Borin; Virginia Di Nino; Michele Mancini; Massimo Sbracia

The cyclicality of the income elasticity of trade

Armando Rungi; Armando Rungi; Gregory Morrison; Fabio Pammolli

The boundary of the multinational enterprise: ownership networks and the evolution of corporate control

Ruben Dewitte; Glenn Rayp

Comparative advantage and heterogeneous firms: the case of Portugal


Xianjia Ye; Marcel P. Timmer

Disentangling the effects of off-shoring and biased technical change: new evidence from factor cost shares in global value chain

Cherry Law

Unintended trade consequences on food consumption




Session C1

Room A305, Main Building

Session C2

Room A306, Main Building

Session C3

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Session C4

Room C331, Main Building

Session C5

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Session C6

Room G109, CHD Building

Session C7

Room G111, CHD Building



Robert F Owen

International entry-exit dynamics, trade policy and welfare: a conceptual framework

Susanna Thede; Nils Ĺke Gustafson

Bending the rules, breaking the rules: how lobbying and corruption affect the investment market selection of swedish firms

Andrea Linarello

Trade liberalization and domestic suppliers: evidence from Chile

Fatima Olanike Kareem

Protecting health or protecting imports? Evidence from EU sanitary and phytosanitary measures

Selva Bahar Baziki

Globalization, Chinese imports and skill premia in a small open economy

Davide Del Prete; Emiliano Magrini; Pierluigi Montalbano; Silvia Nenci

Global agro-food value chains: new evidence from SSA

Sebastian Benz

The trade effect of services trade restrictions



Badis Tabarki

Firm heterogeneity and the mystery of diverging trade: a demand-based explanation

Loredana Fattorini; Loredana Fattorini; Armando Rungi; Zhen Zhu

The organization of global supply networks

Antonella Nocco; Antonio Navas

Trade liberalization, selection and technology adoption with vertical linkages

Cosimo Beverelli; Rohit Ticku

Trade facilitation and tariff evasion

Florian Knauth; Linda Borrs

The effect of trade on wage components

Eva Van Leemput

A passage to India: quantifying internal and external barriers to trade

Ingo Borchert; James E. Anderson; Aaditya Mattoo; Yoto V. Yotov

Shedding some light on dark matter: trade costs in services



Julia Gruebler; Mahdi Ghodsi; Robert Stehrer

Assessing the impact of non-tariff measures on imports

Zuzanna Studnicka; Ronald B. Davies; Iulia Siedschlag

The impact of taxes on the extensive and intensive margins of FDI

Nicholas Li; Chang-Tai Hsieh; Ralph Ossa; Mu-Jeung Yang

Accounting for the new gains from trade liberalization

Andreas Kohler

Rents of multinationals: a case study of big tobacco in Switzerland

Oliver Krebs

Of giants and dwarfs: new quantitative trade, disaggregate shocks and the labor market

Kristian Estevez

Income inequality, FDI, and the incidence of child labor

Björn Thor Arnarson;  Joakim Gullstrand

Linking local services and global shocks



Luca Macedoni

Multiproduct firms across rich and poor countries: theory and evidence

Birgit Meyer

Product mix and foreign ownership: evidence from India's investment liberalization

Florian Unger; Lisandra Flach

Quality and gravity in international trade

Salamat Ali; Chris; Milner; Richard; Kneller

Market-specific trade costs and firm dynamics: impact of integrated cargo containers control program on Pakistan’s exports

Giray Gözgör

Structure of employment and the external imbalances: theory and evidence

Emmauel Milet; Marco Fugazza

The dark side of moonlighting

Martin Schmitz; Christiane Hellmanzik

Gravity and international services trade: the impact of virtual proximity



Pierre M. Picard; Alessandro Tampieri

Income effects and vertical differentiation in international trade

Andrea Lassmann; Benedikt Rydzek

How much is too much? Evaluating factors of transfer pricing

Mahdi Ghodsi; Robert Stehrer

Non-tariff measures trickling through global value chains

Karin Olofsdotter; Zouheir El-Sahli; Joakim Gullstrand

The direct and indirect effects of offshoring on local employment

Janne Niemi

Armington elasticities and persistent trade habits: a model and historical dynamic CGE analysis

