Second Annual Conference


15-17 September 2000

Conference Proceedings




Lecture Theatre 1, Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow

Friday 15 September

Session 1

09.00-09.10 Welcome, Anton Muscatelli
09.10-09.55 First Plenary Session

"Economic geography and international inequality," Anthony Venables & S J Redding

09.55-10.40 "Competition policy, trade, and FDI," Joseph Francois & Henrik Horn
  10.40-11.10 Coffee

Session 2

11.10-11.40 Second Plenary Session

"Competition, trade and wages," J Peter Neary

11.40-12.10 "Lobbying as a transport industry in international trade," James Cassing & Steven Husted
12.10-12.40 "European antidumping policy and firms' strategic choice of quality," Hylke Vandenbussche & Xavier Wauthy
  12.40-14.00 Lunch

Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow



Lecture Theatre 1 Lecture Theatre 2 Lecture Room A

Session 3

14.00-14.25 Trade and Competition I

"Robust rules for industrial policy in open economies," Dermot Leahy & J P Neary

Trade and the Environment

"The enviroment, trade and industrial restructuring: revisiting the evidence," Matthew Cole, R J R Elliott & A K Azhar

Economic Integration I

"Is bilateralism good? On the economics of free trade agreements," Jeffrey Bergstrand & Scott Baier

14.25-14.50 "Endogenous vertical restraints in international trade," Horst Raff & Nicolas Schmitt "Foreign direct investment and environmental taxes," Roberto De Santis and Frank Stähler "Factor endowments, country size, and economic integration: the effects on trade and industry," Thomas Mathä
14.50-15.15 "Price discrimination and market power in the ceramic tile industry," Francisco Requena Silvente "GMOs and global trade patterns," Karen Thierfelder, Chantal Nielson & Sherman Robinson "A theory of free trade areas," Raymond Riezman, Eric Bond & Costas Syropoulos
15.15-15.40 "Market Integration and industrial structure: home market effects revisited," Zhihao Yu  
  15.40-16.00 Coffee

Session 4

16.00-16.25 Trade and Competition II

"International mergers vs foreign direct investment," Aurora García-Gallego & Nikolaos Georgantzis

Topics in Trade

"Software development and trade," Larry Qiu

Economic Integration II

"Economic integration between the EU and the CEECs: a sectoral study," Francesca Di Mauro

16.25-16.50 "Domestic monopolies vs domestic oligopolies in international trade policy," Juan Ruiz & Praveen Kujal "Taxation, openness and barter," Leena Kerkela & Pertti Haaparanta "Disintegration and trade," Jarko Fidrmuc & Jan Fidrmuc
16.50-17.15 "Strategic alliances, licensing and mergers post WTO: the equivalence of tariffs and quotas revisited," Cillian Ryan "E-commerce and existing small firms: A West Midlands qualitative pilot study of SME internet use," Lynn Martin "Social protection competition in the EMU," Glenn Rayp & Wim Meeusen
17.15-17.40 "Oligopolistic competition and trade of differentiated products," Farid Toubal "General equilibrium effects of increasing immigration: the case of Spain,"  Javier Ferri,  Antonio Gómez Gómez-Plana & Joan Martín
  18.30-20.00 Reception, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow
Saturday 16 September

Session 5

09.00-09.25 Geography and Trade

"Agglomeration and congestion in US counties," Klaus Desmet & Marcel Fafchamps

Trade and Labour Markets I

"Labor market adjustments to globalization: unemployment versus relative wages," Carsten Eckel

Empirics of Trade I

"Trade of quality differentiated goods and import elasticities," Stefano Chiarlone

09.25-09.50 "Tax competition and economic geography," Rikard Forslid & Fredrik Andersson "Intra-industry trade and labour-market adjustment: evidence for the UK," Robert Elliott & Marius Brulhart "Heckscher-Ohlin in logs," Enrique Aldaz-Carroll
09.50-10.15 "Cumulative causation, the welfare state, and international specialisation," Catia Montagna & Hassan Molana "Industrial specialisation, trade, and labour market dynamics in a multisectoral model of technological progress," Robert Stehrer "Deconstructing intra-industry trade with special reference to EU trade," Joakim Gullstrand
10.15-10.40 "International fragmentation of production and competitiveness," Fabio Sdogati, Salvatore Baldone & Lucia Tajoli "Labor markets and kaleidoscopic comparative advantage," Daniel Traca
  10.40-11.00 Coffee

Session 6

11.00-11.25 Trade Policy I

"Prohibiting state aid in an integrated market: Cournot and Bertrand oligopolies with differentiated products," David Collie

