24 - 26 September 1999  


Plenary Session I
  Gandal, Neil, Hanson, Gordon H., & Slaughter, Matthew J. Rybczynski Effects and Adjustment to Immigration in Israel
  Baldwin,Richard Core-Periphery Model with Forward-Looking Expectations
Parallel Session A -- Trade and Wages I
A.1 Pinna, Anna Maria  Trade and wages: what can disaggregated import and export data tell us?
A.2 Tyers, Rod Yang, Yongzheng European Unemployment and the Asian Emergence
A.3 Nelson, Douglas &
Lovely, Mary
Factor market adjustment to inter-industry and intra-industry trade
A.4 Celi, Giuseppe, & Smith, Alasdair  Quality differentiation and the labour market effects of international trade
Parallel Session B -- Home bias and the Linder Hypothesis
B.1 Brülhart, Marius &  Trionfetti, Frederico Home biased demand and international trade theories: a new test of trade theories
B.2 Ramezzana, Paolo  Per capita income, product variety, and trade: Linder revisited
B.3 Anderton, R., Horsewood, N.J. & Sinclair, P. Preference Asymmetries, Hysteresis and quality effects in Swedish imports
Parallel Session C -- Trade and Wages II
C.1 Sutherland, Julie M  International trade and wage inequality in Ireland
C.2 Luecke, Matthias  Sectoral value added prices, TFP growth, and the low-skilled wage in high-income countries
C.3 Falzoni, Anna Maria & Bruno, G. Multinational corporations, wages and employment: Do adjustment costs matter?
C.4 Manasse, Paolo, & Turrini, Alessandro  Trade, wages, and superstars
Parallel Session D -- Trade and Growth/Development
D.1 Desmet, Klaus  A simple dynamic model of uneven development and overtaking
D.2 Madani, Dorsati  South-South Regional Integration and Industrial Growth: The Case of the Andean Pact.
D.3 Rombout, Machiel (with Joseph Francois) Capital accumulation in a model of regional integration
D.4 Landesmann, Michael & Stehrer, Robert  Convergence patterns and the dynamics of comparative advantage
Parallel Session E -- Trade and Wages III
E.1 Martin, Joan A. & Ferri, J. Income distribution in a CGE model simulating the impact of trade, technology, and factor supply
E.2 Minondo, Asier  The labour impact of trade in middle-income countries: a factor content anaylsis
E.3 Müller, Tobias Migration policy for a small open economy with a dual labor market
Parallel Session F -- Foreign Direct Investment and Location
F.1 Barrios,  Are there positive spillovers from foreign direct investment? Evidence from a panel of Spanish manufacturing firms (1990-1994)
F.2 Braconier, Henrik, Ekholm, Karolina, & Karen Helene Midelfart Knarvik Does FDI work as a channel for R&D spillovers
F.3 Baldone, Salvatore, Sdogati, Fabio & Tajoli, L. Delocalization of production and outward processing trade: evidence for the EU and the CEECs
F.4 Haaland, Jan & Forslid, Rikard A U-shaped Europe?
Plenary Session II
  Norman, Victor  Positive trade theory -- Where do we go from here?
  Francois, Joseph & Wooton, Ian Trade in Interantional Transport Services: The role of competition
Parallel Session G -- Trade and Competition I
G.1 Falvey, Rod  Trade policy and mergers
G.2 Schuknecht, Ludger (with Joseph Francois) Trade in financial services, competition, and growth peformance
G.3 Ishikawa, Jota  From segmented markets to integrated markets: an econometric analysis of economic integration and antidumping law
G.4 Feuerstein, Switgard  Collusion with fluctuating exchange rates
Parallel Session H -- Empirics of Trade I
H.1 Mathä, Thomas Proximity - Concentration vs. Factor Proportions Explanations: The Case of Swedish Multinationals in the EU
H.2 Piazolo, Daniel Quantifying the consequence of Poland's membership in the European Union
H.3 Klimenko, Mikhail  Competition, statistical economies of scale and agglomeration in high-growth industries
H.4 Olofsdotter, Karin  Scale economies, specialization and trade -- an empirical analysis over time and across industries
Parallel Session I -- Trade and Competition II (antidumping)
I.1 Montado, Estela  Antidumping and learning-by-doing