Martina Magli

The effects of services offshoring on local labour market



Coffee Break, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



Session D1

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Session D2

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Session D4

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Session D5

Room A410, Main Building

Session D6

Room G109, CHD Building

Session D7

Room G111, CHD Building



Christian Soegaard; Robin Naylor

The effects of entry in oligopolistic trade with bargained input prices

Onur A. Koska

Foreign direct investment for sale: unknown "quality of the match" and welfare

Udo Kreickemeier; Hartmut Egger; Jens Wrona

Offshoring, firm selection, and job polarisation in general equilibrium

Han Eol Ryu

Vertically related markets, public utility ownership and in-kind trade and industrial policy

Robert Elliott; Michael Henry; Yi Liu

Trade liberalization and the profits and wages in china’s processing firms

Ricardo Bustillo; Ikerne Del Valle; Kepa Astorkitza

Does the augmented gravity model fit anchovy foreign trade data?

Isabelle Rabaud

Divergences of institutions and bilateral trade in services: a sectoral approach



Laura Birg

Piracy, IPR enforcement, and exports

Anna Giunta; Mariarosaria Agostino; Domenico Scalera; Francesco Trivieri

Imports, productivity and global value chains: a European firm-level analysis

Pavel Molchanov; Igor Bykadorov; Sergey Kokovin

Non-CES preferences and gains from trade

Matthew T. Cole; Ronald B. Davies; Todd Kaplan

Protection in government procurement auctions

Marco De Pinto; Jochen Michaelis

Trade unions in an open economy: the case of firm-specific bargaining power

Elina Pii Berghäll; Saara Tamminen

Has Cleantech fulfilled its promise of growth? evidence from Finnish Cleantech exports

Elisabeth Christen; Michael Pfaffermayr; Yvonne Wolfmayr

The home country employment impacts of internationalisation activities of services firms: evidence for Austria



Stephen Philip Tokarick

Should countries worry about immiserizing growth?

Daniela Maggioni; Alessia Lo Turco; Beata Smarzynska Javorcik

New and improved: FDI and the building blocks of complexity

Katharina Erhardt

New new trade theory: any news for the home market effect?

Eyal Ronen

The enhancing impact of non-tariff measures on trade: the case of virgin olive oil

Povilas Lastauskas; Julius Stakenas

Labour market institutions in open economy

Esther Amouzou; Fabienne Boudier

European trade in hazardous waste: has EU waste policy succeeded or failed?

Matteo Fiorini; Bernard Hoekman; Clément Malgouyres

Services policy reform and downstream manufacturing employment in transition economies



Seyhan Aygul

Choice of invoicing currency in international trade: evidence from Turkish firms

Peter Sebastian Eppinger; Hong Ma

Optimal ownership, aggregate productivity, and FDI regulation in China

Yu Ri Kim; Daichi Shimamoto; Petr Matous; Yasuyuki Todo

Can export promotion seminars work for SMEs?  Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Vietnam

Christian Ritzel; Andreas Kohler

The causal effect of trade liberalization: a case study of Swiss agro-food Imports

Pamela Bombarda; Sarra Ben Yahmed

Gender, informal employment and trade liberalization in Mexico

Ingrid Dallmann

The impact of weather shocks on trade diversification

Saara Tamminen; Andrea Ariu; Katariina Nilsson-Hakkala; J. Bradford Jensen

Services offshoring and labor markets: micro-evidence from Finland



Bushra Riaz; Kristian Estevez; Elisenda Paluzie

Convergence or divergence from comparative advantage: a comparison of China and the European Union

Sara Biancini; Pamela Bombarda

Intellectual property rights, multinational firms and international technology transfers

Katariina Nilsson Hakkala; Yao Pan

Firm-level responses to Chinese competition on export markets

Jonas Frank

The empirical consequences of trade sanctions for directly and indirectly affected countries

Christian Viegelahn; Marta Duda-Nyczak

Do imports create decent jobs in Africa? Evidence from firm-level data

Panos Hatzipanayotou; Ioanna Pantelaiou; Panagiotis Konstantinou; Anastasios Xepapadeas

Intra (inter) regional effects of environmental policies as NTMs in an economic union: some simulation results