Trade and Labour Markets II

"Sectoral employment effects of trade and productivity in Europe," Ellen Brock & Filip Abraham

Empirics of Trade II

"Does country-targeted anti-dumping policy by the EU create trade diversion?," Andrea Lasagni

11.25-11.50 "The role of commitment & the choice of trade policy instruments," Praveen Kujal & Celia Costa Cabral "Effects of FDI on wage inequalities in Poland. Theory and evidence," Agnieszka Skuratowicz "European exports & outward foreign direct investment: a dynamic panel data approach," Peter Egger
11.50-12.15 "Redistribution in the wake of trade liberalisation - help or hindrance?" Gerald Willmann  "International trade and search," Pertti Haaparanta "Japanese penetration of European markets: does quality matter?" R Anderton, P Brenton, N Horsewood, E Penkova & P Sinclair
  12.40-14.00 Lunch

Session 7


Trade Policy II

"Parallel imports of pharmaceutical products in the European Union," Mattias Ganslandt & Keith Maskus

Transition and Development

"Re-examining the export-led growth hypothesis in Latin America: Foreign direct investment, trade & output linkages in developing countries," Ana Maria Cuadros Ramos, Ma Teresa Alguacil & Vicente Orts

Empirics of Trade III

"Does trade liberalisation induce job reallocation and productivity growth?  Evidence on countries of Central and Eastern Europe," Giulia Faggio

14.25-14.50 "Political economy of strategic trade policy: menu-auctions with imperfect competition," Chelsea C Lin & K C Fung "Trade policy of transition economies," Jean-Marie Viaene & Jose Luis Moraga "The impact of exchange rate volatility on Euro Area imports," Frauke Skudelny & Robert Anderton
14.50-15.15 "A model of bargaining on trade policy reform," Saime Suna Kayam "EU trade policy towards ACP countries - from preferences towards reciprocity," Susanna Wolf "Trade liberalization policy options for Sri Lanka: A general equilibrium analysis," Ajitha Tennakoon
15.15-15.40   "Intra-European external trade of Spanish regions. Application of a gravity equation," Celestino Suarez-Burguet, Leando Garcia & Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzosa
  15.40-16.00 Coffee

Session 8

16.00-16.25 Trade Policy III

"Recurrent trade agreements and the role of external enforcement," Mikhail Klimenko, Garey Ramey & Joel Watson

Trade and Growth

"Economic co-fluctuations between UK regions and continental Europe," Salvador Barrios, Marius Brühlhart, Robert JR Elliott, & Marianne Sensier

Trade and Public Finance

"Exporting versus direct investment under local sourcing," Kamal Saggi and Amy Glass

16.25-16.50 "Vertical differentiation, trade and endogenous common standards," Luca Lambertini & Gianpaolo Rossini "Increasing returns, input-output linkages and technological leapfrogging," Fredrik Gallo "Welfare implications of trade reforms with an active government budget constraint," Can Erbil
16.50-17.15 "The relationship between firm-specific assets and internationalisation in Spanish manufacturers," Fernando Merino & Vicente Salas "Openness, growth and R&D spillovers: uncovering the missing link?," Arjan Lejour & Richard Nahuis "Must government revenues collapse after trade reform? evidence from ten developing nations," Dorsati Madani & Simon Evenett
Sunday 17 September

Session 9

09.00-09.25 MNEs and FDI I

"Competition for multinational activity in Europe: The role played by wages and market size," Henrik Braconier & Karolina Ekholm

09.25-09.50 "Multinational firms: easy come, easy go?" Jan I. Haaland & Ian Wooton
09.50-10.15 "Crowding out and distributional effects of FDI policies," Amy Glass & Kamal Saggi
10.15-10.40 "Multinational enterprises and new trade theory: evidence for the convergence hypothesis," Eric Strobl, Holger Görg & Salvador Barrios
  10.40-11.00 Coffee

Session 10

11.00-11.25 MNEs and FDI II

"The politics of trade liberalization in the presence of FDI incentives," Andrea Maechler

11.25-11.50 "The impact of FDI inflows on developing countries growth: trade policy matters," Andrea Marino
11.50-12.15 "Trade, multinational sales, and FDI in a three-factor model," Michael Pfaffermayr & Peter Egger
12.15-12.40 "Non-linearity in openness and growth links: theory and evidence," Richard Baldwin & F Sbergami
  12.40-14.00 Lunch

Names in red indicate the individuals who were participants in the conference (see almost all of them in the official photograph)

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