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ETSG 2015 Paris

Seventeenth Annual Conference

10-12 September
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


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Thursday, 10 September 2015




Welcome, Panthéon Amphi 2A

Lionel Fontagné, Isabelle This Saint-Jean, Thierry Verdier


PLENARY SESSION 1, Panthéon Amphi 2A                                                                                                             Chair: Ian Wooton

WTO Prize


PLENARY SESSION 2, Panthéon Amphi 2A                                                                                                             Chair: Maurizio Zanardi

James E. Anderson, Delina E. Agnosteva, Yoto V. Yotov
Intra-national trade costs: assaying regional frictions


Coffee Break, St Jacques Hall


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A7 Panthéon s6


Victoria Purice, Bruno Merlevede
Border effects and FDI spillovers

Thais Nunez Rocha, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
How valuable the IEAs can be? The case of trade in hazardous chemicals and persistent organic pollutants

Delina Emilova Agnosteva
International cartels and bilateral trade: an empirical investigation

Francesco Nucci, Mi Dai, Alberto F. Pozzolo, Jianwei Xu
Financial constraints and the sensitivity of export to exchange rates

Christian Rutzer
It's the competition: Heterogeneous firms, trade liberalization and R&D investment

Emmanuel Milet, Farid Toubal
Services imports and job polarization

Monika Mrázová
Regionalism as a path to free trade


Shubin Yang
Globalisation and regional productivity convergence: a firm-level analysis from India

Natalya Ketenci, Ferda Halicioglu
The impact of international trade on environmental quality in transition countries: evidence from time series data during 1991-2

Ayca Tekin-Koru, N. Nergiz Dincer, Derya Findik
Services trade and firm productivity: evidence from an economy in transition

Meredith Allison Crowley, Huasheng Song, Lu Han
Local market conditions and exchange rate pass through: evidence from Chinese exporters

Fabrice Defever, Christian Fischer, Jens Suedekum
Relational contracts and supplier turnover in the global economy

Raphael Chiappini, Sarah Guillou
Foreign labor cost reforms and domestic export evidence from French exports relative to German labor cost

Filip Tarlea, Peter Egger
Confident about your point estimates? The impact of preferential trade agreements on exports


Ian Wooton, Céline Azémar, Rodolphe Desbordes
Country size and corporate tax rate: rationale and empirics

Feride Doganer Gonel, Tolga Aksoy, Nihal Tuncer Terregrossa
“Green” side of export competitiveness in emerging countries

Dario Fauceglia, Andrea Lassmann, Anirudh Shingal, Martin Wermelinger
Backward participation in global value chains and exchange rate driven adjustments of Swiss exports

Jérôme Héricourt, Clément Nedoncelle
Relative real exchange-rate volatility, multi-destination firms and trade: micro evidence and aggregate implications

Mathieu Parenti, Monika Mrázová, J. Peter Neary
Technology, demand, and the size distribution of firms

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz, Aleksandra Parteka
Offshoring (trade in intermediate goods), skills and wage levels: a worldwide industrial analysis

Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska
Regional trade agreements of the EU and US: what is a common ground?


Kazuhiko Oyamada
Production patterns of multinational enterprises: the knowledge-capital model revisited

Michele Imbruno, Tobias D. Ketterer
Energy efficiency gains from trade in intermediate inputs: firm-level evidence from Indonesia

Cristina Daniela Herghelegiu
The political economy of non-tariff measures

Alejandro Riaño, Fabrice Defever
Twin peaks

Pamina Koenig, Sophie Hatte
The geography of advocacy NGOs campaigns

Sergey Nigai, Peter Egger, Nora Strecker
The taxing deed of globalization

Jan S. Voßwinkel, Laura Birg
The choice of standards in different standard-setting arrangements




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Marios Zachariadis, Marina Glushenkova, Andros Kourtellos
Barriers to price convergence

Arman Rachel Gertzog Mazhikeyev, T. Huw Edwards
Consequences of asymmetric deeper Eurasian economic integration

Nestor Duch-Brown, Bertin Martens
Online exporters’ productivity premium: evidence from the EU

Tomasz Jurkiewicz, Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel, Stanislaw Uminski, Tomasz Brodzicki
The role of productivity in the internationalization of Polish firms. The results of a large survey

Zoryana Olekseyuk
Modeling of FDI in business services: additional effects in case of Ukraine’s European integration

Michael Henry, Pavel Chakraborty
The impact of Chinese imports on the product scope and skill composition of Indian manufacturing firms



Charlotte Sandoz, Antoine Berthou, Kalina Manova
Productivity, misallocation and trade

Elzbieta Czarny, Katarzyna Sledziewska
Shall Polish export be affected by trade diversion resulting from Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement?