Peter Egger; Joseph Francois; Sergey Nigay

Measuring the welfare gains from services trade



Lunch, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



ROWE Young Economists Prize, Nokia Hall, 2nd Floor, Main Building



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Session E1

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Session E5

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Session E6

Room G109, CHD Building

Session E7

Room G111, CHD Building



Raymond Riezman; Eric Bond; Ping Wang

Urbanization and economic development: a tale of two barriers

Sen Ma

The effects of cultural similarity on foreign direct investment and productivity of domestic firms: evidence from China

Peter Neary; Monika Mrázová

Structural deviations from Gibrat's law

Gerald Willmann; Giovanni Facchini; Peri Silva

The political economy of preferential trade arrangements: an empirical investigation

Aleksandra Parteka; Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz

Global value chains, trade and wages: international evidence from linked worker-sector data

Dominique Bruhn; Axel Berger; Clara Brandi; Jean-Frédéric Morin

Going green: contagion patterns of environmental provisions in preferential trade agreements

Gregory Corcos; Andrea Ariu; Holger Breinlich; Giordano Mion

The interconnections between services and goods trade at the firm-level



Vladimir Tyazhelnikov

Pareto and lognormal distributions: separating the intensive and extensive margins of trade

Artur Klimek

Foreign direct investment in the business services sector

Maite Alguacil; Josep Martí; Vicente Orts

Internationalization strategy of Heterogeneous European Firms in a Multicountry Framework

Anja Slany

The role of trade policies in strengthening regional value chains in Africa

Clément Nedoncelle

Trade liberalization and within-firm wage inequality:  micro evidence and aggregate implications

Igor Bagayev; Julie Lochard

EU air pollution regulation: a breath of fresh air for Eastern European polluting industries?

Hiroshi Mukunoki; Jota Ishikawa; Hodaka Morita

Parallel imports and repair services



Marta Bengoa; Blanca Sanchez-Robles; Yochanan Shachmurove

FDI patterns and regional integration agreements in Latin America: A gravity model analysis

Marcel Van Den Berg; Selwyn Moons

The complementarity of official aid and economic diplomacy: empirical evidence on the extensive margin from the Netherlands

Jean-Marc Siroen; Jaime Rafael Ahcar

Deep integration. the heterogeneity of free trade agreements and their impact on bilateral trade

Xufei Zhang

International competitiveness, firm productivity and labour market adjustment in China

Jan S. Voă˙winkel; Laura Birg

Environmental standards, product differentiation, and trade

Andrea Ariu; Florian Mayneris; Mathieu Parenti

Providing services to boost goods exports? theory and evidence



Guzman Ourens

Uneven diversification and divergence

Panagiotis Theodore Konstantinou

Structural reforms and FDI flows: do they work and under what conditions?

Nazli Toraganli; Cihan Yalcin

Exports in manufacturing, exchange rates, and external exposure: firm level evidence from Turkey

Lars Nilsson; Christoph Albert

To use, or not to use (trade preferences) that is the question: estimating the fixed cost thresholds

Joél Hellier

Earnings distribution and globalization: equality, inequality, polarization

Hajare El Hadri; Daniel Mirza; Isabelle Rabaud

Natural disaster and exports of agricultural products in developing countries

Feodora Teti; Gabriel Felbermayr; Erdal Yalcin

Free trade agreements, customs unions in disguise?



Wadim Djatschenko

Introducing the credit spread to duration as a measure of financial constraints

Romain Justinien Razafindravaosolonirina

Assessing the link between structural economic vulnerability and FDI

Alejandro Riańo; Sourafel Girma

Exports and volatility spillovers

Jan Stuckatz; Oleksandr Shepotylo

Policy uncertainty, trade, and FDI: evidence from Ukrainian firms

Gianluca Santoni; Luca De Benedictis; Massimiliano Bratti

Ethnic firms, diasporas and international trade

Vera Danilina

Voluntary environmental labelling, welfare, and international trade

Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas

Regulatory cooperation and trade in services



Coffee Break, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



Session F1

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Room A309, Main Building

Session F4

Room C331, Main Building

Session F5

Room A410, Main Building

Session F6

Room G109, CHD Building

Session F7

Room G111, CHD Building



Sophie Therese Schneider

Does the membership in a regional trade agreement increase the quality of institutions through knowledge spillovers?