I.2 To, Ted & Cassing, J. Antidumping and Signaling
I.3 Maur, Jean-Christophe & Messerlin, P. Antidumping in supercomputers or supercomputing in antidumping? The "Cray-NEC" Case
I.4 Vandenbussche, H., Konings, J., & Springael, Linda  Import diversion under European antidumping policy
Parallel session J -- Empirics of Trade II
J.1 Chiarlone, Stefano  Horizontal and vertical intra industry trade: an empirical analysis of the italian case, using 5 digit trade data, with theoretical reference to its impact on import demand
J.2 van Berkum, Siemen & van Meijl, JCM Horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade in agricultural and food products: an analysis of patterns and explanatory factors for EU countries
J.3 Gullstrand, Joakim  Country-Specific Determinants of Vertical Intra-Industry Trade With Application to Trade between Poland and EU
J.4 Fidrmuc, Jarko  Verification of the new trade theory in EU's trade with the CEECs
Parallel Session K -- New Issues
K.1 Cassing, James & Kuhn, Thomas Trade in Trash: Strategic environmental policies for world markets in waste products in the presence of a recycling industry
K.2 Yu, Zhihao  Environmental protection and free trade: direct and indirect competition for political influence
K.3 Artemenko, Dmitri Creation of the Necessary Institutions for Public Procurement in Russia
Parallel Session L -- Empirics of Trade III
L.1 Martin, Joan A. & Orts, V. Vertical intra-industry trade and comparative advantage: the role of factor endowments
L.2 Pautrel, Xavier  Imports of equipment goods and technological gap: how plays the direction of trade on growth
L.3 Requena-Silvente, F. & Walker, James The empirical basis for a complete theory of intra-industry trade
L.4 Gozlan, Estelle, Bureae, J-C & S. Marette Quality signaling and international trade in food products
Plenary Session III
  Leahy, Dermot, & Neary, J. Peter Absorptive capacity, R&D spillovers and public policy 
  Collie, David, & Vandenbussche, Hylke  Trade, FDI, and Unions
Parallel Session M -- Trade and Policy I
M.1 Hazard, Heather  Retaliation targets and the political economy of trade conflict
M.2 Caglayan, Mustafa & Usman, Murat Incompletely informed policymakers and trade policy
M.3 Goyal, Sanjeev & Joshi, Sumit Bilateralism and free trade
M.4 Sturm, Daniel  Product standards and trade disputes
Parallel Session N -- Trade and Policy II
N.1 Moraga-Gonzales, J.L. & Viaene, J-M  Endogenous quality effects of trade policy
N.2 Herguera, Inigo, Kujal, Praveen, & Petrakis, Emmanuel  Trade policies, time consistency, quality reversals and exit in vertically differentiated industries
N.3 Basevi, Giorgio, Bellettini, Giorgio, & Berti-Cerone, Carlotta Schooling time decisions in closed and open economies
N.4 Marion, Desquilbet & Guyomard, Herve Public policy in vertically related markets: a Cournot oligopoly-oligopsony model
Parallel Session O -- Trade and Policy III
O.1 Anderson, Kym Quantifying potential gains from the next WTO round
O.2 Gillson, Jan  Endogenous determinants of sensitive product restrictions in the EU's Generalised System of Preferences
O.3 Lima, Maria Antonina  Revisiting the external trade relations of the EU
O.4 de Grauwe, Paul, & Skudelny, Frauke  The impact of the EMU on trade flows
Parallel Session P -- Empirics of Trade IV
P.1 te Velde, Dirk Willem  Dynamic heterogeneous panels of import demand
P.2 Tsounis, Nicholas  The Factor Content of Greek Trade with the other E.U. Countries: 1976-1987
P.3 Azhar, A.K.M, Elliot, Robert J R, & Milner, C.R. Analysing changes in trade patterns: the industry trade box
P.4 Pelagidis, Theodore  Trade Flows: A Facet of Globalization or Regionalism?

We thank the European Science Foundation, the Tinbergen Institute, the Erasmus University Trustfunds
(Vereniging Trustfonds Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), and the Stichting IIDE for their financial support for this conference.

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