Ayse Ozgur Pehlivan, Quang Vuong
Supply function competition and exporters: nonparametric identification and estimation of productivity distributions & marginal costs

Eddy Bekkers, Joseph Francois
Incorporating modern trade theory into CGE modelling

David Collie
International trade under Cournot oligopoly in a general equilibrium model

Ursula Fritsch
Is offshoring beneficial or detrimental to innovation in developed countries?

Amrita Saha
Lobbying for trade policy: theory and evidence from India


Joris Tielens, Jan Van Hove
Credit supply shocks and aggregate fluctuations in international trade

Dominique Bruhn
Coverage and enforceability of investment rules in PTAs: the role of global value chain trade and regulatory differences

Christian Volpe Martincus, Jeronimo Carballo, Georg Schaur
The border labyrinth: information technologies and trade in the presence of multiple agencies

Malte Ehrich, Bernhard Brümmer
Do food standards enhance the concentration of food export markets? A quantile regression approach

Alexandros Ragoussis, Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas
Trade restrictiveness and competition in services

Magali Pinat
Diffusion of ideas and centrality in the trade network

Stela Rubinova, Emmanuel Dhyne
The supplier network of exporters: connecting the dots


Mariya Mileva, Wolfgang Lechthaler
Comparative advantage and business cycle dynamics

Sara Formai, Filippo Vergara Caffarelli
Fragmentation and macroeconomic performance

Julian Hinz
The view from space: theory-based time-varying distances in the gravity model

Enrico Marvasi, Giorgia Giovannetti
Food exporters in global value chains: food for thought

Başak Dalgıç, Burcu Fazlioglu, Michael Gasiorek
Costs of trade and self-selection into exporting and importing: the case of Turkish manufacturing firms

Nihar Shembavnekar
Tariff liberalisation, labour market flexibility and employment: evidence from India

Veronika Movchan, Volodymyr Shportyuk
Non-tariff measures in Ukraine in 2014: can we talk about liberalization?


Friday, 11 September 2015


C1 Panthéon s11

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C6 Panthéon s2

C7 Panthéon s6


Maurizio Zanardi, Chad Bown
Antidumping: take it off, take it all off

Ayesha Ashraf
The effects of greenfield FDI and cross border M&As on government size

Jean-Marc Solleder
Impact of the 2014 ebola outbreak on trade: an early assessment

Andrea Ariu, Dennis Quinn
Estimating Gains From Liberalizing Trade in Services

Michael S. Michael, Slobodan Djajic
Illegal immigration, Foreign aid and the transit countries

Ingo Geishecker, Benjamin Gampfer
Intensive and extensive margins of offshoring and associated wage effects

Mauro Caselli, Arpita Chatterjee, Alan Woodland
Multi-product exporters, variable markups and exchange rate fluctuations


Enrico Vanino, Zhigang Tao, Zhang Yan
Anti-dumping measures on Chinese products: a curse or a blessing for European firms?

Philipp Harms, Jakob Schwab
Like it or not? How the economic and institutional environment shapes individual attitudes towards multinational enterprises

Andrea Linarello, Antonio Accetturo, Andrea Petrella
Judiciary efficiency and trade in tasks

Karsten Mau
US policy spillover(?): China's accession to the WTO and rising exports to the EU

Akira Shimada
Wage disparities and internal migration patterns

Tania Treibich,  Michele Bernini, Sarah Guillou
Export behavior and labor characteristics

Yong Tan, Joel Rodrigue
Price and quality dynamics in export markets


Jan Aleksander Baran
The impact of antidumping on the EU trade

Caroline Witte, Martijn J. Burger, Enrico Pennings
FDI in Africa in the 21st century: opportunities in conflict countries?