Niklas Herzig

Export vs. FDI: sandwich sorting with quadratic preferences

Liyun Zhang; Robert R.J. Elliott

The quality and complexity of imported inputs and firm export performance: an analysis for Chinese manufacturing firms

Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor; Malte Ehrich; Bernhard Brümmer

EU-African regional trade agreements as a development tool to reduce EU border rejections

Erik Figueiredo; Luiz Renato Lima; Gianluca Orefice

Tariff-jumping migration: the trade-migration nexus revisited

Ceren Erdoğan

Does aid for trade reduce trade costs? Panel data evidence from inverse gravity

Houssein Guimbard; Jean-Christophe Bureau; Sébastien Jean

What has been left to multilateralism to negotiate on?



Banri Ito

Patent law harmonization and international trade

Yohannes Ewunetie Ayele

Productivity gains from FDI: selection and market reallocation

Eugenia Shevtsova; Nikolaos Papageorgiadis; Frank Mcdonald

IPR enforcement and firm internationalization strategies

Andzelika Kuznar

How important are geographical indications in trade relations between the European Union and the United States?

Irene Fensore

Migration and FDI

Bruno Merlevede; Philipp Marek

Regional policy and firm performance

Mark Melatos; Elie Appelbaum

Camouflaged trade agreements



Amelie Guillin; José De Sousa; Carl Gaigné; Julie Lochard

Trade and trust

Ben Ferrett; Huw Edwards

The search for trading partners and the cross-border merger decision

Burcu Fazlioglu; Basak Dalgic; Michael Gasiorek

Does it matter where you export and does real productivity really rise with exporting?

Douglas L. Campbell; Lester Lusher

Trade shocks, taxes, and inequality

Joan Martín-Montaner; Ana Cuadros; Jordi Paniagua

Skilled migration and FDI: countries’ characteristics of firms’ activity

Astrid Krenz

The impact of trade, taxes and R&D for the location decision of German enterprises

Laurent Didier

Heterogeneous effects of regional trade agreements on trade: relevant for sub-Saharan Africa?



Miriam Frey; Stela Ivanova

Steps of contract enforcement: the lawyer’s guide for the applied economist

Marcel Tirpak; Christian Buelens

Reading the footprints: how foreign investors shape participation in global value chains

Toshiyuki Matsuura; Kozo; Kiyota; Lionel; Nesta

Understanding the cross-country productivity gap of exporters

Nihar Suhas Shembavnekar; Dimitra Petropoulou

Trade reform and the white collar wage premium: evidence from India

Tamara Bogatzki; Steffen Sirries

An estimate of the determinants of migration costs using Mexican-US microdata

Francesco Biancalani; Armando Rungi

An empirical investigation on manufacturing location choice in Italy

Magdalena Slok-Wodkowska

From most-favoured to least favoured nations: how RTAs influenced the WTO MFN-based trade?



Break (no coffee)



Plenary 2: Main Hall, Main Building

Meredith Crowley; Huasheng Song; Ning Meng

Tariff Scares: trade policy information and the extensive margin of Chinese exporting firms



Reception, Restaurant Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1, 00140 Helsinki




Session G1

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Session G2

Room A306, Main Building

Session G3

Room A309, Main Building

Session G4

Room C331, Main Building

Session G5

Room A304, Main Building

Session G6

Room A401, Main Building

Session G7

Room A407, Main Building



Julie Lochard; Emmanuelle Lavallée

Diplomacy for sale? The impact of bilateral visits on international trade

Stephan Kyburz; Huong Quynh Nguyen

Does proximity to foreign direct investment stimulate productivity growth of domestic firms? Firm-level evidence from Vietnam

Dayna Zaclicever; Carlos Casacuberta

The effect of trade protection on productivity in Uruguay

Muhlis Can; Giray Gozgor

Effects of product diversification on export quality upgrading: an empirical study

Léa Marchal; Claire Naiditch

How do migration policies impact migration flows? Multilateral resistance to migration in a standard RUM model

Daniel Kadinkov; Francesco Di Comite

Localized monopolistic competition and endogenous positioning in an unbounded characteristics space

Stela Rubínová

New regionalism and the production networks trade



Tristan Kohl; Shushanik Hakobyan; James Lake

Tariff phaseouts in US bilateral free trade agreements

Binyam Afewerk Demena

FDI, spillovers and firm-level heterogeneity: identifying the transmission channels

Xiaoyu Tian

Sequential trade: learning and firm dynamics

Kawtar Dkhissi

Trade liberalization in Morocco: quality evolution of exports

Thomas Steinwachs; Jasmin Gröschl

Escaping the weather: do natural disasters cause international migration?

Yuan Zi

WTO accession and the great labor reallocation

Salvador Gil-Pareja; Rafael Llorca-Vivero; José A. Martínez-Serrano

Reciprocal versus nonreciprocal preferential trade agreements: which are the best to promote exports from the developing world?



Julien Brault

French oil protectionism and the international political economy of rent seeking

Charlotte Emlinger; Sandra Poncet

With a little help from my friends: multinational retailers and china's consumer market penetration

Stefano Iandolo; Anna Maria Ferragina

Do firms learn from trade?  internationalization? The impact of internationalization choices on innovation

Oleksandr Shepotylo; Karen Jackson

The complexities of globalisation: what are the costs and benefits of the TTIP for the UK?

Kemal Türkcan

On the role of vertical differentiation in enhancing survival of export flows: evidence from a developing country

Marta Santamaria

International trade with endogenous infrastructure investments: a solution to the distance puzzle

Pedro Gabriel Degiovanni; María Luisa Recalde; Luis Marcelo Florensa

The quality of Latin American integration and its effects on the hazard of commercial relationships



Amrita Saha

Protection for sale with lobbying effectiveness

Tina Golob; Katja Zajc-Kejžar

The role of skilled migrant workers in the process of knowledge transfer from MNEs to their affiliates

Sanne Hiller; Horst Raff; Zhan Qu

International trade and inventory investment

Ferda Halicioglu; Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee; Seyed Hesam Ghodsi

Asymmetric effects of exchange rate changes on British bilateral trade balances

Lucia Tajoli; Isabella Cingolani; Lelio Iapadre

International production networks and the world trade structure

Marius Brülhart; Olivier Cadot; Alexander Himbert

Can regional trade integration reduce spatial concentration?

Jennifer Pédussel Wu; Mohammadamin Javaheri; Clark Banach

Investment as an Indicator of regionalism: an analysis of FDI clusters and RTAs



Bartosz Michalski

Polish trade in high-tech goods. Looking for an evidence of middle income trap

Ana Lucia Abeliansky; Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

The relationship between the Chinese "Going out" strategy and international trade

Filomena Pietrovito; Alberto Franco Pozzolo

Credit rationing and firm exports: evidence from developing countries

Liang Bai; Sebastian Stumpner

Estimating the gains from globalization: evidence from US-China trade

Volker Nitsch

Religion and trade: evidence from apostolic journeys

Luca De Benedictis; Anna Maria Pinna

Islands as “bad geography”: insularity, connectedness, history and trade costs

Elżbieta Czarny; Katarzyna Śledziewska

Nuclear reactors, turbines, engines or turbochargers: what drives exports from Poland?



Coffee Break, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



Session H1

Room A305, Main Building

Session H2

Room A306, Main Building

Session H3

Room A309, Main Building

Session H4

Room C331, Main Building

Session H5

Room A304, Main Building

Session H6

Room A401, Main Building

Session H7

Room A407, Main Building



Annette Schminke

Does one price fit all? An analysis of price divergence in dual-channel markets

Ayumu Tanaka

Why do exporters and multinational firms pay higher wages? Evidence from Japanese linked employer-employee data

Philipp J.H. Schröder; Ingo Geishecker; Allan Sřrensen

One-off export events: some theory and insights from monthly transactions data

Kyung-In Hwang

Tariffs, intermediaries and consumer prices

Carmen Diaz-Mora; David Córcoles; Rosario Gandoy

Complex internationalization strategies and firm export dynamics: crisis and recovery

Liuchun Deng

Evolving comparative advantage and idea flows

Albert De Vaal

Exploring hubness in regional trade agreements



Tapio Palokangas

Globalization, footloose capital and the political economy of labor market regulation

Bohdan Kukharskyy; Peter Eppinger

Institutions and foreign direct investment: firm-level analysis

Boris Georgiev

Multi-product firms, markup adjustments and import competition

Sophie Soete; Jan Van Hove

Anticipation effects of trade agreements

Christina Poetzsch

Tracing technology transfer in vertical trading chains: R&D spillovers through trade in value-added