Tuna Dinç
The margins of trade: evidence from Turkish firm-level data

Francisco Requena, Juan De Lucio, Raúl Mínguez, Asier Minondo
Information networks and the choice of export destination portfolio: evidence for Mexico

Joan Monras
Economic shocks and internal migration

Shon Ferguson, Zhanar Akhmetova
Offshoring, total factor productivity and skill-biased technological change

Taiji Furusawa, Keiko Ito, Tomohiko Inui, Heiwai Tang
Offshoring, relationship specificity, and domestic production networks


Andżelika Kuźnar, Eliza Przeździecka
Effects of IP protection on export and FDI of knowledge-intensive business services: US and EU evidence

Bing Liu, Robert J. R. Elliott, Liza Jabbour
Diplomatic visits and China’s inward and outward FDI

Mehmet Simsek
Measuring technological content of import, export and production at a disaggregated level: the case of the Turkish auto industry

Louise Curran
The impact of liberalizing rules of origin on trade and upgrading in the clothing industry: a review of the evidence

Joan Martín-Montaner, Guadalupe Serrano, Francisco Requena
Networks and self-employment of migrants

Davide Sala, Philipp Meinen, Pierpaolo Parrotta
Export initiation and managers’ international experience: a lesson from a wage posting model

Peter Neary, Carsten Eckel, Leonardo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik
Testing the core-competency model of multi-product firms


Coffee break, St Jacques Hall


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D7 Panthéon s6


Andrea Lassmann
Cultural distance through language and the impact of migration networks on trade

Panos Hatzipanayotou, Nikos Takiris, Michael S. Michael
Emission permits and public pollution abatement: can decentralized environmental policies be efficient?

Fernanda Ricotta
Productivity differences by export destination

Silvia Bertarelli
Institutional quality and contract complexity: the effects on the intensive and extensive margins of trade

Bernard Franck, Robert F. Owen
Brain gain, brain drain and optimal educational policies: a general conceptual framework

Francesco Di Comite, Antonella Nocco, Gianluca Orefice
Tariff reductions, trade patterns and the wage gap

Wenya Cheng
Regional variation in trade liberalization outcomes: evidence from Chinese manufacturing industry


Guadalupe Serrano, Bernardi Cabrer-Borras, Francisco Requena-Silvente
The role of social and business networks on the location of foreigners within countries: evidence for Italy, Portugal and Spain

Zouheir El-Sahli, Joakim Gullstrand, Karin Olofsdotter
Firms and the decision to invest in a foreign market: evidence from Sweden

Luca Marcolin, J. David Brown, Gustavo A. Crespi, Leonardo Iacovone
Productivity convergence at the plant level, evidence from the Americas

Philipp J.H. Schröder, Ingo Geishecker, Allan Sörensen
Explaining the size differences of exporter premia: theory and evidence

Léa Marchal, Clément Nedoncelle
Foreign workers and exporting behavior: theory and firm-level evidence from France

Pamela Bombarda, Sarra Ben Yahmed
Gender, occupations and international trade

Bo Gao, Nils Braakmann, Sara Maioli
VAT rebates as trade policy: evidence from China


Lindsay Oldenski, Stefania Garetto, Natalia Ramondo
The dynamics of multinational activity

Pouria Masoumy, Behzad Azarhoushang, Clarck Banach
FDI and productivity spillovers in China: a meta-analysis

Zhen Zhu, Federica Cerina, Alessandro Chessa, Massimo Riccaboni
World input-output network

Stella Capuano, Hartmut Egger, Michael Koch, Hans-Jörg Schmerer
Offshoring and firm overlap

Steffen Sirries
North-North migration gravity revisited

Xi Chen
Wage inequality in a small open economy: reallocation versus offshoring

Mahdi Ghodsi, Simona Jokubauskaite, Robert Stehrer
Non-tariff Measures and the quality of imported products


Neil Foster-McGregor, Rod Falvey
North-South FDI and bilateral investment treaties

Charlie Joyez
Location choices and foreign direct investment motives of heterogeneous firms

Anirudh Shingal
Going beyond the 0/1 dummy: estimating the effect of heterogeneous provisions in services accords on services trade

Carlo Altomonte, D.M. Favoino, T. Sonno
Productivity, markups and the financing of firms

Sultan Orazbayev, Miriam Manchin
Social networks and the intention to migrate

Davide Suverato, Carlo Perroni
Skill scarcity, wages, and export performance

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Olivier Cadot, Anne-Célia Disdier, Mélise Jaud
Big hits in exports: growing by leaps and bounds


Lunch, CDS restaurant


Interaction, CDS garden


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E7 Panthéon s6


Bohdan Kukharskyy
Relational contracts and global sourcing

Nikos Tsakiris, Panos Hatzipanayotou, Michael S. Michael
Cross-border pollution, capital mobility and efficient decentralized environmental policies

Walter Steingress
Specialization patterns in international trade

Holger Breinlich
The effect of trade liberalization on firm-level profits: an event-study approach

Claudia Lumpe, Jürgen Meckl, Christian Lumpe
Social status and public attitudes: self-selection of high-skilled migrants

Tobias Seidel, Maximilian Von Ehrlich
Financial development and inequality in the global economy

Gianluca Orefice, Lionel Fontagné, Roberta Piermartini
Making (small) firms happy. The heterogeneous effect of trade facilitation measures


Boris Georgiev
Firm productivity and FDI activity. Evidence from Danish industrialized firms


Marie-Luise Rau, Monika Verma
NTMs in CGE models: is reducing iceberg trade costs enough? An experiment of modelling EU DCFTAs in GTAP

Jesús A. Muñoz Sepúlveda, Aranzazu Crespo
The role of capacity and financial constraints in export dynamics

Marcel Smolka
Identification and estimation of aggregate migration functions with panel data

Jianwei Xu,  Mi Dai
The skill structure of export wage premium: evidence from Chinese matched employer-employee data

Jakob Munch, Georg Schaur
The effect of export promotion on firm-level performance


Vincent Vicard
Profit shifting through transfer pricing: evidence from French firm level trade data

Magdalene Silberberger
Trade and the regulation of the environment

Ulrich Schetter
Comparative advantages with product complexity and product quality

Olga Timoshenko, Paulo Bastos, Daniel A. Dias
Learning, prices and firm dynamics

Remi Bazillier, Francesco Magris, Daniel Mirza
Restrictive migration policies reduce outward migration: evidence from Schengen Agreements

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso
Core labour standards in regional trade agreements: are they improving labour conditions in developing countries?

Denise Penello Rial
Methodological notes for processing NTM data. an example from Latin American countries


Sotiris Blanas, Adnan Seric
Knowledge transfer, knowledge expropriation, and intra-firm trade

Cecilia Bellora, Jean-Marc Bourgeon
Agricultural trade, biodiversity effects and food price volatility

Xianjia Ye
Does factor endowment differences predict bilateral factor content trade?

Charlotte Emlinger, Sabine Duvaleix-Treguer, Carl Gaigné, Karine Latouche
Quality and export performance: evidence from cheese industry

Tsegay Tekleselassie
Tall paper walls: the political economy of visas and cross-border travel

Bernhard Michel, Vesna Stavrevska
Value added offshoring

Elsa Leromain, Julian Hinz
Politics of global value chains


Saara Tamminen
Services trade and employment in heterogeneous firms

Dimitra Petropoulou, Ourania Karakosta
The EU electricity market: renewables targets and international trade

Jorge F. Chavez
Local export spillovers in a developing country

Jonas Frank
Trade and corporate culture: an empirical analysis approach

Guzman Ourens
The long-term impact of trade with firm heterogeneity

David Carson Jinkins, Farid Farrokhi
Geography, trade, and the college-wage premium

Robert Stehrer, Julia Grübler, Mahdi Ghodsi
The bilateral impact of NTMs in global value chains


Luca Salvatici
The time is right: an analysis of timing in bilateral agreements implementation

T. Huw Edwards
Import search and the path dependency of trade

Hannah Schürenberg-Frosch
We couldn't care less about Armington elasticities: but should we?

Yi Liu, Robert J. R. Elliott, Michael Henry
Trade liberalization, profits and wages in China: are processing firms different?

Christoph Moser, Hartmut Egger, Peter Egger, Udo Kreickemeier
The exporter wage premium when firms and workers are heterogeneous

Frédéric Robert-Nicoud, Céine Carrere, Marco Fugazza, Marcelo Olarreaga
Trade in unemployment

Joseph Francois, Peter H. Egger, Douglas R. Nelson
The role of goods trade networks for services trade volume


Coffee break, St Jacques Hall


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F3 Panthéon s16

F4 Panthéon s17

F5 Panthéon s18

F6 Panthéon s2

F7 Panthéon s6


Michaela Kesina, Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger
Contagious exporting and foreign ownership: evidence from firms in Shanghai using a Bayesian spatial bivariate probit model

Elena Vaccharino, Alexander Al-Haschimi, Frauke Skudelny, Julia Wörz
The trade and demand nexus: any changes from global value chains?