Colin Davis; Ken-ichi Hashimoto

Innovation and manufacturing offshoring with fully endogenous productivity growth

Veronika Movchan; Volodymyr Shportyuk

First results of DCFTAs with the EU: cases of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine



Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor

Economic sanctions and international trade: how does threatened sanctions compare with imposed sanctions

David Carson Jinkins; Jonathan Eaton; Jim Tybout; Daniel Xu

Two-sided search in international markets

Enrico Marvasi; Giorgia Giovannetti

Positioning and internalization in global value chains: the case of Tuscan firms

Angela Cheptea; Carl Gaigné

Russian import ban and changes in global export patterns

Zhen Zhu; Carlo Piccardi; Massimo Riccaboni; Lucia Tajoli

Random walks on the world input-output network

Michael Olabisi

Demand volatility and export entry

Tuan Anh Luong; Qing Liu; Ruosi Lu; Yi Lu

Is free trade good or bad for innovation?



Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan; Martin Gassebner

Politicized trade: what drives withdrawal of trade preferences?

Mathieu Parenti; Julien Martin; Isabelle Mejean

Revealed input specificity: insights from firm-to-firm export data

Michael Henry; Pavel Chakraborty

Heterogeneous effects of product market competition on prices of Indian manufacturing firms

Marie-Luise Rau; Igor Bagayev; Ron Davies; Panos Hatzipanayotou; Panos Konstantinou

Trade openness and governmental size: exploring revenue-creating tariffs and costly non-tariff measures

Karen Jackson; G. Magkonis

Identifying European clusters: revisiting the core-periphery debate

Aranzazu Crespo; Abian Garcia Rodriguez

Has the external competitiveness of Southern Europe improved due to the internal devaluation?

Shilpa Samplonius; Tristan Kohl; Steven Brakman; Harry Garretsten

Do the predictors of trade dispute incidences reflect the institutional transformation from the GATT to the WTO?



Carlo Altomonte; Luis Garicano; Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano; Armando Rungi

Business groups as knowledge-based hierarchies

Cristina Daniela Herghelegiu; Anne-Célia Disdier; Carl Gaigné

Firm exports and quality standards: evidence from French food industry

Svetlana Fedoseeva; Rodrigo Zeidan

A dead-end tunnel or the light at the end of it: the role of BRICs in European exports

Arman Mazhikeyev; Ronald Davies

The glass border: gender and exporting in developing countries

Julia Wörz; Florian Huber

Trend or cycle: who to blame for the weakness in global trade?

David R. DeRemer

The principle of reciprocity in the 21st century



Lunch, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



Presentation of the Global Economic Dynamics project by Bertelsmann Stiftung, Nokia Hall, 2nd Floor, Main Building



Session I1

Room A305, Main Building

Session I2

Room A306, Main Building

Session I3

Room A309, Main Building

Session I4

Room C331, Main Building

Session I5

Room A304, Main Building

Session I6

Room A401, Main Building

Session I7

Room A407, Main Building



Joseph Francois; Douglas Nelson

The occupational content of US trade

Giorgia Giovannetti; Enrico Marvasi; Davide Del Prete

North African countries and firms in international production networks

Martina Lawless; Zuzanna Studnicka

Old firms and new products: does experience increase survival?

Ron Davies; Arman Mazhikeyev

The impact of special economic zones on exporting behavior

Tomasz Michalski; Evren Ors

The Rybczynski effect in U.S. manufacturing 1977-1997: a test

Marcus Biermann

Trade and the size distribution of firms: historical evidence from the German empire

Raphaël Chiappini; Yves Jégourel

Futures market volatility, exchange rate uncertainty and cereals exports: empirical evidence from France



Belén González Díaz; Carmen Díaz-Mora; Rosario Gandoy

Engagement and upgrading in GVCs: strengthening the stability of exports

Michael Koch; Marcel Smolka

Foreign ownership and skill-biased technological change

Eva Hagsten; Martin Falk

An exploration of growth and exports in Swedish micro firms providing computer services

Tibor Besedes; Tristan Kohl; James Lake

Phase out tariffs, phase in trade?