Ehsan Vallizadeh
Immigration, offshoring, and distributional effect: the role of technology adoption

Florian Mayneris, Andre Ariu, Mathieu Parenti
Firm-level servitization: theory and evidence

Tibor Lalinsky, Péter Harasztosi, Urška Čede, Bogdan Chiriacescu, Jaanika Meriküll
Export diversification and output volatility: comparative firm-level evidence

Pawel Folfas
European integration, spatial dependencies and income convergence: evidence of new EU member states

Lars Nilsson
EU exports and uptake of preferences: a first analysis


Angela Cheptea, Peter Eppinger
Hosting foreign retailers: impacts on productivity and exports

Roman Stöllinger
Global value chains and structural change

Tobias Brändle
Which type of jobs are shed in mass lay-offs?

Volker Nitsch
Collapse expanded: the Great Trade Collapse across and within borders

Lena Sheveleva, Kala Krishna
Multi-product exporters: learning versus knowing

Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo
Early agglomeration or late agglomeration? Two phases of development with spatial sorting

Clara Brandi, Birgit Schmitz
Trade finance and trade flows into industrialized, emerging and developing economies: what is the role of trade openness?


Iulia Siedschlag, Gavin Murphy
Firms’ exporting under financing constraints

Pascalis Raimondos, Christos Kotsogiannis
Tax base co-occupation and Pareto efficiency

Jaewon Jung
Organizational belief, managerial vision, and international trade

Björn Thor Arnarson
The superstar product

Katrin Kamin
The impact of conflict on trade: evidence from panel data

Jan Hagemejer, Katarzyna Śledziewska
Trade barriers in services and merchandise trade in the context of TTIP: Poland, EU and the United States

Dorothée Rouzet
Services trade barriers and manufacturing specialisation


Davide Del Prete, Armando Rungi
Who is smiling now? The value added content along supply chains

Miriam Frey
Income inequality effects of Ukraine’s trade liberalization with the EU. Are there “two Ukraines”?

Georg Schaur, T. Clay McManus
The effects of import competition on worker health

Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch, Yoto V. Yotov
A simple method to estimate the effects of non-discriminatory trade policy within structural gravity models

Isabelle Rabaud
Institutional similarities and bilateral trade in services

Afrola Plaku, Carlo Altomonte, Italo Colantone
Does (value added) trade cause growth?

Florian Ramel, Axel Mangelsdorf, Knut Blind
The effects of standards on value chains and trade in Europe


Sebastian Krautheim, Thierry Verdier
Good Cop - Bad Cop: dynamic NGO strategy, offshoring and technology choice

Leonid V. Azarnert
Trade, luxury goods and a growth enhancing tariff

Katariina Nilsson Hakkala, Kristiina Huttunen
Understanding worker-level consequences of import shocks

Mario Larch, James E. Anderson, Yoto V. Yotov
Estimating General Equilibrium Trade Policy Effects: GE PPML

Elena Besedina, Tom Coupe
Beggar thy neighbor? application of SPS measures by the Russian Federation

Janez Kren, Jan Van Hove
Effects of trade agreements on trade growth and the margins of trade

Camilo Umana Dajud, Jules Hugot
Trade costs and the Suez and Panama Canals


Cruise on River Seine


Saturday, 12 September 2015


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G6 Panthéon s2

G7 Panthéon s6


Selen Sarisoy Guerin
Employment and FDI

Rafael Moner-Colonques, Maja Barac
Precommitment and flexibility in internationalization strategies of heterogeneous firms

Erwin Winkler, Hans-Joerg Schmerer, Wolfgang Dauth
Exporters and wage inequality during the Great Recession: evidence from Germany

Philip Krammer, Andreas Schäfer
Trade, transport and traders’ preferences

Matthias Beestermöller, Anne-Celia Disdier, Lionel Fontagné
The impact of EU border inspections on Chinese agri-food exports: firm-level evidence

Dermot Leahy, J. Peter Neary
When the threat is stronger than the execution: trade and welfare under oligopoly

Horst Raff, Holger Görg, Philipp Meinen
International trade and the structure of retail markets: evidence from Danish micro-data


Roger Bandick
The effect of offshoring on productivity and export growth

Anders Rosenstand Laugesen
Asymmetric monotone comparative statics for the industry compositions

Marco De Pinto, Jörg Lingens
Union formation, firm selection and aggregate industry productivity

Giuseppe Berlingieri
Managing export complexity: the role of service outsourcing

Laura Birg
Labor standards and imports

Jan I. Haaland, Anthony J. Venables
Optimal trade policy with monopolistic competition and heterogeneous firms

Sebastian Daniel Seiffert, Michelle Hansch
Trade openness and spatial agglomeration of economic activity in African economies


Martin Falk
The relationship between FDI and the technological innovations of local firms through backward linkages

Florian Unger
The role of financial intermediation in international trade

Daniel Baumgarten, Sybille Lehwald
Trade exposure and the decline in collective bargaining

Nihal Tuncer Terregrossa, Ferda Karagöz, Türkan Turan
Turkey’s position and competitiveness in the global automotive networks

Christina Pötzsch
Technology transfer on a two-way street: R&D spillovers through intermediate input usage and supplies

Matthew T. Cole, Ben Zissimos
Too small to protect? The role of firm size in trade agreements

Jan-Pieter Laleman, Jan Van Hove

The importance of the transport mode in understanding trade patterns


Ron Davies, Rodolphe Desbordes, Anna Ray
Greenfield versus merger & acquisition FDI: same wine, different bottles?

Amal Hili, Hejer Lasram, Rim Lahmandi Ayed
Differentiation, labor market and globalization

Alejandro Donado
Why do they JUST DO IT? A theory of outsourcing and working conditions

Oscar Lemmers
Who needs MRIOs anyway? An alternative assignment of value added of trade

Nazire Nergiz Dincer, Ayca Tekin-Koru
The effect of network services trade barriers on goods trade

David DeRemer
Opportunities for cooperation in removing prohibitive trade barriers

Jens Wrona
Border effects without borders: what divides Japan's internal trade?


Coffee break, St Jacques Hall


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H3 Panthéon s16

H4 Panthéon s17

H5 Panthéon s18

H6 Panthéon s2

H7 Panthéon s6


Behzad Azarhoushang, Pouria Masoumy, Jennifer Pédussel Wu
FDI effects on industrial value-added: evidence from Chinese and Thai government policies

Dominik Boddin, Horst Raff, Natalia Trofimenko
Foreign ownership and the export and import propensities of developing-country firms

Anja Grujovic, Frédéric Robert-Nicoud, Céline Carrere
Trade and long term unemployment: a quantitative assessment

Loe Franssen
The effect of global value chains on domestic wage premia

Daniel Goya, Andrés Zahler
‘Distance to core’ and new export survival: evidence from Chilean exporters

Jota Ishikawa, Nori Tarui
Trade and industrial policies with endogenous transport costs

Thierry Mayer, Maria Bas, Mathias Thoenig
From micro to macro: demand, supply, and heterogeneity in the trade elasticity


Zhengning Liu
Do we need local ownership requirement for foreign direct investment? Evidence from China

Maria Masood
Raising protection for less diversity? The side-effect of quotas on foreign imports

Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, Joseph Francois, Amanda Leister
Melting ice caps: implications for Asia-North America linkages and the Panama Canal

Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci, Lavinia Rotili
Trade and global value chains in the EU: a dynamic augmented gravity model

Jan Fałkowski, Daniele Curzi, Alessandro Olper
Contract (in)completeness, product quality and trade: evidence from the food industry

Wolfgang Lechthaler
Ben Bernanke in Doha: the effect of monetary policy on optimal tariffs

Fariha Kamal, Asha Sundaram
Spatial concentration of buyer-seller matches in international trade: the role of institutions and infrastructure


Neill Killeen, Ronald B. Davies
Location decisions of non-bank financial foreign direct investment: firm-level evidence from Europe

Luca De Benedictis, Bruno Arpino, Alessandra Mattei
Propensity score matching with network data. Evaluating the effect of GATT on bilateral trade

Anne-Celia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Foure
Atlantic versus Pacific Agreement in agri-food sectors: does the winner take it all?

Stanislaw Uminski, Katarzyna Sledziewska, Tomasz Brodzicki, Dorota Ciolek
Extended gravity model of Poland’s trade. Empirical analysis with panel data methods

Lucia Tajoli, Isabella Cingolani, Giulia Felice
Innovation and international fragmentation of production

Christian Soegaard, Inger Sommerfelt Ervik
Linking micro and macro: welfare effects of trade policy in general oligopolistic equilibrium

Matteo Fiorini, Cosimo Beverelli, Bernard Hoekman
The effect of services trade restrictiveness on manufacturing productivity: a cross-country analysis


Marjolijn Jaarsma
Dutch multinationals and foreign multinationals; same difference?