Rutger Maarten Teulings; Franc J G M Klaassen

Untangling fixed effects and constant regressors

Pawel Folfas

Value-added trade, gross trade and international spatial dependencies: case of developed economies

Lise Patureau; Guillaume Daudin; Jérome Héricourt

Beyond the iceberg hypothesis: opening the black box of transport costs



Laura Dell'Agostino; Silvia Nenci

Trade specialization indicators and value added data: the specialization pattern of Italy and its main trade partners

Michael Irlacher; Michael Koch

Short versus long run effects of offshoring when sectors are heterogeneous

Tomasz Brodzicki; Dorota Ciolek

Innovation, innovation strategy and internationalization of Polish firms: logit analysis

Luis Arocho; Carmen Fillat

Regionalism on small economies: Can TPP create trade in a small economy like Puerto Rico?

Janez Kren; Huw Edwards; Jan Van Hove

Trade costs and intra-industry trade: is there a paradox?

Jaanika Meriküll; Tibor Lalinsky

Firm-level evidence on euro trade effect in new euro area member states

Pierre Cotterlaz; Emanuele Mazzini

Are there “dark trade costs” within the US? Evidence from Hurricane Sandy



Veronika Končiková; Robert Barca; Jakub Buček

The sophistication of Chinese exports and its impact on EU15: the case of the high-tech goods

Jan Hagemejer

Productivity spillovers in the GVC: The case of Poland and the new EU member states

Jan Jakub Michalek; Andrzej Cieslik

What forms of innovations are important for export performance:  evidence from Central and East European countries

Antonia Reinecke; Hans-Jörg Schmerer

Redistribution, trade and corruption: an empirical assessment

Hoang Sang Nguyen; Fabien Rondeau

European Union enlargement in 2004, Euro adoption and trade spillovers: a near-Var approach

Angelos Theodorakopoulos

Market imperfections, trade and firm performance

Mariana Spatareanu; Vlad Manole; Ali Kabiri

Exports and bank distress: evidence from the UK



Patrick Alexander

Comparative advantage and multi-stage production


Martin Falk

Exports, R&D activities, and labour productivity of SMEs

Thi Nguyet Anh Nguyen; Thi Hong Hanh Pham; Thomas Vallée

Similarity in trade structure: evidence from ASEAN + 3

Grigorios Zarotiadis; Eftychia Gkogkou

Spatial determination of comparative advantage: the case of South Europe

Inga Heiland

Global risk sharing through trade in goods and assets: theory and evidence

Roman Stöllinger

Tradability of Output and the Current Account: An empirical investigation for Europe



Coffee Break, Ground and 1st Floor Lobbies, Main Building



Session J1

Room A305, Main Building

Session J2

Room A306, Main Building

Session J3

Room A309, Main Building

Session J4

Room A304, Main Building





Alireza Naghavi; Shin-Kun Peng; Yingyi Tsai

Relationship-specific investments and intellectual property rights enforcement with heterogeneous suppliers

Akhvlediani Tinatin; Katarzyna Ĺšledziewska

Effects of the use of internet and ICT-S on export performances of the EU

Naoto Jinji; Tetsuya Tsurumi

Environmental spillovers from foreign direct investment: firm-level evidence from Vietnamese manufacturing

Svetlana Ledyaeva

Export promotion and global value chains





Yushi Yoshida

Revisiting finance-trade linkage in Japan during the Great Trade Collapse

Trudy-Ann Stone; Shahid Quoreshi

The effect of trade shocks on firm performance in Sweden: evidence from the 2008-2009 financial crisis

Christopher Kurz; Mine Senses; Andrei Zlate

All shook up: international trade and firm-level volatility

Haruka Yane

Backward linkage and the skill structure of labor demand





Mauro Caselli; Arpita Chatterjee; Scott French

Prices, markups and quality: the effect of Chinese competition on Mexican exporters

Olga Kuzmina; Natalya Volchkova

Capital structure and exporting: evidence from import tariff changes

Justine Falciola; Marion Jansen; Valentina Rollo

Exploring firm competitiveness: a factor analysis approach

Jarosław M. Nazarczuk; Stanisław Umiński

The impact of special economic zones on export behaviour: evidence from Polish firm-level data





Break (no coffee)



Plenary 3: Main Hall, Main Building

Italo Colantone; Rosario Crinň; Laura Ogliari

The hidden cost of globalization: import competition and mental distress

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