Anca Voicu, Nicholas Horsewood, Somnath Sen
Beggar thy neighbor: British Imports during the inter-war years and the effect of the 1932 tariff

Astrid Martina Krenz, Ana Abeliansky
Democracy and international trade: differential effects from a panel quantile regression framework

Merve Mavus Kutuk, Huseyin Aytug, Arif Oduncu, Subidey Togan
Do countries really benefit from customs unions? a non-parametric approach

Carlos Llano, Tamara De La Mata, Jorge Diaz-Lanchas, Nuria Gallego
Transport mode competition in intra-national trade: an empirical investigation for the Spanish case

Taiju Kitano
Disguised protectionism? Environmental policy in Japanese car market

Angelos Theodorakopoulos, Bruno Merlevede
Productivity effects from inter-industry offshoring and inshoring: Firm-level evidence from Belgium


Lunch, St Jacques Hall


RoWE Prize Award, Panthéon Amphi 2A                                                                                                               Chair: Joseph Francois



I1 Panthéon s11

I2 Panthéon s15

I3 Panthéon s16

I4 Panthéon s17

I5 Panthéon s18

I6 Panthéon s2

I7 Panthéon s6


Armando Rungi, Gregory Morrison, Fabio Pammolli
Corporate control in multinational production networks using a majority rule model: evidence from the financial crisis

Olga Solleder
Political economy of export policy

Thibault Fally, Benjamin Faber
Firm heterogeneity in consumption baskets: evidence from home and store scanner data

Samuel Standaert, Glenn Rayp
Trade integration and trade agreements: resolving the endogeneity problem through a qualitative VAR

Filomena Pietrovito, Pietro De Matteis, Alberto Franco Pozzolo
Determinants of exports: firm heterogeneity and local context

Xuan Tran,  Isabelle Cadoret
The direct trade-induced composition effect and its environmental outcomes in different continents

Benjamin Gampfer, Ingo Geishecker
Endogenous competition exposure: China’s rise - Danish intra-industry and intra-firm adaptation


Margherita Scoppola
Foreign direct investment and trade in agriculture and natural resources. An incomplete contracts approach

Ruxandra Gabriela Popescu
Effects of economic diplomacy on international economic flows among European Union member states

Vincent Boitier, Antoine Vatan
Hierarchy of trade and experience as exporters

Aleksandra Parteka, Roberto Basile , Rosanna Pittiglio
Related and unrelated export variety and economic development: assessing nonlinearities and spatial interdependence

Michiel Gerritse
Do multinationals spread less knowledge?

Meng Tong, Robert J. R. Elliott, Eric Strobl
The impact of natural disasters on firm-level trade: evidence from typhoons in China

Paola Conconi, Laura Alfaro, Davin Chor, Pol Antràs
Internalizing global value chains: a firm-level analysis


Gábor Békés, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano
Measuring EU regional competitiveness: a micro-trade approach

James Cassing, Arye Hillman
The primacy of rents in the choice of the means of protection

Antonella Nocco, Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano, Matteo Salto
Geography, technology, and optimal trade policy with heterogeneous firms

Katharina Erhardt, Peter Egger
Nonparametric effects of tariff and nontariff policy barriers in general equilibrium

Davide Romelli, Cristina Terra, Enrico Vasconcelos
Current account and real exchange rate changes: the impact of trade openness

Bin Ni, Hanae Tamechika, Tsunehiro Otsuki, Keiichiro Honda
Does ISO14001 raise firms’ awareness of environmental protection? Case from Vietnam

Stefanie Haller, Doireann Fitzgerald, Yaniv Yedid-Levi
How exporters grow


Karin Olofsdotter, Åsa Hansson, Susanna Thede
Do multinationals engage in tax planning activities? The case of Sweden

Eyal Ronen, Kamala Dawar
How “necessary”? A comparison of legal and economic assessments under GATT Dispute Settlements, Article XX(b), TBT 2.2 & SPS 5.6

Oliver Krebs, Michael Pflüger
How deep is your love? A quantitative spatial analysis of the Transatlantic Trade Partnership

Alessia Via, Francesco Aiello, Graziella Bonanno
Trade-elasticities for China and OECD countries. Facts and myths of global disequilibria

Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D., Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Kai Rehwald
Is aid for trade effective? A panel-quantile regression approach

Vera Danilina
Eco-labelling, trade integration, and productivity effects

Peter Egger, Kevin E. Staub
Controlling for multilateral resistance terms in linearized trade gravity equations without spatial econometrics



Mathilde Lebrand, Matteo Fiorini
Barriers to FDI, investment agreements, and foreign lobbying

Seyhan Aygul, Harun Nasir
Pass-through of exchange rate in the context of the imported intermediates in the production

Mattia Di Ubaldo
Catalysts and inhibitors of the trade collapse

Pertti Haaparanta
Global justice and national priorities

Fabien Candau, Elisa Dienesch
Pollution haven and corruption paradise

Jan Jakub Michalek, Andrzej Cieslik, Krzysztof Szczygielski
Innovations and export performance: firm level evidence from Poland


Coffee break, St Jacques Hall


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Bruno Merlevede, Karolien Lenaerts
FDI spillovers and multinational firm heterogeneity

Ingo Borchert, Alessandro Barattieri, Aaditya Mattoo
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions in services: the role of policy and industrial structure

Ricardo Descalzi, Pedro Esteban Moncarz, Sergio Barone
An ex-ante analysis of the welfare effects of changes in international prices of agricultural commodities: the case of Uruguay

Umut Erksan Senalp
Do firms learn from exporting when returns to scale is variable

Alan Woodland, Xiao Chen
Population ageing, education and skill premium in international trade

Joschka Wanner, Mario Larch, Yoto V. Yotov
The trade and welfare effects of common currencies in general equilibrium

Philipp Meinen
Markup and productivity responses to Chinese imports: evidence from Denmark


Lucia Perez-Villar
Cooperation in the value chain and firm innovation in Uruguay

Lorenzo Rotunno
Global supply chains and tariff cuts: evidence from Factory Asia

Francesco Bripi, David Loschiavo, Davide Revelli
Services trade and credit frictions: evidence with matched bank-firm data

Salvador Gil-Pareja, Rafael Llorca-Vivero, José Antonio Martínez Serrano
The effect of nonreciprocal preferential trade agreements on benefactors’ exports

Esther Ann Bøler
Technology-skill complementarity at the firm level

Stefano Federico, Silvia Del Prete
Does trust among banks matter for bilateral trade? Evidence from shocks in the interbank market

Robert Frank Owen
Entry-exit dynamics, learning and news: linking trade theory and evolutionary economic processes


Federico Clementi
Market power, foreign ownership and competitive pressure

Alessandro Barattieri
Asymmetric trade liberalizations and current account dynamics

Anna Ray, Antoine Vatan
Rich, poor and luxury: trade in luxury goods in the world of income inequalities

David Christopher Kurfess
Why not all exporters favour bilateral trade liberalisation

Colin Davis, Ken-Ichi Hashimoto
Corporate tax policy and industry location with fully endogenous productivity growth

Sajal Lahiri, Yingyi Tsai
Foreign penetration and domestic competition

Xiaoyu Tian
Learning by exporting and importing: dynamics, production and firm performance


Flora Bellone, Mai Thi Phuong Vu
On the relative performance of domestic versus foreign-owned Vietnamese exporters

David J. Kuenzel
WTO dispute determinants

Federico Trionfetti
Comparative skill premia

Stijn Vanormelingen, Carmine Ornaghi, Ilke Van Beveren
Employment growth and the offshoring of goods and services

Anna Maria Ferragina, Fernanda Mazzotta
How Italian firms performances are influenced by innovation of domestic and foreign firms nearby in space and sectors?

Ana Lucia Abeliansky, Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso, Klaus Prettner
The impact of 3D printing on trade and FDI

Rodolfo Metulini, Roberto Patuelli
A spatial filtering zero-inflated approach to the estimation of the gravity model of trade


Verena Nowak
The decision whether to integrate or to outsource

Michael Osterwald-Lenum
Transitory profits during offshoring: a dynamic model

Seda Koymen Ozer, Ayca Tekin Koru, Nergiz Dincer
Employee training, innovation and export performance

Oleksandr Shepotylo, Kim P. Huynh, David T. Jacho-Chavez, Oleksiy Kryvtsov, Volodymyr Vakhitov
The evolution of firm-level distributions for Ukrainian manufacturing firms

Marta Solaz, Francisco Alcala
International relocation of production and economic growth

Michael Irlacher, Florian Unger
Imperfect capital markets and trade liberalization in general equilibrium

Marina Murat, María Luisa Recalde, Pedro Gabriel Degiovanni
The education networks of Latin America. effects on bilateral trade during and after the Cold War




PLENARY SESSION 3, Panthéon Amphi 2A                                                                                                             Chair: Frank van Tongeren

Banu Demir, Beata Javorcik
Grin and bear it: producer-financed exports from an emerging market


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             Times of presentations are subject to change up until the conference itself. Check the time of your presentation on arrival at the conference.

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